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Adventure Monthly


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Magazine Cover activity which students create as an introduction to Geography.
Aim is to show an understanding of what an Explorer does and show an initial focus on ICT (including a focus on a skill students may not have used before)

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Adventure Monthly

  1. 1. MonthlyMonthly ADVENTURERADVENTURER Carwatha Jones tells allCarwatha Jones tells all about the Raiders of theabout the Raiders of the Whispering PinesWhispering Pines FebruaryFebruary 20132013 $7.95$7.95 Carwatha Jones “Why studying History and Geography madeCarwatha Jones “Why studying History and Geography made me the amazing explorer that I am today!me the amazing explorer that I am today! The amazing explorations of Carwatha Jones Why should you hire me!  Strong  Fearless  Quick thinking  Great With a Map  Can ride a horses, motorbikes and bungee jumps!