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Lisbon delight! Your DMC in Lisbon - Portugal


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Presenting the city of Lisbon, Portuguese capital, for your incentive travel or corporate meeting em 2014-2015. By your local DMC Inox Portugal.

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Lisbon delight! Your DMC in Lisbon - Portugal

  1. 1. Lisbon delight Exploring Lisbon with Six Senses
  2. 2. Simply Portugal! We create programs and events that inspire higher performance. Earning a travel reward experience is tangible. It’s a visible affirmation of success. And the memories last a lot longer than the amount of last year’s bonus check. At Events & Incentives, we listen to your specific needs and goals, help you design an effective incentive structure, then using our experience and expertise, recommend an appropriate travel reward, meeting or event agenda. We manage every detail of planning and implementing a powerful program that fits your corporate culture. Choose which services best serve your individual situation and budget with the confidence that we will leave no detail unplanned. MEETINGS INCENTIVES TEAM-BUILDING TRAVEL WWW.INOXPORTUGAL.COM
  3. 3. Lisbon delight Exploring Lisbon with Sixth Sense Lisbon is a city ruled by landscapes. Pressed against the wide expanse of the River Tagus, the seven thigh-burning hills of Lisbon combine to create a city of stunning vistas. Scattered across the hilltops are several “miradouros”, a series of pedestrian plazas that offer unbridled views of the city, castle and river, accessed by creaky funiculars, trams or on foot. They are popular at sunset and dotted with cafes.
  4. 4. taste dare listen see feel dream
  5. 5. seeing…Lisbon To see Lisbon… with the eyes of your Soul. In a fantastic exercise. Our proposal is to go through the city without seeing ... blindfolded and using the remaining senses to ... SEE the real city, feeling her stories and secrets…
  6. 6. feeling…Lisbon Lisbon is the land of love and tolerance. Every corners of the walls, the stones of its sidewalks and guards of their beds are pregnant with vivid memories of a way of life that has no equal. Imagine a team- building program made from the strongest emotions, the most unrealistic expecta- tions and memories that will guarantee a personal and meaningful storie. Lisbon is a stage to be exploited ... a stage on which the masks fall and leave in sight only what is essential: the love, the ability to understand others, to achieve dreams and transforming your team and/or group into a family ... Real!
  7. 7. listening…Lisbon Listening to the sounds of Lisbon is a neverending exercise that will fulfill your dreams. There are sounds ost on the covers of poets and the magnificent voices of fado... an embarrassment that you can only find in Lisbon. The challenge is to explore the city around the sounds that create that special scent. No eyes, no hands, no aid beyond the sound that rides rapid from thecity air ... unforgettable! Stainless!
  8. 8. scents of…Lisbon Learning the special scents from a special city is a real challenge. We must liberate your mind from all the basic trends and release the most ancestral consciousness to embody a new way of perceiving the city. In Lisbon, every corner has a story and every story hides a unique life. With a special color with a special texture and with a special aroma. This team-building proposal will work with all your five senses, training you to discover new paths that will guarantee you fantastic memories. That is the challenge. For those who want something unforgettable!
  9. 9. tasting…Lisbon They say that the fish dies by its mouth…! And it's true ... In a city like Lisbon, where ancient traditions intersect in ways and customs to form rich as tasty dishes, it is impossible to know the city without this salutary exercise: holding hands, blindfold and cover your nose and ... taste the best flavors of our city. An impactull team- building activity that you’ll always remember!
  10. 10. daring…Lisbon To Dare is to abandon the prejudices and do the same as others do. Abandoning the adventure to dare is like abandoning life itself. Lisbon is a city where you shuould dare to do things differently and to recreate a different future where the focus is placed on the best that the world has. Dare to let your imagination, your creativity, your dreams and find a new path to tread. Because the past and the present mingle in a future where your private story is essential ...
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