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Company Overview


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Company Overview

  1. 1. Innovativ Solutions for Innovativ People Innovating IT WHAT WE DO ERP – PEOPLESOFT & KUALI Central to our mission is our ability to deploy the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS packaged-software solutions of PeopleSoft and Source solutions like Kuali. THAT WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Are your costs escalating? Are you Innovativ Consulting Partners can provide its OPEN SOURCE spending too much on energy? Are you Education and Public Sector clients with breadth When a packaged system will not meet your requirements; When collaborative and social running out of resources to manage it all? and depth of experience – of your business networked solutions are required – we can help. Can you respond effectively to changing processes, technology selections and business priorities? Are you struggling organizational decisions. CONTENT MANAGEMENT  Oracle/PeopleSoft Content is at the Heart of your business. Content with choosing platforms to deploy Social  Kuali – Coeus, Rice and Financials Management Systems enable organizations to Networks? Will Web 2.0 provide a ROI?  Innovativ Centers of Excellence leverage enterprise knowledge assets for  InnovativTrak competitive advantage.  InnovativChange Innovativ Consulting Partners offers  InnovativTest TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE solutions that can reduce costs while  .NET & Open Source Content We are supporting enterprise workflow and identity Management including: improving service delivery. Our management with our support of Kuali Rice o SharePoint, Sitecore, DotNetNuke experienced team can assist you to o Moodle, Joomla, Drupal, and more INNOVATIV CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE answer your burning questions – and Managed Services, Production Support & SaaS of several products: PeopleSoft, Kuali & Microsoft provide you a custom-solution; or a packaged solution to meet your needs. Our Goal is to offer quality service and innovative IT solutions to clients in the Education and Public Sector industries. 470 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200 Westerville Ohio 43082 P 800.787.1889 F 888.617.6556 W W W . I N N OV A TI V C P . C O M