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User requirements is a fallacy


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Presented at InnoTech San Antonio 2016. All rights reserved.

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User requirements is a fallacy

  1. 1. User Requirements is a Fallacy VIJAY GEORGE 2016 SAN ANTONIO INNOTECH MAY 11, 2016
  2. 2. Do users know what they want?  Is it really a fair ask?
  3. 3. What are you really asking …
  4. 4. What you ended up with
  5. 5. Paradigm shift  Business Case and Governance  Requirements  Development Cycle  User’s role  IT’s view of the Business
  6. 6. Business Case and Governance  Business case usually doesn’t day make it work like it’s worked for the last 20 years  We tend to assign project SMEs from those knows the current system really well  Without Leadership and Governance they will steer toward what they know  Importance of Change Management
  7. 7. Requirements and Features  Long feature list hardly used… Feature List Usage  Long memory of what happened in back in ’99  I better get it now since it will be another 10 years before they listen to me again  Proud of what they have created over the years
  8. 8. How we traditionally build software Define Build Test Deploy
  9. 9. Lessons from the startup world…  MVP  Experiencing it changes the requirements  Things change  Users learn  Development team learn
  10. 10. Evolutionary nature of Change
  11. 11. User’s role in the system  We tend to try to translate the physical experience into the requirements for the system  User is not outside the system  Virtual changes the physical experience  Human Computer Interface has to be experienced  User experiences of the system will be different  Leave room to learn through experience
  12. 12. IT’s view of Business: Customer Service  Is that a good idea?
  13. 13. Partnership  A better idea …  IT is an integral part of the business not separate that needs alignment  Most IT project are business transformation projects not just a technology installation  Clear trade-offs help the business make better choices  Trusted Partner vs. Service Provider
  14. 14. Why is everyone moving to Agile  Turn bigger projects into smaller cycles  Developers have to demo along the way  User’s experience changes the requirements  Recognizes the human part of the system  User and Developer part of the same team
  15. 15. Waterfall and Agile
  16. 16. Paradigm shift  Business Case and Governance  Leadership and Change Management  Requirements  MVP and evolution through experience  Development Cycle  Iterative teams with developers / users  User’s role  Recognize the human is an Integral part of the system  IT’s view of the Business  Partner and Trusted Advisor