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Innovation is Everywhere - Startups from Hong Kong (2014)


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With its history of manufacturing (made in Hong Kong) and its expertise as the financial hub of Asia, no wonder the top startups you find in Hong Kong are Makers and Fintech.

Makers? Yes, guys and girls who build stuff you can touch, with open-hardware sailing boat Protei or "scale-down" manufacturer Makibox.

Fintech? The best brains of the financial services go startup and make p2p lending, social media trading and more possible.

Check out this review of the best startups of the Hong Kong tech ecosystem.

Read more about us as we roam the world to explore the emerging markets startups scenes, from Iran to Chile, from China to Nigeria.

Reach us at: martin@innovationiseverywhere

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Innovation is Everywhere - Startups from Hong Kong (2014)

  1. 1. Startups from Hong Kong Following the Protei Hackathon & Dim Sum Lab meetup March 2014
  2. 2. #1 – Protei, the DIY boat with environmental data • Protei makes DIY boats as makers do, with fast prototyping, DIY materials and Arduino electronics to get it work • Has been working in Fukushima waters to test radioactivity • Open-hardware principles: anyone can build on it! Soft launch done for a boat now under $1000
  3. 3. #2 – Makibox: let’s scale down manufacturing! • Makibox could be yet another maker doing an affordable 3D-printer • Jonathan Buford’s goal is more to find a technology and a process to scale down manufactuing and empower makers to find a tool to create products that are between the prototype and the mass-production
  4. 4. #3 – 8securities, when trading meets social media • Founded by the team who already made E-Trade, the first reputed trading digital service • 8securities mixes the lure of trading with the power of the crowds, adding social media data to the value of stocks • 50k users and $1bn assets played with on the platform
  5. 5. #4 – WeLend, the p2p loans engine in Hong Kong • WeLend is a peer-to-peer loan platform, with 5k users who have lent/borrowed about $300m in two years • Typical transaction is a $10-20k, 24-month loan
  6. 6. #5 – BigColors, p2p platform for early-stage investors • BigColors is a platform for early-stage investors to trade their shares, advice and connections • Founded by an ex-banker from Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan • Now expanding to other countries in Asia (Singapore in Dec. 2013), $8m raised
  7. 7. #6 – 6Waves, mobile gaming publisher • 6Waves publishes mobile games, has raised $17.5m so far • Sued by King (publisher of Candy Crush) for copying too many of its successes (Farm Heroes Saga -> Farm Epic)
  8. 8. Our project An exploration of innovation ecosystems across the world
  9. 9. Innovation has no place in a global world, it’s everywhere Innovation ecosystems can learn from one another Local context matters and should be a source for innovators This is why… We’re on a world tour of innovation ecosystems! We believe…
  10. 10. Martin Pasquier Entrepreneur in Singapore (social media agency), long- time traveller Mixes economics, politics and travels to analyze ecosystems, reports on innovation About our team Analysis, community & network Anne Lalou CEO of Innovation Factory & Web School Factory in Paris Transfer knowledge of ecosystems to new generation and to a network of top French companies Nicolas Loubet Serial entrepreneur in Paris with 3 companies, growth hacker Manages and nurtures creative communities on & offline
  11. 11. A world tour of innovation: 2013-2014 SUPPORT US! Travel & time of exploration isn’t free   Custom reports on emerging markets & trends  Workshops, talks on innovation trends  Connection to key local players for VCs, brands, tech communities
  12. 12. Thanks! Martin Pasquier, for Innovation is Everywhere