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Pomodoro Technique for agile Teams


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Pomodoro Technique for agile Teams

  1. 1. Pomodoro technique for agile teams Sylvain Fankhauser, Benoît Pointet Innovation after work @ Liip Fribourg 27.10.201126.05.09
  2. 2. Pomodoro Technique (tm)26.05.09
  3. 3. Goals Enhance focus Reduce interruptions Divide complexity Gather small successes Detect blockers early Keep a sustainable pace26.05.09
  4. 4. Pomodoro core 30min cycles: 25min focus 05min break ‘Break cycle’ after 3-4 cycles Bell rings at phase change26.05.09
  5. 5. Supporting activities Plan tasks lists estimate cycles per task Track cycles per task interruptions Visualize & improve26.05.09
  6. 6. Pomodoro & Scrum Shared values work iterations clear focus tracking inspection26.05.09
  7. 7. Perfect pomodoro tasks are 1-cycle sized feel the rythm (inner bell) ability to focus/defocus26.05.09
  8. 8. Timers26.05.09
  9. 9. Physical Timers suggested by creators benefits clearly visible any time/one audible tick audible end/start26.05.09
  10. 10. Digital Timers benefits automatic cycle start customizable less intrusive26.05.09
  11. 11. interruptions, notes graphs, projects unbreakable pomodoro no custom durations26.05.09
  12. 12. Adobe AIR custom session/breaks durations26.05.09
  13. 13. Apps apps apps 40 iOS apps 40 Android apps 7 OsX apps26.05.09
  14. 14. Experience26.05.09
  15. 15. Standard pomodoro for a team Team or perso rythm? I don’t want to be the timer I forget to start/stop it Should/can we start now? Morning/evening situation? >> poor results26.05.09
  16. 16. PomodoRAW - how we do it mixes pomodoro and scrum works for our team26.05.09
  17. 17. PomodoRAW - rules evertimer 00>25>30>35>00 jump in/out at ‘00 or ’30 enforce focus/defocus enforce ‘break cycle’ tracking on scrum board26.05.09
  18. 18. PomodoRAW - benefits focus together less ext. interruptions motivation & respect break together share ideas unblock each other relax and have fun26.05.09
  19. 19. Just do it! book & cheatsheet PDFs ...26.05.09