Asia days Oslo 2013 - Market oppourtunities in South East Asia - Oil & Gas


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Ewe Tuan Hai, Director, IN Malaysia

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  • Same colour on all counties,Neasia light green
  • One more on import and export between norway and respective countryEach country over five years per country
  • Asia days Oslo 2013 - Market oppourtunities in South East Asia - Oil & Gas

    1. 1. South and Southeast AsiaRegional market opportunitiesAsia Day 2013
    2. 2. >>> Back to indexInnovation Norway in Asia2IndiaVietnamMalaysiaIndonesiaSingaporeThailandSouthAfricaUAEBangladeshChinaKoreaJapan
    3. 3. >>> Back to index3.9 billion people= 57% of worldpopulationHow big is Asia?3
    4. 4. The Region’s Population02004006008001,0001,200524028 69 60 901,200160650Millions4
    5. 5. Asia 19925Photo: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
    6. 6. Asia 20106Photo: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
    7. 7. India7Photo: Brendan K Buckley
    8. 8. India Renewable Market• Hydropower: Technology, engineering solutions,equipment with better efficiency. Potential for adding50000 MW in new capacity. Huge potential in renovationand modernisation of nearly 30000 MW of old capacity.• Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal: Target to have acapacity of 20 GW by 2020• Wind: India is one of the leading countries on windcapacity. Nearly 15,000 MW of capacity exists• Biomass and Waste2Energy: Source expected toincrease its importance• Water, Waste Water and Waste Treatment: new andefficient technologies
    9. 9. Indonesia9Photo: BartCo
    10. 10. Indonesia• Increased demand for electricity• Electricity production is annually growing by 13%, butstill 12 million household lack electricity (20%).• Huge urban and environmental challenges• Population growth, urbanisation and economy growthchallenges use of sustainable solutions on several sectors• Demand for Norwegian technology and expertise onrenewable energy; hydropower (both small and largescale), geothermal, solar power and biomass/biogas.• Need for waste water management and waste to energysolutions• Need for urban development; green cities
    11. 11. Malaysia11Photo: cpPhotography
    12. 12. Malaysia• Solar: Local production of solar energy equipment;providing equipment and consultant service for solarenergy pilot projects• Biogas/Biomass: Providing technology, equipment andconsultant service for power projects fuelled bybiogas/biomass• Waste2Energy: Providing technology, equipment andconsultant service for landfill and gas recovery projects.
    13. 13. MyanmarFoto: Axel Blom/Innovasjon Norge 13
    14. 14. Myanmar 1992Kilde: McKinsey Global Institute, juni 2013: Myanmar’s moment: Unique opportunities, major challenges. Foto: NASA 14
    15. 15. Myanmar 2010Kilde: McKinsey Global Institute, juni 2013: Myanmar’s moment: Unique opportunities, major challenges. Foto: NASA 15
    16. 16. Myanmar harstort sett ståttstille mensresten av Asiahar gåttfremover medsjumilsstøvlersidenbegynnelsenav 90-talletKilde: McKinsey Global Institute, juni 2013: Myanmar’s moment: Unique opportunities, major challenges. Foto: NASA 16
    17. 17. Myanmar• Investment in hydropower projects• Development of infrastructure and transmission system• Providing technologies for hydropower systems• Consultancy services in technologies, designingengineering, operations and system maintenance
    18. 18. Singapore18Photo: Renelo
    19. 19. Singapore• Solar: Cooperation on pilot and demonstration projectswhich generate electricity from solar energy; cooperationon pilot and demonstration projects which use solarenergy for buildings• BioFuel: Cooperation on trading; production of biofuelfrom none-food feedstock; biofuel pilot projects• Fuel Cell: Cooperation on pilot projects; collaborate inResearch and Development projects
    20. 20. South Africa20Photo: ManoAfrica
    21. 21. South Africa• Solar: Opportunities exist for the developers of solarprojects; goods and services, including all the requiredinputs for solar projects; consultancy, finance andequipment including local production for wind power• Hydropower: South Africa focus mostly on PumpedStorage projects• Waste2Energy: Finding alternatives to landfill isbecoming critical as South Africa runs out of landfill space• Carbon Capture and Storage: Norway is a keysupporter the new South African CCS Centre hosted bythe South African National Energy Research Institute
    22. 22. Thailand22Photo: Jørgen Udvang
    23. 23. Thailand• Solar: Farm investment, PV Rooftops, Solar energy forheat generation. Manufacturing of silicon wafers andother auxiliary equipment• Biomass and biogas: Joint-ventures, advancedconversion technologies; development of biomass pellets,biomass to liquid (fuel) and biogas from mixed waste• Hydropower: Development of mini, small and verysmall hydro power systems; Pumped storage systems;advanced technologies of hydro turbines and of systemfor downstream irrigation dams; manufacturing ofequipment
    24. 24. United Arab Emirates24Photo: Haider
    25. 25. UAE• Solar: Utility scale PV expected to dominate installations;cleaning/dust removal with low-water input• Waste: Today mostly landfills but initiatives to improvewaste management; waste to energy technologies; welldesigned and managed landfills compliant to nationallegislations.• Waste Water: strong potential for smaller treatmentplants; large communities away from main cities;refurbishing of existing plants• Drinking water: Drinking water for resorts, hotels,hospitals, military bases, vessels; provide technology forconverting brackish water to drinking water
    26. 26. Vietnam26Photo: Jørgen Udvang
    27. 27. Vietnam• Hydropower: Dam safety calculation; optimisation ofhydropower operation; Extension of existing hydropowerplant; Investment in small hydropower projects;production of equipment• Biofuel: Providing technology and equipment forblending/transportation/storage/distribution; technologytransfer for biofuel production and biofuel appliances;• Agriculture waste: fermentation technology foragriculture waste; technology to produce fuel fromagriculture waste; and combustion technology to produceelectricity from agriculture waste
    28. 28. Many thanks for your attentionMarket Name E-mailIndia Mr. Rajeev Koul Rajeev.Koul@innovationnorway.noIndonesia Mr. Ole Schanke Eikum Ole.schanke.eikum@innovationnorway.noMalaysia Ms. Joanne Oo Joanne.Oo@innovationnorway.noMyanmar Mr. Axel Blom Axel.Blom@innovationnorway.noSingapore Mr. Claus Gaasvig Claus.Gaasvig@innovationnorway.noSouth Africa Ms. Beverley Lewis Beverley.Lewis@innovationnorway.noThailand Mr. Axel Blom Axel.Blom@innovationnorway.noVietnam Ms. Tran Hai Anh Tran.hai.anh@innovationnorway.noUAE Mr. Matteo Chiesa Matteo.Chiesa@innovationnorway.no28