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Toefl tactics writing module


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This is a shared file of different tactics learned to share with those interested to take the TOEFL. It is not a matter of learning the language only, it is also a matter of tactics to be used and getting disciplined with their use. I hope this can help any future TOEFL applicant.

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Toefl tactics writing module

  1. 1. ANYONE CAN SPEAK ENGLISH Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam 6 no. 9A Jakarta Selatan, Tebet 12820 Jakarta, Indonesia Tel : +6221 837 05 955 Email : Website : In collaboration with: Prepared by: Fella Boudjema, English lecturer at ILC
  2. 2. TOEFL Preparation Syllabi
  3. 3. • Tactic 1: – Practice writing on a keyboard – Build up your vocabulary range by reading daily – Use the vocabulary learnt while talking and writing – Learn the linking words and use them every time you have an essay – Be time effective with the 2 tasks (the first for 20 mn, the second for 40mn) TOEFL: Writing Module
  4. 4. • Tactic 2: – Allow 5 mn to proofread your writing – Use the marking system provided for self- assessment – Drill for at least 15 mn a day writing in any kind of interesting topic. – Learn the structuring and paragraphing layout TOEFL: Writing Module