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Peter's story 2-spain_en


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Re-elaborated versions of the fairy tales

Published in: Education
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Peter's story 2-spain_en

  1. 1. THE TALKING PIG One day a young man goes to the gamuto pub to drink whisky like every Saturday. This whisky glass has got a hex, that is see thing that the other people can’t see it. After that, he goes to the bathroom and finds a little pig. The man thinks that he is quiet drunk, but he understands that it is real and decides to take the pig to his home
  2. 2. The man's name is Peter, he thinks that he will be famous if he brings the pig to the TV show, but suddenly the pig asks him to marry him and he says yes. The pig becomes a pretty woman and Peter feels bad because he isn’t famous any more, but Peter brings the pretty woman to his house.
  3. 3. When the man brings the pretty woman to his house, his girlfriend asks him who is she, the man replies that she is his cousin, the girlfriend says that she can stay there and then the pretty woman tells to the man’s girlfriend to go to the supermarket, to the mechanic and to kill a tyrannosaurus rex. When she comes back, she finds Peter and the girl are kissing themselves. She is so angry and shouts loudly, kicks them out of the house and tells them that she doesn't want to see them ever again.
  4. 4. The girl was waiting for Peter for three hours, until she decides to go home. When the girl arrives to her house and opens the door, she sees the woman kissing her boyfriend. She is so angry that she burns the house and the man is left alone. Adrián Mora, Daniel Guerra