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First Certified ScrumMaster Course in New Delhi
 AUGUST 12 – 13' 2010
 V E N U E – I N D I A H A B I TAT C E N T R E , L O...
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Certified Scrum Master Trainin in New Delhi


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Certified Scrum Master Trainin in New Delhi

  1. 1. First Certified ScrumMaster Course in New Delhi AUGUST 12 – 13' 2010 V E N U E – I N D I A H A B I TAT C E N T R E , L O D H I R O A D , N E W D E L H I - 11 0 0 0 3 The Scrum agile development process continues to gain popularity across a wide variety of businesses and products. Adapting Scrum as a software development and project management approach involves a paradigm shift from traditional practices. Keeping in line with Agile philosophy, the agenda is not fixed. The training This two-day class provides a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of backlog would be established with the Scrum and gives the participants hands-on experience of using Scrum through a group. All concepts of Scrum are number of exercises and discussions. During the course, attendees will learn why covered well for the group to pass the Scrum’s seemingly simple process can have profound effects on an organization. CSM exam. Recommended topics include, Participants leave knowing how to apply Scrum to all sizes of projects, from a Michael Franken is the first and only single collocated team to a large, highly distributed team Scrum. - When and where to use Certified Scrum Trainer in the Netherlands - Scrum/Agile and a highly experienced Software - How to introduce Scrum Engineer. He coaches management and - Product owner role development teams on Agile practices and - Product backlog principles. Michael has successfully - Sprint print backlog introduced Scrum in many places in Europe - Efficient Retrospectives and has worked with Jeff Sutherland, - Efficient standup meetings Gabrielle Benefield, Henrik Kniberg and - Agile Architecture Tobias Mayer, and continues to do so. - Practical, project-proven practices Product Managers, Project Managers, - Requirements management - Starting a project on the right foot Developers, Testers, Business Analyst, or - Scrum and QA Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum - How to write user stories for the someone interested in working on or with - Planning and estimation very strongly recommends Michael. product backlog a Scrum team. - Selling Agile, Scrum and fixed - The concept of self organizing teams price Michael has trained hundreds of people - How to help both new and You will leave with solid knowledge of - Scrum with XP (Continuous from organizations such as KLM, ING experienced teams be more how and why Scrum works. integration, TDD, refactoring) Bank, Cap Gemini, IBM, Philips, ABN successful - Agile testing, Agile Tooling Amro, McKinsey, Logica, Atos Origin to - How to successfully scale Scrum to Through hands-on exercises and small- - Multiple (distributed) Scrum name a few. large, multi-continent, multi-timezone group discussion you will be prepared to teams projects with large team sizes plan your first sprint immediately after - Lean Software development Michael is the founder and chairman of - Major Tips and tricks from the this class. He is a former board instructor’s ten plus years of using member of Agile Consortium Benelux. Visit Scrum in variety of environments Michael's Linked In profile. Fee Register Online : CSM Delhi Webpage Early Bird : INR 22,000 + Taxes Email : Standard : INR 25,000 + Taxes Phone : 9999277700 For corporate / group bookings of 4 or 9810321493 more, contact us. 9899174194 011-25126026