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Gert jan heerens


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Gert jan heerens

  1. 1. Technology transferEnergy
  2. 2. 2Netherlands Organization for AppliedScientific Research “TNO” Technology and knowledge development Contract R&D Non-routine consulting Special tasks (Geological Survey of The Netherlands) Founded in 1932 by act of parliament, Independent 4500fte ~ €550 M turnoverMISSIONTo apply technological knowledge with the aim of strengtheningthe innovative power of industry and governmentMottoTNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the welfare ofsociety sustainably boost.
  3. 3. 3 80 years in transition 1932 1985 2007 TNO Amendment TNO is 75 founded of TNO Act years old! 1923 Committee Went 1930 1980 2005 20101918Committee TNO Act Radical Radical One TNOLorentz modification of modification of with world- TNO structure TNO structure class impact
  4. 4. 4TNO in The Netherlands Den Helder Groningen Soesterberg Hoofddorp Leiden Rijswijk Enschede The Hague Apeldoorn Helmond Delft Utrecht Zeist Eindhoven
  5. 5. 5Knowledge transferFrom idea to innovation Develop Knowledge Knowledge Knowledgefundamental development application exploitation knowledge With With With Embedded in the universities partners customers market
  6. 6. 6TNO in the knowledge infrastructure. Universities Higher Vocational Education Lecturers 14 LIFTProfessors 56 Knowledge Companies Innovation SME Centres Alliance LTIs
  7. 7. 7TNO organisation chart. Supervisory Board Council for Board of Management Defence Research Corporate Staff 3 Expertise lines TNO Companies 7 Theme lines Knowledge Centres
  8. 8. 8Knowledge transfer is not a goal in its self.Technology transfer is a mean that needs to bebalanced per objective.
  9. 9. 9Knowledge transfer for new business basedinnovation is not a simple process. 1. Multi domain 2. Multi disciplinary 3. Multi level
  10. 10. Example “simple” knowledge transfer between departments. Geomechanics Emergency response Industrial Safety Perforations with SmartTables Mechanics, Materials & Physics & Fluid Mechanics Building Engineering Communication & Structures Electronics Chemistry & Energetics & Civil Engineering Information Lab for Ballistic Radar High Performance Mechanical & Maritime Business Information Research Energetics Constructions Services Transceivers Weapon Systems Advanced Concepts & Vibrations & Noise Multimedia Technology Intelligent Imaging Products Service Enabling & Physical Protection & Distributed Sensor Structural Assessment & Management Survivability Systems Building Lab Electronic Defence Greenhouse Fieldlab Drilling Sonar Security Acoustics Building Innovation Planning, Performance Corrosion & Anti-fouling Flow & Structural & Quality Multilayer Devices Computer Vision Dynamics Distributed Chemical Cooling and Heating Optics Flow Control Sensing Systems Access Network Materials Performance Technology Nano-instrumentation Process Modelling & Energy, Comfort & Holst Control Connectivity Indoor Quality Space & Science Rapid manufacturing Innovative Materials Power Trains Building Materials Network & Service Precision Motion Systems Instrumentation Material Performance, Control Risk & Reliability10 Personal Monitoring Separation Technology Envir. Sust. Transport Vehicle Dynamics
  11. 11. 11Topics involved.Integral approach for success is required.Multi domain; central and local governments, local regional,international governments, agents, governmental bodies, differentindustries, universities, institutes, subsidy, loans finance funding…Multi disciplinary; physics (n), applied physics (n), technology (n)Multi level; government, corporate, business units/ departments,programs, projects…
  12. 12. 12Knowledge transfer requires an innovation Eco-system and network.An Eco system comprise expertise, skills,experience, infrastructure etc. This requires timeand effort to build up.An Eco system needs attention andmaintenance.Government has an important role as facilitatorand initiator.Eco system comprise Universities, Industry,Institutes and Government.Different models possible.Attention to balance near term and long term.Set clear goals do not mix goals with means andambitions this will cause diffusion inexpectations.
  13. 13. 13Example technology start-up companyTNO and CIT Industrial Services BV sign a License Agreement for ultrasonic corrosion inspection.TNO and CIT Industrial Services BV have signed a License Agreement regarding ultrasonic wall thickness inspection ofpipe lines focused on the oil and gas industries. The License Agreement was signed by Mart van Bracht, Managing Directorfor Energy at TNO and Edwin van der Leden, General Manager and founder of CIT Industrial Services BV.With this License Agreement the new founded company CIT Industrial Services BV will be able to develop corrosioninspection services with TNO technology. TNO will closely work together with CIT Industrial Services BV to support CITwith expertise as well as with research and development services to improve the technology. This partnership willstrengthen both TNO and CIT to develop future business.CIT Industrial Services BV is a new founded Dutch company that will focus its core business on providing inspectionservices for corrosion detection and sizing for mainly the Oil and Gas industry. It is the ambition of CIT Industrial ServicesBV to expand the service with integrity data management and consultancy. In line with the ambitions of both CIT IndustrialServices BV and TNO a strategic research partnership is part of the agreement.
  14. 14. 14Want to know more about TNO?Visit www.tno.nlOrGet in touch