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Financing the Projects - Poleko


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Financing the Projects - Poleko

  1. 1. FINANCING THE PROJECTSPOLEKO 21 November 2012Kjell Arne Nielsen >>> Back to index
  2. 2. We contribute to• Innovation in Norwegian trade and industry• Making Norwegian businesses competitive domestically and internationally• Promoting the reputation of Norwegian businesses >>> Back to index 5
  3. 3. Our services Financing servicesPromotional services Networking Competence services services Advisory services 3 >>> Back to index
  4. 4. Industrial Research and developmentProgram (IRD)-programme Targets • New business relations and partnerships based on cooperation in development • To succeed in commercialization and marketing of new products>>> Back to index
  5. 5. An opportunity for foreign companiesbecause:• …they want to build new business relations and partnerships based on co-operation in the process of developing new products.• … they want to have access to innovative and highly competent Norwegian companies. (SMEs)• … they want to use the support from Innovation Norway to stimulate new partnerships.5>>> Back to index
  6. 6. The role of the demanding customer: • Active participation in the project and with good references and market channels • Polish companies typically provides time in requirement specification and acceptance testing / pilot production.>>> Back to index
  7. 7. The roles of the actors Demanding customer (Foreign company) •States requirements for new products or solutions for a global market. Norwegian Supplier • Provides product and References and market services from R&D channels New products IRD-contract: Norwegian Demanding customer company Market driven (SME) innovation Innovation Norway •Support the business relations>>> Back to index •Covers part of the R&D-costs
  8. 8. Other relevant tools for financing NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK>>> Back to index 8
  9. 9. GIEK offers financial guarantees• The aim is to promote Norwegian exports• Guarantees are subject OECD export credit rules• GIEK guarantees the funding bank, taking the commercial, and/or the political risk on the project• The funding bank is normally Export Credit Norway, but GIEK may also guarantee other international banks.>>> Back to index 9
  10. 10. Owned by Norwegian Government• Fully owned by the Norwegian government • politically independent• Main guarantee limit of NOK 120 Billion • abt. PLN 60 Billion>>> Back to index 10
  11. 11. Export Credit Norway• Fully owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.• “OECD Arrangement on Government Supported Export Credits”.• Export Credit Norway plays an important role in the Government Supported Export Credits by providing Long- term and stable funding.>>> Back to index 11
  12. 12. CIRR – loans (Commercial Interest Reference Rate)• A CIRR loan is fixed for each currency and are quoted every months. • Example 15th Nov: 5,17%/pa based on PLN. • The loan repayment period is from 2 to 12 years. • For some purposes, may be extended up to 18y• Export Credit Norway offers export financing for up to 85% of the export contract value. • All loans must be guaranteed.>>> Back to index 12
  13. 13. NORDIC INVESTMENT BANKNORDIC INVESTMENT BANK• Founded by the Nordic countries in 1975• Headquarters in Helsinki, 190 staff• Lending in both member countries and focus countries• Environmental and Competitiveness mandate• AAA/Aaa credit rating>>> Back to index 13
  14. 14. NORDIC INVESTMENT BANKBank Ochrony Srodowiska• Loan programme totalling EUR 30 million• For projects that improve the environment, providing in particular: • renewable energy solutions • energy-efficiency measures • wastewater treatment systems.>>> Back to index 14
  15. 15. Summing up • Norwegian companies can and will contribute in meeting Poland’s requests for eco-friendly solutions. • Projects may e.g. be part financed by • Grants and loans from Innovation Norway • Norwegian Government Guarantees • Norwegian Government Export Financing • Nordic Investment Bank e.g. via BOS in Poland>>> Back to index 15