Business possibilities in the Baltics


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Innovasjon Norge Baltikum, muligheter i Baltikum 2013 av Rita Boguzaite

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  • {"5":"Services – Norwegian companies expand to the Baltics. This sector comprises more that 50% of gross domestic product in the Baltics as in Nordic countries. \nIn services sector the potential cooperation areas are business to business services. Norwegian companies have expanded to the Baltic markets as well established service centers to serve their Nordic markets. For example: DNB, Norwegian, Atea. Information communication technology – E-stonia is a global frontrunner in e-government. For example in e-health there are interesting developments between Norway and Estonia.\n","6":"Maritime – The growth of activities in the Baltics. The Baltic Sea is the densest shipped area in the world in environmentally vulnerable conditions. The traffic is growing fast and therefor new EU requirements regarding emissions from ship comes into force in 2015. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a solution with highest potential, where Norway has a world top competence throughout whole value chaing. \nIn maritime sector the most potential cooperation areas are maritime transport and –production and LNG solutions. For example Fiskerstrand BLRT builds ships for Nordic and Baltic ship owners, including the world’s largest LNG ferry. \n","1":"Hei! I am Rita Boguzaite, Innovation Norway Associated Consultant in Lithuani. I will tell you about business possibilities in the Baltics States.\n","7":"Wood – Important natural resource. Whole 50% of Europe’s forest resources lies in the Nordic–Baltic region. Modern wood processing capacities have been established in the Baltics, which produce in large for the neighboring Nordic markets. \nIn wood sector the most potential cooperation areas are prefabricated houses, building materials of wood, furniture.\n","2":"Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – Close and growing. In addition being a 7 million persons market close to Norway geographically and culturally, many Norwegian companies also serve their Northern Europe’s markets from the Baltics. Amongst highest educated workforce in combination with lowest salaries in Europe, advanced technologic environment, low taxes, extensive public funding, matching business sectors and size of companies are reasons behind the Baltics popularity.\n","8":"There is extensive public funding available for development of new projects:\nNorwegian:\nInnovation Norway\nGrants, loans, guarantees\nNordic\nNordic Environment Finance Corporation \nEquity\nNordic Investment Bank\nLoans \nNordic Innovation\nGrants\nEU (central) \nEnterprise Europe network \nResearch, Eco-innovation\nEEA \nNorway Grants Green Industry Innovation\nEU (local)\nEnterprise Estonia\nGrants\nIn miniseminars part we will explore which public funding opportunities are there to develop new projects in the Baltic States.\n","3":"Business between Norway and the Baltics grows fast. There are over 1000 companies with Norwegian capital in the Baltics and thousands with Nordic capital. In addition there are thousands of Norwegian companies that have business partners in the Baltics. The Baltics are together Poland and Russia the top trading partners for Norway in the region. \n","9":"Talk to us in advance. The Baltics are very attractive and close, but significant differences exist – Good advises are important when you start. \nOur team has the top competence in the Baltics – Together over 75 years of experiences advising and assisting Nordic companies entering the Baltics – Mapping market possibilities, finding right partners, establishing new companies. We use an innovative setup in the Baltics, consisting of an office in Tallinn in Estonia (one of our 35 offices abroad) and associated consultants (private firms) in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – So we work besides with working with our clients in an enterpreneurial way selves. \nIn miniseminars session we will explore:\nWhat you have to keep in mind to have a successful business in the Baltics;\nHow can Innovation Norway assist you. \n","4":"What is happening in the market? Energy and environment – The Baltics are becoming greener. Europe is the largest market for green business globally – this sector depends mostly on public sector. The Baltics have EU regulations in combination with peak period of EU funding.\nThe subsectors Norwegian energy & environment companies are active in the Baltics gives a good indication where Norway is strong internationally, as well where there are real possibilities to come into the market. In energy sector these subsectors are renewable energy and energy systems. For example Vardar owned by Buskerud county is one of the largest renewables investors with its wind parks- and bioenergy investments in Estonia and Lithuania. \nIn environment sector water- and waste management and green production have the highest cooperation potential. \n","10":"To sum up the business possibilities in the Baltics States: \nBusiness between Norway and the Baltics is growing fast. \nThe most potential sectors to establish new businesses are in energy & environment, services, maritime, wood sectors.\nTalk to Innovation Norway in advance.\nThank you for your attention!\nJoin me at the miniseminar or contact later or follow our web or Facebook!\n"}
  • Business possibilities in the Baltics

    1. 1. Business possibilities in the Baltics Rita Boguzaite, Associated Consultant in Lithuania Europe – Market of possibilities 18 October 2013
    2. 2. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – Close and growing Baltic economies grow fast after financial crises Close geographically and culturally, Norway has a high profile 7 million persons market Good access to EU and Commonwealth of Independent States markets Amongst highest educated workforce/ lowest salaries in Europe Advanced technologic environment, low taxes Extensive public funding available Matching business sectors and size of companies
    3. 3. Business between Norway and the Baltics grows fast Source: Statistics Norway. Million NOK
    4. 4. • Energy and environment – The Baltics are becoming greener • Renewable energy and energy systems • Water- and waste management, green production Photo: Jaak Nilson Photo: Robin Strand / Innovation Norway
    5. 5. • • Services – Nordic companies expand to the Baltics Business to business services, incl. service centers and ICT Photo: Toomas Tuul / City of Tallinn Photo: Robin Strand / Innovation Norway
    6. 6. • • Maritime – Growth of activities in the Baltics Maritime transport and production, LNG solutions Photo: Multi Marine Photo: Robin Strand / Innovation Norway
    7. 7. • • Wood – Important natural resource Prefabricated houses, building materials of wood, furniture Photo: Enterprise Estonia Photo: Robin Strand / Innovation Norway
    8. 8. Extensive public funding Norwegian *Sample in case an international development in Estonia Nordic
    9. 9. Talk to us in advance Latvia Estonia Associated Consultant Associated Consultant Inese Andersone Zanda Vipule Lithuania Director the Baltics Tiina Link Senior Adviser the Baltics Urmas Lepik Associated Consultant Associated Consultant Rita Boguzaite Orinta Jasudaite Associated Consultant Anneli Valge Associated Consultant Annely Abel
    10. 10. Thank you! Takk! +370 687 30 775 Baltics Photo: Yngve Ask / Innovation Norway Photo: Robin Strand / Innovation Norway