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Abstract kitchen budapest


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Abstract kitchen budapest

  1. 1. Ms. Eszter Bircsák & Mr. Barnabás Interdisciplinary diving board -Málnay, Directors, Kitchen Budapest, The Kitchen Budapest model; Beyond theHungary weekdays: new routes of collecting knowledge and sharing(Abstract)The talk will introduce Kitchen Budapest, a media lab located in downtownBudapest, founded in 2007 by Magyar Telekom. In the past four years, KitchenBudapest has managed over a 100 successful projects of varying complexity in thebroadly conceived fields of art&technology and new media, has deeply integratedinto the rich international scene made up of other media labs and relatedinstitutions, and has provided its young researchers with plentiful opportunities toshow their work at exhibitions, art fairs, and conferences. KIBU’s basic aim is toserve as a platform where ideas are materializing, so that some end up asinstallations in a cultural context, others as products in the market. What is therole of such an institution in the contemporary Hungarian innovation landscape?How can the pursuit of unbridled creativity, interdisciplinarity, and radicalcollaboration contribute to the expansion of this landscape? These are some of thequestions that will be discussed in the presentation.