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Innovapptive's Mobile Travel & Expenses Solution


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Innovapptive's mTravel Mobile App is an automated mobile expense reporting process, pre-populated with credit card data, user defaults and receipt image capture functionality enables faster expense report completion.

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Innovapptive's Mobile Travel & Expenses Solution

  1. 1. mTravelMobile Travel Expense Management Innovapptive | Empowering tomorrow mWorklist | Product Sheet 1 Cumbersome Travel and Expense Reports Made Easy Travel and expense reports don’t have to be this tedious and cumbersome. With mTravel, an SAP certified mobile app, makes expense reporting easier than ever. Enterpris- es can now have a real-time snap shot of their T&E spend- which means out of policy T&E is captured sooner, better cost control and reduced compliance issues, while empowering your employees and executives at the same time. The mTravel Mobile App automates the entire process from expense capture to expense approval. In a study carried out by Visa and Deloitte Consulting, companies have realized a 60 percent reduction in expense reporting processing costs after implementing a Mobile T&E solution. Another company experi- enced a 66 percent reduction in FTEs in the A/P department. Eliminate Human Errors & Improve Operational Efficiency In a study carried out by Visa® and Deloitte Consulting, 63% to 95% of the expenses are paid with a commercial card. Integration of these credit card expenses and the mTravel mobile app’s receipt image capture functionality allows seamless and error free processing of these expenses. Lower expense report processing cost The overall processing time for expense reports decreases as it becomes easier and faster for employees to create, submit, and approve expense reports. In addition, your accounts payable teams are able to improve operational efficiency which directly results in cost savings. Greater Control and Compliance With Policies The mTravel mobile app creates a greater control and compliance with policies. Employees can now use the mTravel mobile app to check in real-time company policies to make in-policy and out of policy expense decisions. Go Mobile in less than 4 weeks Jump start your mobile journey in less than 4 weeks. Innovapptive offers a SAP certified rapid deployment solution (RDS) for the mWorklist mobile app. SAP Mobility-Too Expensive? Innovapptive offers cost effective SAP Mobile Platform Run-time licenses – 10% of the mobile app cost to help your enterprise embrace mobility with minimal investment. Snap, Apply and Process Expense Report Snap, apply and process expense reports. It’s that simple ! Create and save expense reports Capture Image Receipts Update expense reports as expenses occur Integrated credit card expenses Real-time policy verification Mileage and cash expenses User default settings OCR image recognition
  2. 2. Innovapptive featured among 135 leading enterprise mobile companies within the “Global Strategic Business Report Enterprise Mobility” published Value Drivers - Reduced Human Errors - Improved employee satisfaction and talent retention - Improved Employee Productivity - Reduction in Accounts Payable FTE’s - SUP 2.2, 2. 3 and SMP 3.0 OR - SAP NetWeaver Gateway 7.3 & 7.4 - SAP ECC 6.0, EHP 5.0 or higher - iPhone 4.0, 4S, 5, 5C & iOS 6.0 and 7.0 - Android Smartphones & Tablets Business Benefits - 8-10% Direct Cost Savings through increased productivity of property managers. - 40% Increase in productivity to drive higher operational efficiency. Innovapptive | Empowering tomorrow mWorklist | Product Sheet 2 Solution Business Benefits and Value Drivers Solution Environment Solution Key Features Innovapptive Inc. is an SAP Certified partner specializing in several SAP Modules and SAP Mobility by offering a wide range of SAP certified mobile apps and professional services to develop your enterprise mobility strategy, Use case Analysis, rapid deployment of mobile apps, custom mobile app development, consulting and staff augmenta- tion. Innovapptives team of SAP and Mobile professionals bring an unparalleled and a unique combination of SAP, Mobile and industry experience to rapidly mobilize your enterprise with radical and transformative mobile solutions. For more information, please visit Connect with Innovapptive on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. One Riverway, Suite 1700, Houston, Texas - 77056 1 (713)-300-3762 | | © 2013 Innovapptive Inc. All rights reserved. Managers can process expense report approvals directly from Innovapptive’s mTravel mobile app without having to be back in the office. Capture digital photos of receipts as expenses occur. mTravel also allow for the capture of mileage, time, cash expenditures, or edit existing expenses coming from a credit card. An automated mobile expense reporting process, pre-populat- ed with credit card data, user defaults and receipt image capture functionality enables faster expense report comple- tion. mTravel and mWorklist mobile app from Innovapptive introduces efficient submission Awards & Recognition