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Knowsy For Sales Executives


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This deck describes Knowsy for Sales, a powerful patent-pending new serious game that helps sales executives understand critical account priorities.

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Knowsy For Sales Executives

  1. 1. Knowsy®: A Powerful Engagement Tool for Strategic Sales Executives We help companies drive innovation through collaborative play.
  2. 2. CIO Corporate Finance Chief Security Officer Strategic Account Manager Web-Site and eCommerce My #1 priority is identity management. My #1 priority is globalization. We need to reduce our overall license spend. A new web site isn’t even on my priority list. To make a complex sale, your SAM must develop an understanding of the top priorities of Champions, Influencers, and Buyers. And she must get them to agree, as a team, on a set of shared priorities! Knowsy for Sales makes this critical task easy – and fun! And when you’re entire sales force is playing games, you’re getting the benefits of real-time research into buyer priorities!
  3. 3. • A patent-pending mobile choice modeling research and brand engagement platform disguised as an engaging game. • Knowsy for Sales (in development) help strategic account managers understand strategic priorities and drive large sales. • iPad (now), iPhone Q1-2012, Android 2012
  4. 4. CIO Corporate Finance Chief Security Officer Strategic Account Manager Web-Site and eCommerce The SAM starts the game by selecting a pre-configured set of topics and inviting players to the game. Players select topics and preferences from the pre- defined lists and guess each other’s priorities. Knowsy keeps track of everything!
  5. 5. Professional Personal Knowsy Topics/Items Help SAMs Understand Customers on ALL Levels Enterprise Security Data Protection Privacy management Infrastructure security Compliance management Identity management Most Important Aspect of Employee Satisfaction Working environment Feedback loops Freedom to innovate Compensation Benefits HUMAN
  6. 6. Rich Game Play Data Customer Insights Sales Game Results Game Requests Executives & Market Researchers Workflow Game Plays Prospects & Customers Strategic Account Manager Targeted Game TopicsInside Sales Support (Admin) Executives and market researchers identify topics and markets to test. Example: “What are the chief security concerns of CIOs?” These become game requests. 1 Inside Sales/Sales Support personnel enter relevant topics and suggested profiles into the Knowsy for Sales database, a secure, hosted, enterprise solution. 2 SAMs create a Knowsy game and invite customers and/or prospects to play. Knowsy stores all preferences of the players. 3 Game results help SAMs sell bigger deals, faster! All results feed a common insight database and enable executives and market researchers to make real-time decisions on customer / market priorities. 4
  7. 7. Taking the Next Step • Visit us at: • Contact us at • Call us at (408) 529-0319.