5 ways to create a website affordably


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5 ways to create a website affordably

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Create a Website AffordablyFinding the best way to create your website affordably can be challenging whether you are starting a newbusiness or looking to redesign your existing website.Creating a quality website with essential features does not have to cost a fortune. Businesses today have a greaterchoice than ever before. Today, it is much easier for businesses to get a professional website as there are severaloptions to choose from. In spite of this, making the right decision is not always easy.In this article we take a look at the most popular ways to build a website affordably. We will also discuss theadvantages and disadvantages of each method.The method you choose can have a significant impact on the overall quality of your website and the long termsuccess of your business online.1. Ready-Made WebsitesThis option lies in between custom websites and templates. There are a few professional web design companiesthat offer affordable ready-made websites for businesses. This can be an ideal solution for businesses that want aquality website fast and at an affordable price.These are essentially bespoke websites created by professional designers involving many weeks of effort.Unlike website templates, you get a fully functional website with all core pages, professional content & images,plus other powerful features built-in to your website. Unlike website builder services, there are no monthlycharges and you get full ownership of your website code.Price:Prices vary. Smallbusinessecmmerce.co.uk are the most competitive at a fixed price of £49 only with no monthlycharges or hidden fees.
  2. 2. Example Provider:There are many providers of professional ready-made websites. One service I really like and recommendis Professional Website for 49 by the London based design company, Smallbusinessecommerce.co.uk.Here you can get a full website with many powerful features for only £49.Pros:The service varies from provider to provider. The pros and cons below are forhttp://www.smallbusinessecommerce.co.uk: Up-market websites designed by experts without the typical template look You get full ownership of your website with instant download Existing designs are taken off frequently to ensure many businesses to not end up Unlike templates, industry standard text is Included for all core pages Several built-in features including Live Chat, Email marketing & social media 1 Year Free web-hosting is available on third-party server FREE Logo for your business Designs replaced frequently to ensure uniqueness and noveltyCons: The quality varies significantly from provider to provider Old designs replaced frequently so what you saw before may not be available2. Bespoke Development
  3. 3. Bespoke or custom development involves hiring a professional web design agency or a design team to create awebsite for your business. This may be the professional option for developing a website but it is not suitable foreveryone.High costs and time-scales can be a major concern, especially for small businesses, or if you do not have a clearidea of exactly what you want. Bespoke development also requires your direct involvement in different stagessuch as requirement analysis, acceptance testing, and creating content for the different pages of the website.Pros: The website will be built to your exact specification The website will most likely be of a better quality although this depends on the skills and experience of the designer Best suited for established businessesCons: This is the most expensive way to build your website. It is also most time consuming. Bespoke development can take up to 3 months. Not everyone is satisfied with the end result. Grievances with the design team or the quality of the final product are quite common.3. Use Website Builder PlatformWebsite builder platforms have been gaining in popularity lately. Services such as Wix and Webnode are used bymany businesses across the world. Website builders are essentially online services that allow you to create a fullwebsite without prior technical or website design skills. You do this with the help of drag and drop tools that letyou add content, insert graphics, create pages and add other elements to your website.
  4. 4. If you are looking for a cost effective do-it-yourself option to build your website, you can give website builders atry.Pricing Model:A basic ad supported free trial version is usually available but premium versions with your private domain namerequire a monthly fee ranging from £8 per month to £20 per monthPros: It is cost-effective with low initial investment No need to worry about hosting as it is a hosted service As it is DIY method, you have control over what elements you wish to add to your website Free trial version is usually availableCons: You have to create the site yourself using drag and drop tools You need to pay monthly FEES by direct debit or credit card The designs are not unique You do not own your code and do not have access to a downloadable backup You will lose your website when you stop subscribing to the service4. Use an Outsourcing WebsiteOutsourcing remains very popular among businesses small or large. There are several online outsourcingplatforms for creating your website that your business can take advantage of. Businesses can benefit from a vastpool of talented designers and relatively lower costs.
  5. 5. Many businesses make use of project outsourcing websites to commission a freelancer to build a website. The topoutsourcing sites like Elance or Odesk have a large pool of freelancers from all over the world that can provideservices to businesses of all scale irrespective of where they are based.Pros: It is cheaper than commissioning a local design agency to build your website You can choose who you commission the work to Payment is made online using the outsourcing platform’s payment systemCons: It can be time-consuming You may not get the quality you expect Support depends on the individual developer Remote working can present challenges You are prone to scams5. Purchase a Website TemplateThe use of pre made website templates for designing websites is very common. Many people are tempted withvisual appeal of website templates. Leading template sites such as TemplateMonster.com offer several designsand formats to suit diverse needs. The designs can look stunning, compared to websites developed by othermeans. While ready-made templates offer several advantages, they have some disadvantages too.However it is important to note that the templates are fully ready websites. You need design skills to create afinished website from a template.are designed by experts, using the latest designing software.
  6. 6. Pros: The designs can look stunning Large variety to choose from The cheapest way to create your websiteCons: Templates are not unique. On leading template sites, the same template may be used by tens of thousands of other businesses. Templates are far from ready websites. It can take some time to get a website up and ready You need design and technical skills to work with templates Most templates suffer from unnecessary code and options which can make them difficult to extend or work withConclusion:How you create your website can have a significant impact on the quality of your website and the long ter,success of your business online. The five popular approaches for creating a website discussed above offerbusinesses with an excellent choice, and can help with making the right decision.