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Hicks - Relationship between professional media and research liteature in american dentistry


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Parallel session 1 - Tuesday 20 September 2016

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Hicks - Relationship between professional media and research liteature in american dentistry

  1. 1. The relationship between professional media and research literature in American dentistry Diana Hicks, Rakshit Trivedi, Julia Melkers, Kim Isett, Le Song, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332 September, 2016 Acknowledgements The authors thank Simone Johnson, Jackie Elliot, Nathanael Pate, Joshua Bowling for research assistance. This research was funded by NICDR grant number U19-DE-22516 within the National Dental Practice Based Research Network (PBRN). Hicks was also supported by NSF Scisip grant 1445121.
  2. 2. Two literatures Research literature Enlightenment literature Audience Academics Broader, practicing professionals Publisher Professional association Commercial Access Subscription/membership/library Ad supported, free registration on website Highest value Credibility Relevance to the context of practice, accessibility Complexity Technical Contextual Quality control Peer review Editorial review, staff writer, none (vanity publishing) Exemplar Randomized control trial Case ~study
  3. 3. Media heterogeneity Publication Sample Article Title Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Cone Beam Computed Tomography and SimPlant Materialize Dental Software Versus Direct Measurement of the Width and Height of the Posterior Mandible: An Anatomic Study Dentomaxillofacial Radiology Cone beam CT sialography of Stafne bone cavity General Dentistry Cone beam computed tomography for diagnosis and treatment planning of supernumerary teeth. JADA Cone-beam computed tomography and the orthosurgical management of impacted teeth. Compendium Cone-beam computed tomography in endodontics: are we there yet? Inside Denti Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: A Clinician's Perspective Dentistry Today Utilizing Digital Imaging to Enhance the Team Approach to Implant Treatment Dr Bicuspid Conebeam and multislice CT measurements found equally accurate Conebeam CT findings raise liability questions dental town Cone Beam Imaging is Great, But What Am I Looking At? Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting! By Dr. Dale Miles Endo blog Cone Beam CBCT To Use or Not to Use Flucke blog Cone Beam and Other Technologies from the Chicago MidWinter Meeting Emmott blog Cone Beam Questions for Dale Miles
  4. 4. Dental media timeline
  5. 5. Share of 2015 articles
  6. 6. Our goal: trace the movement of knowledge through heterogeneous literatures
  7. 7. Discussion of research findings in media • ~1750 or approximately 6% of articles on 24 blogs, Dr Bicuspid & DentalTown discuss findings of research articles • articles containing “journal of”, compendium or “abstract “ • ~ 2.7x other media mentions • Sources vary: • 25% or 765 posts on Jablow blog are abstracts of research articles • 11% or 572 articles on Dr Bicuspid discuss research articles • 41% or 198 posts on Dental Dude blog discuss research articles • No lag • media discusses articles the same month they are published or become available early access
  8. 8. Case study – cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) Year Milestone 1972 Computed tomography discovered 1979 Nobel prize 1980s-90s The math years 1994 1st CBCT scan, Italy 1996 NewTom introduced, Italy 1998 1st dental paper: Mozzo et al, A new volumetric CT machine for dental imaging based on the cone-beam technique, European Radiology, cited over 400 times 2001 FDA approves 1st CBCT scanner for US market
  9. 9. Number of blogs, dissertations, media articles & books Number of research articles Web of Science Indexed, Cone beam or CBCT in topic Growth in CBCT literature
  10. 10. Share of CBCT posts that discuss research findings 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% DentalTown DentistryToday Flucke blog Blogs Emmott blog Dr Bicuspid Jablow blog News aggregators 17% average564 articles classified
  11. 11. Guidelines discussion: another interaction with research
  12. 12. Topic model of CBCT media discussion source Hicks’ brain
  13. 13. Topic model of research literature source Hicks’ classifying abstracts
  14. 14. Topic overlaps Research literature Professional media
  15. 15. Conclusions • Professional media are symbiotic with the scholarly literature • A lot of media posts draw on journal articles • Topics are similar, with professional media emphasizing contextualization and journal articles emphasizing technical precision • Future work – hierarchical topic model across heterogeneous literature and discourses to develop metrics of this interaction