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Conteneo Weave Overview


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This deck provides an overview of the Conteneo Weave platform. It explains the core underlying concepts and such things as guest lists, forums, galas and basic operations within the system.

Published in: Software
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Conteneo Weave Overview

  1. 1. Conteneo Weave System Overview Version 2.0 Idea Engine Decision Engine
  2. 2. Objectives As a Producer and/or Facilitator using Weave, I want to understand the basic structure of the system so that I know how it can be used effectively to help teams collaborate.
  3. 3. Agenda • Our Purpose! • Collaboration Engines • Structure of the System • Roles and Responsibilities • Online Collaboration Flow • Guest Lists and Ways to Engage 3
  4. 4. Our Purpose 4 We believe that collaborating teams are the world’s best hope for solving the problems we face. We believe the right frameworks dramatically improve collaboration outcomes. We create platforms that enable you to build and leverage multidimensional collaboration frameworks.
  5. 5. Frameworks: Tools for Designers, Agilists, PMs/Pos & Other Knowledge Workers 5
  6. 6. What is a Framework • A framework is a tool that enables knowledge workers to perform their jobs. Frameworks • Solve a problem. • Fit into a process. • Scale for both in-person and online use. • Can be used individually, in a team and across teams. 6 Prune the Future Develop product/service roadmaps Speed Boat / Sail Boat Conduct scalable retrospectives
  7. 7. Framework Time Horizons & Frequency We use frameworks at different “levels” of abstraction and different time horizons. Daily Sprint Strategy Portfolio Product Release Leader PM Dev Team Years Quarters to Months Weeks Episodic Continuous Glue Tactics Strategy 7
  8. 8. Frameworks Drive Modern Business! 8 Design Thinking Lean Canvas Business Model Canvas Lean Startup Participatory Budgeting Empathy Map (from Cisco)
  9. 9. Frameworks Are Often Categorized 9
  10. 10. The Benefits of Frameworks Frameworks… Here’s How… Improve decision-making Frameworks provide a clear structure to problem solving. Enable efficient collaboration Frameworks create shared mental models. Solve increasingly complex problems No one framework can meet all needs – for example, Scrum doesn’t provide a framework for strategic planning (e.g., no roadmap). Leverage wisdom and experience High-impact frameworks are retained and low- impact frameworks are discarded. 10 Scrum Value Proposition Canvas Design Thinking
  11. 11. Sample Applications 11 Agility Managing distributed Agile teams Prioritizing work 42 Scrum Team Retrospective Innovation Identifying new opportunities Developing and selecting ideas Enterprise Innovation Design Thinking Promote design thinking through real-time, scalable collaboration Design Thinking Throughout Cisco
  12. 12. Sample Applications 12 Portfolio Developing and prioritizing project portfolios $55M Project Portfolio Prioritization Portfolio Developing and prioritizing CapEx portfolios. $2B, 10-yr CapEx Portfolio Prioritization Strategy Creating and assessing strategic options Developing product and service roadmaps EUR181M Strategic Project Portfolio Prioritization
  13. 13. Weave: The Platform for Framework-Driven Collaboration 13
  14. 14. Idea Engine 14 Idea Engine enables organizations to use the power of visual metaphors and visual thinking to structure collaboration. Plan Growth Product Portfolio Roadmapping Improve Processes SpeedboatPrune the Product Tree Roadmap Canvas
  15. 15. Decision Engine 15 Decision Engine enables teams to decide how to allocate resources / budgets through a scalable virtual market Feature Prioritization Resource Allocation Portfolio Prioritization Participatory Budgeting Buy a Feature Resource Allocator We Commit! Budget GamesBuy a Project
  16. 16. Under the Covers: Key Differentiators 16 Teams do the work! We scale through teams. We control access through guest lists. Facilitators are helpful but not always required. All events recorded for analysis. Localized to: German, French, Spanish
  17. 17. System Structure
  18. 18. Conteneo Weave Conceptual Model Idea Engine Decision EngineEngines Collaboration engines embody the rules and interaction models of a specific kind of collaboration. Shared Services Login, passwords, certifications, etc. Frameworks A framework is the starting point of the forum. You will leverage existing frameworks or create new ones by supplying content and/or tailoring them for use A forum is an actively engaged framework.Forum Forum Results Each forum produces a unique result for analysis.Collectively, we call the frameworks, the forums, and the forum results “Collaboration Artifacts”.
  19. 19. Each team started with the same framework. Every Forum Produces a Unique Result This is a Speed Boat framework that was used for a multi-team project retrospective. Each team produced a unique result. We produced four forums, each producing a unique result. Each forum has a unique 9-digit code. This 9-digit code is what participants use to join the forum.
  20. 20. Scrum Alliance Example The Scrum Alliance used Prune the Product Tree to capture ideas on how to grow the Scrum Alliance. Note that the framework was tailored to include pre-placed apples. • 5 Forums • 35 participants • 100 potential apples • 81 unique apples • Each forum lasted about ~1 hour
  21. 21. System Design Question Once a specific framework has been engaged as a forum that specific framework is “locked” and cannot be edited. Why? 21
  22. 22. Analyzing Results Forum results are downloaded into Excel for post processing. 1. Analyze for patterns and trends 2. Identify specific actions 3. Prepare for additional forums. We will show you how to create forums that make post-processing results fast and efficient. Prune the Future Trees from a project Conteneo produced for the Scrum Alliance.
  23. 23. Let’s Explore How These Concepts are Expressed Guided Tour of Weave
  24. 24. Let’s Explore How These Concepts are Expressed Guided Tour of Weave Weave Dashboard
  25. 25. Frameworks Library 26
  26. 26. Framework Cards 27 Start an Instant Forum Schedule a Future Forum View Framework Info View More Options Publicly Available
  27. 27. Roles and Responsibilities
  28. 28. PRODUCER A Producer is the person who chooses one or more frameworks to solve a problem or answer a question, assembles facilitators and participants, and manages the overall process. Producers and Facilitators 29 Facilitator FACILITATOR A facilitator is a person who assists a group of people using a framework to solve a problem in a forum. Facilitators should know the framework and practice good facilitation techniques. Often, the Producer and the Facilitator are the same person
  29. 29. When you have a small number of forums the Producer and the Facilitator are usually the SAME person. Ming is a Product Manager who wants to prioritize features with 18 key customers. Sanjeev is a Scrum Master who wants to run a Speed Boat retrospective. Producers and Facilitators 30 Producer: Ming Facilitator When you have a large number of forums the Producer will use multiple Facilitators. Joe is a Product Manager who wants to prioritize features with 80 key customers (10 Forums). Joe wants to reduce facilitation bias so he assembles a team of 3 facilitators. Facilitator: Ming Producer: Joe Joe Kim Sally Mark John
  30. 30. Role-Based Workflow Planning Forum Forum Active Post-Processing Producer/Facilitator Musthaveaccountsinplatform  Selects and tailors the frameworks  Creates the forums  Defines the guest list  Invites the participants  Manages facilitators  Opens the lobby  Starts the forum  Ends the forum  Downloads and analyzes results  Prepares reports  Helps organization take action! Participant DoNOTneed accounts  Schedules time for forum  Prepares for forum per Producer instructions  Collaborates with other participants to realize the goals defined Participants are not typically involved in the post- processing of forum results.
  31. 31. A Participant’s View
  32. 32. Regions Selected Region Items are optionally contained within regions Central Question Idea Engine Board View
  33. 33. 34 Listing of all items in the forum Note they are organized by Regions Edit Items Here Idea Engine List View
  34. 34. Chat area for participants Items Empty slots are used for participants who might come after the forum starts Area for participants to make bids & purchases Facilitator controls – only shown to Facilitators Decision Engine Board View Items can be added during the Forum Items can be edited during the Forum
  35. 35. Visibility and Access Settings
  36. 36. Artifact Visibility Frameworks and Forums have public or private visibility. 37 Private is the default Option! Forum Result Public Anyone can see this result. Private Only the people the Producer designates can see the results of the forum. Framework Public Anyone can use a public framework as the foundation for their own forums. Not presently supported. Supported and fairly common Private Only the Producer can see this framework. Facilitators and Participants specified by the Producer can see the framework during the forum. Impossible – Why? Most Common!
  37. 37. A Forum is a Framework in Action
  38. 38. 39
  39. 39. Who Participates: The Guest List
  40. 40. The Guest List • The Guest list determines who is eligible to participate. Individual emails have reserved slots. Domain names fill empty slots. • The Excluded List determines who is prohibited from joining.
  41. 41. Guest and Access Settings Give your guests Info Access Or Results Access
  42. 42. Let’s Try It Out Mathias is a Product Owner working for Rackspace wants to prioritize a list of features using Buy a Feature with his internal team. He wants their feedback AND he wants to test the framework content before trying it with customers. He configures his guest list with the email domain 43
  43. 43. Forum Entry Flow 44 Participants who match Guest list criteria are placed into the lobby, a gathering area before the forum. Participants request entry to the forum by entering their credentials into the “front door” of the Lobby Participants are moved from the Lobby into the Forum once the Forum begins.
  44. 44. Processing Sequence for Forums 45 No Forum! Claire Is Claire’s specific email on the blacklist? Is Claire’s specific email on the guestlist? No Place Claire in a reserved slot Is Claire’s email domain on the blacklist? No Yes Is Claire’s email domain on the guestlist? No Yes Place Claire in the waitlist where the facilitator will decide Claire’s fate. No Yes Yes Yes No
  45. 45. Reviewing the Scheme Are there any challenges with this approach? 46
  46. 46. Authenticating Users You can require that participants authenticate their access to a forum. In this mode, the system will send an email to the player with an authorization code. This authorization code is used to enter the forum and confirms the player has a valid email address.
  47. 47. Scenario 1 A PM wants to prioritize 18 features with anyone, but they want to be certain that the people who are playing are “real” people. 48 Nature of the Problem Prioritization / Convergence Recommended Framework Buy a Feature Forum or Gala Use a Forum if you want specific questions / conversations. Use a Gala if you want to play lots of forums. Duration Probably a timed stop forum. Guest List Attributes Require Authentication On Guest List Default: Everyone Excluded List Default: Nobody
  48. 48. Scenario 2 A PM wants to prioritize 18 features with a specific group of customers. They do not care if customers play together from different companies, but they want to make certain ONLY specific companies are included. 49 Nature of the Problem Prioritization / Convergence Recommended Framework Buy a Feature Forum or Gala Use a Forum if you want specific questions / conversations. Use a Gala if you want to play lots of forums. Duration Probably a timed stop forum. Guest List Attributes Require Authentication On Guest List List the domains of the companies you want included Excluded List Default: Nobody
  49. 49. Scenario 3 A Project Manager in the IT team wants to prioritize a list of 17 projects with a group of 200 employees while excluding contractors. 50 Nature of the Problem Prioritization / Convergence Recommended Framework Buy a Feature Forum or Gala Use a Forum if you want specific questions / conversations. Use a Gala if you want to play lots of forums. Duration Probably a timed stop forum. Guest List Attributes Require Authentication On Guest List List the domain of the company. Excluded List List the specific email addresses of the contractors to exclude.
  50. 50. Auto Join! Facilitators can choose to turn Auto-Join On. This automatically allows participants who meet the guest list criteria to join the forum. Why do you need this? Suppose you start a forum at 09:00 and you want to run it for 3 days. You don’t want to have to “approve” every player for entry when you’re asleep! 51
  51. 51. Processing Rules for Auto-Join Setting Guest List Auto-Join Setting Behavior for a Party Facilitated! Behavior for a Gala No Facilitator! Empty ON JOIN JOIN OFF Prompt Facilitator Not Possible On “White” List ON JOIN JOIN OFF Prompt Facilitator Not Possible On “Black” List ON DENY DENY OFF DENY Not Possible On “Gray List” ON Prompt Facilitator DENY OFF Prompt Facilitator Not Possible 52
  52. 52. Additional Guest List Notes! Producers are responsible for sending the forum details (such as when it starts) to their participants. Updates and/or Edits to Guest Lists and Forum scheduling details must be distributed to participants. 53
  53. 53. How Long it Lasts: Forum Duration
  54. 54. 55 Forum Duration Specify the name of your Forum and when you want it to start You can facilitate the forum or you can specify a third-party facilitator Specify the guest list Specify when the lobby opens Specify the duration Specify the Access level for your guests Click Schedule Forum Third party facilitators must have accounts The forum will run until stopped by the Facilitator or the Producer. Yes, a forum could run for weeks! The forum stops when time runs out.
  55. 55. Choosing a Forum Duration Manual Stop • Useful when you want a forum to run indefinitely: • Team Retrospectives • Project Prioritization • Weekly sales pipeline review • CAN be stopped from the project organizer • CAN be continued • Be careful: Results may change after they’re downloaded Timed Stop • Useful when you want a forum to stop: • Market Research • Feature Prioritization • Creating a sense of urgency • CAN be stopped from the project organizer • CANNOT be continued • Results will not change after they’re downloaded 56
  56. 56. Forum Operations
  57. 57. Managing your Dashboard 59 Play / Join Forum Starts a Party OR rejoins the Forum. Stop Forum Edit Forum Resume Forum View Forum Results You can view the results of a Forum at any time: While it is running or when it is completed. Note: Results may change if forums are running.
  58. 58. Summary of Concepts Concept Definition Idea Engine Idea Engine uses the power of visual metaphors and visual thinking (vizthink) to structure collaboration. Decision Engine Conteneo’s Decision Engine enables teams, customers and partners to collaboratively reach decisions on priorities by participating in a scalable virtual market. Projects A means to organize your work. Framework A means to structure collaboration Forum A framework being actively used / engaged. Forum Results The results of the forum. Guest List The people allowed to participate. Facilitator People who manage the forum. Galas A collection of forums that may or may not have a facilitator.
  59. 59. 61 Conteneo, Inc. 1296 Kifer Rd., Suite 601 Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Please visit us at!