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(EN): Clustermoto Catalogue 2011, Spain´s motorcycle cluster


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Clustermoto in a non-profit association
for technologic development and innovation
It was founded in 1997, and today (2011) it represents 30 active companies, including manufacturers, suppliers and research centers.
Clustermoto innovation team leads the transition to the electric vehicle technologies, and

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(EN): Clustermoto Catalogue 2011, Spain´s motorcycle cluster

  1. 1. Spains´smotorcycle cluster<br />objectives<br />To collectively find new business opportunities through electric mobility <br />Topromotecontact between members, administration and new markets.<br />To implement communication initiatives and intensify our presence in national and international forums<br />To be a meeting point: encourage cooperation an inter-company meetings to promote new ideas and synergies between companies and entities. <br />To pilot electric vehicle and electric drive-train development projects<br />To promote innovation methodology amongst our partners.<br />To share scientific and technical knowledge between investigators from universities and Technology Development Centres and partners..<br />To establish strategic relationships with other leading regions in the sector, other “clusters” and international institutions.<br />To act as spokesperson with the public administration.<br />clustermoto<br />clúster para el avance de la tecnología de la moto <br />E- 08015, Viladomat 174<br />Barcelona (Spain)<br />+34 934 964 507 <br /><br /><br />
  2. 2. activities<br />Anthropology and marketstudies<br />Product concepts<br />Styling and prototyping<br />Vehicle and component engineering and development<br />Vehicle and component testing<br />Manufacturing engineering<br />Quality assurance<br />Homologation<br />Motorcycle manufacturing<br />Racing motorcycling engineering<br />Networking to European universities and technological centres<br />Communication and social media<br />Lobbing<br />with the support of<br />Follow our group at<br />
  3. 3. AFT Advanced Frame Technology<br />Chassis manufacturing, swing-arms and other aluminium and steel motorcycle pieces.<br />Commercialization of aftermarket tuning parts<br />C/Valencia 17-19<br />E-08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona)<br />tel (+34) 935.747.259<br /> <br /><br />Applus IDIADA <br />Applus+ IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry worldwide. Product development activities include from design, engineering, testing to homologation services. <br />Pol. Ind. L'Albornar<br />E-43712 Santa Oliva ( Tarragona) <br />tel (+34) 977 166 000 <br /><br /><br />Facomsa S.A. <br />First European manufacturer for dashboards and speed sensors. Cutting-edge electronics technology has enabled Facomsa to generate a high-precision range of instrumentation for all types of vehicles. <br />Pol. Ind. El Plà, c/ Segría, 2, <br />Ctra. Sabadell - Granollers, km.15<br />E-08185 Lliça de Vall (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 938.445.858<br /><br /> <br />ArianetechIngeniería, SL <br />Engineering services specialized in motorcycles.
Welding and Control jigs design and manufacturing. Prototypes.. <br />Camí del Mig, 114 1er<br />E-08349 Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 937.566.088<br /><br /><br />GasGas<br />In the year 1985 NarcísCasas and JosepPibernat, two old friends united by their passion for motorcycles and competition, decided to embark on an adventure to create GAS GAS and manufacture Offroad motorcycles.<br />C/ Unicef, nº 17, Pol. Ind. Torremirona<br />E-17190 Salt (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 902 47 62 54<br /><br /> <br />Autoadhesivos Z&R, SL <br />Industrial and commercial labelling solutions. Specialized on motorcycle applications, from mass production stickers to tailor made and individual solutions. Z&R is O.E. supplier for Spanish & international motorcycle brands. <br />C/ de Can Negoci 10-12
08310 Argentona (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 937.572.118 <br /><br />Girplas S.L.<br />Manufacturing of plastic components and its derivates. Injection moulds construction and manufacturing tooling for plastic motorcycle parts. <br />Alacant, 49<br />E-17005 Girona (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 972.245.119   <br />Axis enginyeriaidisseny, SL <br />Comprehensive services of engineering and industrial design, in the automobile, motorcycle and consumer goods sectors. <br />C/ Gran de SantAndreu 119 - entl.<br />E-08030 Barcelona <br />tel (+34) 933.113.056<br /><br /><br />Gryyp Line, SL<br />GRYPP LINE is a company dedicated to the design and distribution of emergency products for different sectors. Grypp provide solutions to problems and inconveniences caused by flat tires, with a wide range of innovative products. <br />C/San Sebastian, 1<br />E-08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 933.711.678<br /><br /> <br />BeOn Automotive, SL<br />Engineering company specialized in assistance for vehicle development and testing. Services include: Analysis of complete vehicles.· <br />Study of operation and behaviour on the track.· Complementary analysis. <br />c/ Valencia 17, Pol. ind. Can Oller<br />E-08130 Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 677.485.355<br /><br /><br />Guilera, SA<br />Specialist in the development of customized electrical solutions for automotive and motorcycling manufacturers, ranging from design to product industrialization. <br />Ramón Llull, 8 - Apdo. de Correos 39<br />E-08750 Molins de Rei (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 93 668 17 94<br /><br /><br />Cromaresme, SL<br />Design and manufacturing of industrial painting solutions. Cromaresme has reached quality approvals for the main motorcycling manufacturers, and has been defined O.E. supplier for either international and national brands. <br />C/ delsCarboners, 10 - Pol. Ind. La Surera
E-08319 Dosrius (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 937.919.950<br /><br /> <br />Importadora de Componentes<br />Motorcycle electric and electronic parts. <br />OE / replacement equipment <br />C/Murcia 54,Pol. Can Calderon<br />E-08830 SantBoi de Llobregat (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 936. 354. 204<br />Derivados del Motor, SLU<br />Motorcycle parts development and manufacturing: Chassis, exhaust systems, etc. <br />Ronda canaletas/n,PI La Farga<br />E-17820 Banyoles (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 972.572.100<br /><br /><br />J.Juan, SA<br />Manufacturer of hydraulic brake tube, Control cables and Braking system for the automotive industry. Leading manufacturer in the first team of the main international motorcycle manufacturers. <br />C/ MiquelServet 21-23, Pol.Ind. CamiRal, <br />E-08850 Gavà (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 936.335.959<br /><br /> <br />
  4. 4. Synchrotronic, <br />electronic variable technologies SL<br />Tailor made design and manufacturing of electric motors and electronic variable transmissions.<br />C/ Nàpols 111<br />E-08013 Barcelona (Barcelona)<br />tel (+34) 902.204.025
fax (+34) 932.653.069<br /><br /> <br />Leonelli S.A. <br />Design and manufacturing of electromechanical motorcycle and automotive components. <br />Av. Graells 35<br />E-08173, SantCugat del Vallés (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 935.906.666<br /><br /> <br />Talleres Vic<br />Accessories and complete exhaust systems for standard motorcycles (original pieces and home brand replacements) and competition motorcycles. <br />C/ Arquitectura, 2P.I. CAN CUIÀS<br />E-08110 MontcadaiReixac (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 935.650.660<br /><br /> <br />TCI Conexiones S.L.<br />Design and manufacturing of wiring harness and electric componentes for automotive and motorcycling industries<br />Cami Sant Cristofol, nº 2 nauM
E-08292 Esparreguera (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 937.795.151<br />fax (+34) 937.795.153<br /><br /><br />Manufacturas CAMAR S.L. <br />Machining / CNC motorcycle parts manufacturing, rubber stripes and elastic binding solutions <br />C/ Figueres, 8
E-17760 Vilabertran (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 972.505.800 <br /><br /> <br />Tecnigas Parts S.L.<br />Manufacturing of motorcycle exhaust systems and chassis.<br />Pol. Pla de la Font, Parc. 1<br />E-17832 Crespià (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 972.570.988<br /><br /><br />Martin Crecente S.L.<br />Bar turning and machined parts. <br />Av. Castell de Barberà 26-28, T13, N6 
Polígono Industrial Santiga 
E-08210 Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 937.195.004 <br /><br /> <br />MP Consultors I-D-I s.l.<br />Business Consulting on R+D+i<br />C/ Sant Elies 21, 2º-3ª<br />E-08006 Barcelona (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 638.890.545<br /><br /><br />Tracklever Systems, SL<br />A company dedicated to motorcycle Design and Manufacturing. Track-lever is a new motorcycle concept with a suspension independent from the transmission. <br />C/ MariàCubi 126, 4º2ª<br />E-08021 Barcelona <br />tel (+34) 629.236.141<br /><br /> <br />VoltaMotorbikes<br />Design, development and manufacturing of electric motorcycles. <br />C/ Pujades 1017600 Figueres (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 669.251.785<br /><br /><br />OlleAmortidors S.L.<br />Manufacturing of rear shock absorbers and front fork suspensions for motorcycles <br />C/ Gran Bretanyanº 26, Nave 3<br />E-08700 Igualada (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 938.017.042<br /><br /> <br />Volt-Tour <br />Catalonian association for electric vehicle promotion.
Non-profit association, it joins together electric vehicle distributors and final users to collaborate on research and promotion electric vehicle related projects, supporting the local industry and the society.<br />C/ Nostra Senyora del collnº32<br />E-08450 Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 610.605.171<br /><br />Rieju, SA<br />Rieju S.A. is a motorcycle manufacturer, based on Figueras, Girona (Spain).<br />Their main products are motorcycles from 49cc to250cc, as well as electric scooters. <br />C/ Borrassà 41-45<br />E-17600 Figueres (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 972.500.850<br /><br /><br />SolferComponentiEspaña S.L.<br />Exhaust system development and manufacturing. OE supplier for the main Spanish manufacturers. <br />CA DEL MIÑO, 112, LO-5
E-08223 Terrasa (Barcelona) <br />tel (+34) 93. 363.927<br /><br /> <br />Xiu RDI S.L.<br />Motorcycle & automotive engineering services company.
The company is owned by Josep Serra (Xiu) who have been involved in this sector since 1995. <br />Can Xiu II
E-17243 Llambilles (Girona) <br />tel (+34) 97. 107.777 / cel (+34) 696.011.011<br /><br /> <br />