Transforming your business through data driven insights and action with Azure

IT Consultant at Inovar Tech
Sep. 2, 2020

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Transforming your business through data driven insights and action with Azure

  1. Transforming your business through data driven insights and action - with Azure Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Inovar Consulting
  2. Agenda What is Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics? Why Azure? Azure AI Services – AI apps & agents, Knowledge mining & Machine Learning Coding and management tools – Visual Studio, ML Workbench, ML Studio Custom built solutions How can Microsoft and Inovar help? How do you participate?
  3. 1920 1980s 2010s 2020s Source: Yale Professor Richard Foster Average lifespan of a company on S&P 500
  4. DataCloud Intelligence
  5. Cognitive understanding Conversation as a platform
  6. $100MThe most digitally transformed enterprises generate on average $100 million in additional operating income each year Source: Keystone Strategy businesses commercializing data by 2020 10% higher average net income on revenue more revenue per employee operating marginNEARLY DOUBLE $40k 50%+
  7. And most aren’t satisfied with their current solutions “What it Takes to be Data-Driven: Technologies and Best Practices for Becoming a Smarter Organization”, TDWI, 2017. Are satisfied with ease of use of analytics software46% 21% Are satisfied with access to semi- structured and unstructured data 28% Are satisfied with ability to scale to handle unexpected requirements Complexity of solutions Many options in the marketplace Data silos Incongruent data types Difficult to scale effectively Performance constraints
  8. Cognitive services Bot service
  9. Build advanced deep learning solutions
  10. Empower data science and development teams
  11. Azure Databricks Azure Machine Learning
  12. Accelerate deep learning
  13. Deploy and manage models on intelligent cloud and edge
  14. Open deep learning framework support Visual Studio Tools for AI Azure Machine Learning Workbench Azure Machine Learning Studio
  15. Visual Studio extension with deep integration to Azure ML End to end development environment, from new project through training Support for remote training Job management On top of all of the goodness of Visual Studio (Python, Jupyter, Git, etc)
  16. Windows and Mac based companion for AI development Full environment set up (Python, Jupyter, etc) Embedded notebooks Run History and Comparison experience New data wrangling tools
  17. Platform for emerging data scientists to graphically build and deploy experiments • Rapid experiment composition • > 100 easily configured modules for data prep, training, evaluation • Extensibility through R & Python • Serverless training and deployment Some numbers: • 100’s of thousands of deployed models serving billions of requests
  18. Customer momentum: 1000+ companies
  19. Banking Health Retail Telco Manufacturing Sales Marketing Customer service HR Finance Industry verticals Business processes
  20. Intelligent apps Leverage AI to create the future of business applications Conversational agents Transform your engagements with customers and employees Business processes Transform critical business processes with AI Of customer interactions powered by AI bots by 2025 Applications to include AI by the end of this year 75% 85% Of enterprises using AI by 202095%
  21. Smart factory Smart kitchen Smart bath Voice-activated speakers Smart cameras Drones Smart kiosks
  22. Employment Facilitating development of professional skills Modern life Delivering personalized experiences to improve independence Human connection Providing equal access to information and opportunity How Microsoft is helping the visually-impaired How Helpicto is helping non-verbal children How RIT is helping the hearing-impaired Empowering people with tools that amplify human capability
  23. Where do you see your company today? Where do you see your company in the future? Where do you see your top competitors today? Analytics Capabilities BASIC ADVANCED
  24. My company NOW* My company IN THE FUTURE (24-36 months)* My top competitors NOW* Analytics Capabilities BASIC ADVANCED *Based on independent market research in the form of focus groups and in-depth-interviews
  25. 1 2 3 Learn about Microsoft AA + AI products Start your AA + AI project, leverage our expertise Check out the Azure AI Gallery for analytics solution templates en-us/azure/#ai