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The Future of Search-SEO


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Presented by Mike Rosenberg at the 2011 InnoTech Oregon conference.

Published in: Technology, Design
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The Future of Search-SEO

  1. 1. The Future of Search - SEOPresented by:Mike
  3. 3. The future of search means utilizing morecommunities and less searching. Top of funnelsearches will lead consumers to networks,communities, and social sites that then fulfill futuresearch needs, potentially replacing search engines.– Scott Fish, Director of Search
  4. 4. Search is constantly evolving, itsfuture shaped by technology andconsumer behavior. Success insearch relies on a brands abilityto be proactive and consistentlyprovide value. – Oliver Tani,Director of SEO
  5. 5. Search is still, and will continue to be, the best broadmechanism to obtain answers to questions on theplanet. Search engines will continue to evolve tohold this positioning, and the key will be everimproving result relevance and usefulness. Deeperforays into authority measurement, content typesand filters, broader structured content acceptance,improved utility and results (mobile/local), publisherparticipation (ex. taxonomy standardization), publicparticipation (social integration), and improvedtargeting abilities (behavioral, demographic,psychographic) and data capture will all be part ofthe mix. – Mike Corak, VP Strategy
  6. 6. Visitor behavior data will increasingly drive searchengine ranking algorithms as a dominant measureof content-to-keyword relevance, especially for top10 results. Traditional on- and off-site optimizationwill remain a necessary prerequisite to searchengine visibility, but clickthrough and visitorretention will become a necessary optimizationfocus to be competitive in organic search. – Gavin Francis, Technical & Analytics Specialist
  7. 7. Searching in 2001Sorting theWorld’sInformationon the Web
  8. 8. Searching in 2008 Real-time Twitter Results Organic Results Including stock quotes, and site links Store Locator Video Results Local Results
  9. 9. Universal Search Elements
  10. 10. Seasonal Search Trends QDF = Query Deserves Freshness
  11. 11. Leveraging Search Understand the consumer’s content demand Customers Newsletters Blogs Press Releases Images Industry News (RSS) Videos Bloggers & Media Widgets Articles Infographics Research Reports FAQ’s Other Whitepapers Influencers Glossary E-Books (ipad) Power PointsBecome an Authority: • Understand your target audience & their content demand. • Build audience specific to your industry & give them promotion tools. • Answer their questions & give solutions to their problems.
  12. 12. Social Graphs 1998 2003 2009 Links from Hobbyist Links from Blogs & Links from Twitter & & Niche Sites Forum Sites Facebook Updates 2001 2006 2011 Links from Big Brand Links from Social Links & Data from & Media Sites News Sites Location Based SitesImportant "Graphs" To Watch Social Media - Twitter / Facebook TrustRank & Real Time Search Niche Link Information
  13. 13. Searching in 2011 Instant Search News Results Video Results Image Results Real-Time Results Social Results
  14. 14. Instant SearchAre we searching too slowly?
  15. 15. Social SearchAre we all searching too slowly?
  16. 16. Local Search Are we all searching too slowly?Major Local Search Factors• Claiming Your Local Listing• Off-Page / Off-Listing Factors• Consumer Driven Reviews• On-Page FactorsNew & Important Factors In 2011• Photos Associated with Place Page• MyMaps References (Google)• Age of Place Page
  17. 17. Mobile Search
  18. 18. Mobile Search
  19. 19. Recent News Are we all searching too slowly?Five Items in the Last Week (or so)• Google Hot Pot Merging with Places• Google Tags Program Ending• Yahoo Buzz Dead Today• Google – ITA Software Acquisition Approved• Google +1
  21. 21. Thank you!Presented by:Mike