Postal Technology International: To e- or not e-


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E-commerce is an increasingly important sector for postal operators. How can they best turn this massive growth to their advantage?

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Postal Technology International: To e- or not e-

  1. 1. 62 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES To e- or noT To e- E-commerce is an increasingly important sector for postal operators. How can they best turn this massive growth to their advantage? The parcel business has evolved • Increased range and greatly over the past couple of market penetration. years. Historically it was more B2B In offering a service business whereas nowadays, with the that fits customer needs growing importance of e-commerce, it is and brings benefits to shifting more into the B2C and C2C postal and courier segments, the latter of which requires a operators it is important more customer-driven approach. to remember that we are a InPost is an alternative postal part of the whole process. operator that started up five years ago in It is the senders (mostly Poland. It is the largest part of e-retailers) that provide Capital Group. Activities of the whole the parcel stream to Group initially comprised postal parcel terminals. services, unaddressed mail and parcel Recognising this from the operations. A few years ago the decision very beginning has was taken to enlarge the business and helped us to shape the enter areas of e-commerce (easyPack parcel easyPack it takes only 17 seconds. current service. A dedicated team of sales terminals and InFlavo – internet shops on • Customers decide where they want to and business development, as well as Facebook), financial services (e-documents collect their parcels – SMS/email marketing and IT specialists, are working to and mobile payments), hybrid mail and the notification is sent to the customer when a develop the best solution for all sides MVNO sector. parcel is placed in the machine. Fifty-one throughout the whole process. The customer is foremost in our mind in percent of our customers collect parcels A few months ago InPost began everything we do. All our services and within six hours of notification. cooperation with Groupon, a company that products are designed to be simple, Moreover 74 percent of customers prefer sold 440,000 GAP coupons in August 2011 efficient and flexible. InPost is proud to easyPack to courier delivery according to worth US$11 million. Groupon in Poland have been recognised internationally by CATI research undertaken in Q1 of 2011 sells not only services but also products winning three World Mail Awards in the among Polish shoppers. and InPost is undertaking fulfilment. When past two years, for Growth (2010) and There are a growing number of drop- purchasing, customers have two delivery Innovation and E-commerce (2011). point solutions available on the market. options – easyPack and courier service. Three years ago InPost decided to enter These include not only parcel terminals but Depending on the product the choice of the e-commerce business, but we did not also collection points for shop-in-shop easyPack ranges from 37 to 97 percent. want to compete directly with national or concepts. The latter, however, have a express carriers. After undertaking market disadvantage in that provision to agents/ Postal operator, technology provider research and learning the preferences of third-party partners consumes a huge InPost has spent three years on research senders and customers, we decided to proportion of the profit margin. With and development of the services. We have commence an automated parcel terminal easyPack there is no need to pay additional proved the concept in Poland and broke project. The system has now been on the provisions, so higher margins can be even after 18 months. Not only are we a market for more than two years. obtained. technology provider, but more importantly InPost’s easyPack is the answer for What other benefits are there for postal InPost is a real user of the service. After the customers’ needs. Parcel terminals enable and courier operators from using easyPack? initial stage we decided to transfer our your organisation to offer: • Up to 80 percent lower last mile costs as know-how and business solutions to • Twenty-four hour accessibility – 37 it takes only one courier to deliver 500 partners who are interested in developing percent of our customers collect parcels parcels a day instead of seven to 10 for innovative e-commerce solutions in their between 18:00 and 08:00. postal and express operators. markets. • Less time spent on parcel collection – it • Elimination of failed deliveries (0.036 Knowledge we share: can take up to 40 minutes to collect a percent instead of 12-20 percent for express • How to site parcel terminals to reach the parcel from a post office whereas with carriers). highest occupancy rate; December 2011
  2. 2. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES• How to speed up pick-up time from an average 15 hours downto 11.7 hours (the result reached in Poland after eight months);• How to convince partners to offer the service;• How to attract customers;• How to track customer behaviour. Over 1,000 mail order, e-commerce and multilevel marketingcompanies cooperate with InPost. Some of them are internationalclients who are willing to cooperate with us on other foreignmarkets where easyPack will be present. TOGETHER, Close cooperation with customers and senders allows us toimprove the service. Our presence on social media helps us tolisten to their needs. Customer experience plays an important role WE DELIVERin our activities. For instance the latest implementations containsnew screens and email/SMS notifications. Such small improvementsare essential if customers are to continue to enjoy using our services. A flexible approach has always been one of our strengths. Thelatest developments include the ability to send a parcel from themachine to a physical address and vice versa. The machine is alsoready for the addition of a new module that makes it an automated You deliver highly efcient global postal services.self-service postal outlet. It can now be used for parcel collectingand sending, collecting letters and also for paying bills for utilitiesthanks to integration with our financial services business. We deliver intelligent, innovative mailing and shipping solutions.easyPack world Cross border e-commerce will play an importantrole in our industry in a few years’ time. With InPost, self-service Our leading edge technology gives you thesending and receiving of parcels across borders will be possible. advantage.That dream has already been shared in a number of countries inEurope and beyond. So far we have found partners in Chile, the Customers enjoy an efcient and seamless service.Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Saudi Arabia,Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine. Our goal is to have 16,000 easyPack Together, we prot from the growth that follows andmachines across Europe by 2016. invest in the future. find out more InPost, Krzysztof Warzeszkiewicz IT’S A REWARDING PARTNERSHIP Tel. +48 668 384 048 Email: WWW: quote reference number 112