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B & A Slide Show Home Office


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View the transformation of a once cluttered and chaotic office space to a useful, bright, organized, uncluttered and efficient office space.

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B & A Slide Show Home Office

  1. 1. Before…………. The “extra” room: the craft room the office the storage room the junk room Intended to be used as a craft room and an office, but displaced by all the clutter and lack of planning.
  2. 2. The “Craft Area” becomes obsolete when covered with clutter.
  3. 3. The “office” area is hard to find and even harder to work in! The bookshelf located on the left wall is buried in papers.
  4. 4. Important files and papers piled on top of the “Craft Area”. Every flat surface becomes fair game for junk when there isn’t a plan.
  5. 5. Wasted space in the “Office” area
  6. 6. After……...
  7. 7. Ribbon and Craft supplies are both decorative and useful when stored in jars above the craft area.
  8. 8. The bookshelf is now both visible and useful.
  9. 9. Useful Pretty Functional
  10. 10. The Office Area………. Functional……. The file cabinet on the left is now put to use, housing all the important papers that once littered the room. The printer with paper and supplies below, are now easily accessible. Office Supplies are organized and within reach. There is room to think, breathe and work.
  11. 11. An office that you wouldn’t mind working in!
  12. 12. Craft supplies that were once spread throughout the room, are now neatly organized and accessible. The craft cart can be rolled in the closet when not in use or rolled out to the craft area when needed.
  13. 13. Craft Supplies
  14. 14. A Room Transformed