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What Are They Saying and What Do I Do Now?


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Presented at InnoTech Oregon 2013. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology, Business
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What Are They Saying and What Do I Do Now?

  1. 1. Social Listening and Follow Up
  2. 2. Jeff Bunch – ModeratorDigital Strategist@JeffreyRBunchMelissa BarkerSocial Media Manager, Jive Software@Melissa_BarkerAnne Bell-FyshSocial Media Coordinator, OHSUTweet your questions during the panel with #InnoTechSLLisa PeytonDigital Strategist, Exec. Editor, TMMPDX.COM@lisapeyton
  3. 3. Social Media Listening, also known associal media monitoring, is theprocess of identifying and assessingwhat is being said about a company,individual, product or brand on theInternet.Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  4. 4. >> What tools are available?Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  5. 5. Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  6. 6. >> The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  7. 7. Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  8. 8. Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  9. 9. Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL
  10. 10. Internal Expert ActionTweet Questions using: #InnoTechSLSocialListeningMelissaSocial Media Manager(Jive Software)LeighSocial Media Manager(Agency - Spredfast)Funnel ToFunnel ToSales LeadSupportQuestionFunnel ToProductFeedbackSales TeamCarly – Sales Rep1) Carly responds toprospect as herselfSupport TeamMathew – Support RepProduct TeamClara – Dir. Product1) Mathew investigates2) Mathew responds asJive Software1) Clara shares withproduct team2) Leigh responds asJive Software
  11. 11. Tweet Questions using: #InnoTechSL