SharePoint ECM with KnowledgeLake


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Presentation by Casey Jones of KnowledgeLake. Presented at SharePoint TechFest on 5-19

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SharePoint ECM with KnowledgeLake

  1. 1. Casey Jones - Sr. Regional Sales Manager KnowledgeLake, Inc.Gary Tullier – Sr. Systems Engineer – KnowledgeLake, Inc.
  2. 2. Globally over 2 million licensed users First vendor to adopt SharePoint since 2003 SharePoint Imaging since 2003 First Mover with SharePoint Fujitsu is a stakeholder in KnowledgeLake & KL software is shipped with every Fujitsu scanner 2010 FASTEST GROWING COMPANY IN AMERICA
  3. 3. “KnowledgeLake is a go-to partner for scanning and capture for SharePoint 2010. They have built their solution entirely on the SharePoint platform, providing a consistent user experience and helping organizations drive great value from their existing technology investments. KnowledgeLake specializes in scanning and capture, has a deep understanding of the SharePoint platform, and a rich heritage in the ECM industry. Their focus and expertise helps organizations extend our platform, bringing the world of scanning and capture to SharePoint.” Ryan Duguid, Senior Product Manager Office Business Platform Marketing Group Microsoft CorporationRyan is responsible for SharePoint Enterprise Content Management, havingmoved to Redmond from Microsoft New Zealand where he was a Technology Specialist responsible for evangelizing the Microsoft Office system.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. “By using KnowledgeLake and Microsoft SharePoint, Payback: 4.1 Months (Net Inv/Oper Sav after Tax * 12) Midwest Operating Engineers (Local 150) have gained sufficient savings in many operational functions. We Average Return on 294% (Oper Sav/Net Investment) achieved our original payback projection of less than Investment (ROI): 5 months and today we have found many other Investment Cost $333 Per Month savings that have improved our business processes. Per User: With the ease of use with KnowledgeLake’s products, we have substantially increased our user adoption. Net Investment Savings $1,546 Per Month Based on the results we have accomplished, we are Generated Per User: now more efficient and productive in many of our operations.” Economic Life: 3 Years Ron Borden - Executive Director of IT MOEITS Technology Services (Local 150) Corporate Tax Bracket: 35% Misplaced Docs Copying Docs, 6% Filing & Executives Electronics 6% Searching for Docs 5% Mailing/Fax Legal/Contracts Paper, Searching, Services, 28% 6%Supplies and Off-Site Retrieval & Ink, 1% Storage, 49% Audit Returning Office Assessment Paper Doc, 56% Equipment, 21% 22% Hard Dollars Soft Dollars
  6. 6. Use KnowledgeLake and SharePointto Solve ECM ProblemsSo what are the problems?
  7. 7. $20 in Labor to file a paper document* $120 in Labor to find a misfiled paper document* $220 in Labor There are over to reproduce a lost document* 4 trillion An average paper documents paper document Compelling Factors in the U.S. alone, gets copied $ Offsite storage of paper growing at a rate 19 times** $ Office floor space cost of 22% per year** $ Security of paper assets $ Audit prep and execution $ Dispersed workforce $ Copy, fax, and courier costs* PricewaterhouseCoopers** Coopers & Lybrand
  8. 8. E:/OnMyHardDrive/NotInSharePoint/GrowingEveryDay/WhenILeaveYouWillNotFindWhatYouNeedInThisMess/SomeOfTheInformationRelatesToContractsWorthBig$$ToOurCompany
  9. 9. Enterprise Content Managementand SharePoint
  10. 10. Challenge of Managing Paper Documents Challenge ofManaging Electronic Documents Challenge of Managing Business Processes
  11. 11. Collaboration Business Portal IntelligenceBusiness Process Search and Forms Enterprise Content Management
  12. 12. Brokerage Firm Health InsuranceWestbrook Conversion FileNet Imaging Conversion40 million images UniversityManufacturing Stellent ConversionDocumentum Conversion Distributor Optika ConversionHuman ResourcesFileNet Imaging and Oil & GasCOLD Conversion FileNet Conversion
  13. 13. The Three “E”s Everyone Participates Easy to Use Enterprise Ready
  14. 14. • Scan Paper Documents With Desktop, • Capture E-documents From Desktop,Departmental And Production Scanners Outlook And Also Drag-n-drop• Index Documents • Accurately Index Documents• Release Into SharePoint Libraries • Release Into SharePoint Libraries • Complete Process In Just 2-clicks!Capture How does Connect SharePointServer become an ECM Imaging Platform?• Capture From Office Copiers, Multi- • Database Lookup & Index Automationfunction Devices, Fax Servers And Network • Perform Exact Relevance Searches WithScanners Any Combination Of Index Values• Index And Scan Via Web Browser • Central Enterprise Indexing Schema• Automate PDF, OCR Conversion • Zero-footprint Image Viewer
  15. 15. Justifying a KnowledgeLake/SharePoint Solution• Ease of Use • Leveraging SharePoint as a Repository• Consistent Look & Feel • Works with SharePoint 2007 or 2010• Increased User Adoption • Integrated into SharePoint• Industry Compliances • Business Process Workflow & Automation• Low Cost of Ownership • Leveraging Existing Technology Investment• No Volume or Click Charges • Fast User Adoption (low training costs)• Modular Deployment • Quick ROI