Phil arnold reddish vale cooperative trust (nx power lite)


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  • The but in the mean time we continue to poke and prod this Norwegian Blue. People are looking for a radical alternatives but nothing too progressive that will disturbed the professional status quo in competitive self interest. We do therefore, what we have always done and are surprised to ‘get what we always got’. Winners and looses continue from one generation to the next. The suppression of mutual loathing in pursuit of government money and resources continues. Young people continue to live in extreme poverty. With draw from compulsive education And not give a shit about them selves or others But… Idea of an alternative way of being The tentative beginnings of a 21 st century co-operative learning community
  • 150 odd year to late Robert owen Came to Manchester to run top bank mill – Appalled by the conditions he found: New Larnark tried progressive ideas founding: Social enterprise Intergenerational education Integrated child care Health provision Local food Sustainability ideals These proved to work and from campaigning for change he provided us with many thing we now take for granted. 1833 – co-operative school in Salford was run on democratic ideas Alex blooms school in the east end of London after the 2 nd world war A Vail has been drawn over these achievements from a disconnection of education from its community Its time we reconnected and reclaimed this shared heritage
  • Why have we lost our direction? Billy Connelly – does not recognise his doctor because he is always stood behind him – with his finger up his bum. A professional swing away from the connection with the service user If a persons owns, has a say and a stake in a service what will result? Better quality and higher levels of responsiveness Talk talk eg this afternoon… want my money - they don’t care Hard times ahead – co construction offers a way forwards in service delivery Co-operation offers a value base and shared ethics to
  • Considering starting a co-operative free school Co-ownership – own the problem and the resources to resolve it - Co-constructed on the values- ethics and principles of co-operation It would be very different in the choice it would offer A way of working together - based on co-operation not competition A way of being a global citizen - as part of an international movement for positive change A way giving opportunity to succeed with - rarther than at the expence of others. A way to remove a lot of the frustrations from our current race in life To live a more contented existence.
  • Phil arnold reddish vale cooperative trust (nx power lite)

    1. 1. Phil Arnold CEO, Reddish Vale Co-operative Trust
    2. 2. Standards agenda for school improvement is dead! Status quo in competitive self interest v Co-operative actions for mutual gain
    3. 3. Provocation <ul><li>Education to reconnect to its community. </li></ul>
    4. 4. Provocation <ul><li>Professionals to start co-constructing services with service users. </li></ul>
    5. 5. Provocation <ul><li>Where would you and your children choose to be educated in the future? </li></ul>Battery Hens or Free Range Thinkers