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Lost Creek Civic Organization: Introduction


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This is an introduction to the Lost Creek Civic Organization serving the Lost Creek neighborhood in Austin, Texas.

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Lost Creek Civic Organization: Introduction

  1. 1. Lost Creek Civic Organization Introduction Enhanced quality of life and economic value through civic engagement June 22, 2015 LCCO Organizational Committee
  2. 2. 2June 22, 2015 LCCO 2 Topics ● Role ● Lost Creek Needs a Formal Civic Organization ● Neighborhood Organizations ● Characteristics ● Strategy ● Status ● Next Steps
  3. 3. 3 Organizational Committee Ashley Crutchfield Barbara Crutchfield Barbara Szalay Bob Crutchfield Carla Doyne Karen McAfee Paul Schumann Sam Mirrop Sandy Whitney
  4. 4. 4June 22, 2015 LCCO 4 LCCO Role ● The role of the Lost Creek Civic Organization ● To act as the governmental liaison on issues related to the quality of life and economic welfare of the community (City, County, EISD, and State) ● To conduct research, facilitate conversations, and reach positions, on those issues. ● It’s among similar organizations active in many other large communities throughout Austin and the country.
  5. 5. 5June 22, 2015 LCCO 5 Lost Creek Needs a Formal Civic Organization ● City of Austin Annexation ● Growing Number of Issues ● More Involvement Needed in Public Forums ● A Mechanism for Political Force ● Provide the Opportunity For a Voice for Every Resident ● Organization Devoted Solely to Civic Matters
  6. 6. 6June 22, 2015 LCCO 6 Sample of Known Civic Issues ● Loop 360 ● Marshall Tract ● CodeNext ● Lost Creek Future Land Use Map ● Lost Creek Master Plan ● Mass Transit ● Water Rates and Conservation ● Environment ● Imagine Austin ● Jurisdictional Liaison (City, County, EISD, State) ● Bee Caves Rd Improvements ● MOPAC South Improvements ● EISD Bond Programs ● Fire Protection and Prevention in Greenbelt Areas Not Covered by Lost Creek Limited District ● Liaison with Other Civic Organizations
  7. 7. 7June 22, 2015 LCCO 7 Neighborhood Organizations & Services Community Development ● Lost Creek Limited District ● Lost Creek Neighborhood Association ● Lost Creek Moms’ Club ● Lost Creek Dads’ Club ● Lost Creek Home and Garden Club ● Nextdoor Lost Creek Civic Engagement ● Lost Creek Civic Organization
  8. 8. 8June 22, 2015 LCCO 8 LCCO Characteristics ● Incorporated as a state nonprofit ● IRC 501(c)(4) non-profit status will be applied for ● Volunteer based ● All land owners (residences and office buildings) within the geographic territory are members. Only homeowners have the right to vote and hold office. ● There will be no dues. All funds are from voluntary contributions or fund raising as permitted by IRC 501(c)(4). ● A loose, open, transparent, and inclusive organization ● Communicates through various media ● Known to governments and media as the formal liaison to/from Lost Creek for civic issues ● Holds a minimum of one physical meeting or virtual meeting per quarter with featured speakers ● Welcomes and encourages input from all Lost Creek homeowners and businesses ● Fosters relationships with all neighborhood organizations in Lost Creek ● Fosters community conversations on important issues ● Publishes an electronic calendar of civic events important to Lost Creek ● Facilitates access to information about civic issues affecting the community
  9. 9. 9June 22, 2015 LCCO 9 Strategy ● Vision: A community of creative collaboration ● Mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life in, and economic value of, our community ● Goals ● Represent all land owners (residences and office buildings) within its geographic area ● Be known as the organization to go to for civic information about the community or issues affecting the community ● Be inclusive, transparent, knowledgeable, and proactive ● Be a viable organization with sustained volunteerism
  10. 10. 10June 22, 2015 LCCO 10 Strategy (continued) ● Strategies ● Be open ● Encourage and facilitate civic and civil engagement ● Develop good relations with political leaders, government staff, land managers, and media ● Optimize communication and collaboration tools and technologies ● Values ● Service ● Community ● Appropriate technology ● Communication ● Environmental awareness ● Teamwork
  11. 11. 11June 22, 2015 LCCO 11 Status ● Texas Nonprofit Corporation ● Established Web/Network Site – ● Drafted Constitution and Bylaws ● Accepted in Austin Community Registry ● Prepared Announcement & Roll Out Plan
  12. 12. 12June 22, 2015 LCCO 12 Web/Network Site
  13. 13. 13June 22, 2015 LCCO 13 Web/Network Site (continued)
  14. 14. 14June 22, 2015 LCCO 14 Next Steps ● Announcement ● Post Card to Homeowners ● E-mail to Residents ● Letters to Commercial Property Landowners ● Identification of Founding Officers and Board Members ● Contact Appropriate Government Officials and Staff ● Press Release to Appropriate Media ● Announce First Meeting