Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Pricing and Licensing


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  • Power BI for Office 365 is a complete self-service BI solution delivered through Excel and Office 365 that provides data discovery, analysis, and visualization capabilities to identify deeper business insights from data in Excel. The Power BI for Office 365 service is a cloud-based solution that enable collaboration and reduces the barriers to deploying a BI environment for sharing reports and accessing information.
  • Powerful Self-Service BI in Excel 2013: We are taking our most powerful business intelligence solutions and building them directly into Excel. These solutions package the data discovery, analysis and visualization process into one self-service BI solution, which is essential for business users who are looking to get bigger returns on their data.  Discover:Power Query – easily discover and connect to data from public and corporate data sources. This includes new data search capabilities, as well as capabilities to easily transform and merge data from multiple data sources so that users can continue to analyze it in Excel. Analyze:Power Pivot – continue to create sophisticated data models with that data in Excel by creating relationships, custom measures, hierarchies, and KPI’s. Power Pivot models run in-memory so that users can analyze 100’s of millions of rows with lightning fast performance.Visualize:Power View – Easily create visual reports and analytical views through interactive charts and graphs that help you explore and present your data in bold new ways in Excel. Power Map – gives users the ability to plot geographic and temporal data visually on Bing Maps, analyze that data in 3D, and create interactive tours to share with others. It delivers visualization capabilities that might have never been seen in traditional 2D tables and charts, and enables users of all levels to do self-service BI directly in Excel to create powerful data models, and explore and visualize that data in Bing Maps. Inspiration for Power Map came from Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope project. Launched in 2008, WorldWide Telescope is used by the astronomy community to visualize imagery and data, essentially giving astronomers an observatory in a PC.
  • Collaborate and stay connected with Office 365:Extends Self-Service BI with ease of collaboration and sharing of reports and data sets which reducing friction from deployment and adoption. Share:BI Sites –collaborative through an environment optimized for Business Intelligence in Office 365. Live report and larger workbook viewing is supported so that users can view and explore larger browser based workbooks. Data Refresh – the data in reports published to Power BI for Office 365 can now be refreshed from on-premises data sources through the Data Management Gateway – ensuring data is kept current.Data Stewardship – users can now share not only the reports they create but also the data queries they create in Power Query. Once published to Power BI users can define who they want to share their data queries with and track who’s accessing them. Data queries are registered with the Data Catalog so that they can be easily discovered through data search in Excel. If a user tries to access a query but they do not have access to the underlying data source, a workflow will allow them to request access from the DBA responsible for the data.Data Catalog – IT departments now have a new way to provision users with access to data. Through the Data Catalog the IT department can register data from across the organization. This data is then searchable from within Power Query so that users can easily find and connect to the data they need without having to call IT with one off data requests. Find:Q&A – Q&A takes enterprise data search and exploration to a whole new level. With Q&A, Microsoft looked at how consumers experienced Bing search and used that knowledge to enable customers to query their enterprise data and generate stunning visual results. The experience is instantaneous and uses natural language query – Q&A interprets the question the user is asking and serves up the correct interactive chart or graph. Mobile:Mobile Access – Mobile BI access to reports in Office 365 is provided through two mechanisms. First, Excel and Power View reports now render in HTML5 so that you can access these reports from any HTML5 compatible browser, on any device. The second, is through native mobile BI apps connect to the Power BI service to keep users connected to their favorite reports, to view and explore from their tablet devices. Windows 8 tablet devices will be supported at GA with iPad support post GA.
  • Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Pricing and Licensing

    1. 1. Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Pricing and Licensing May 2014
    2. 2. Power BI for Office 365 1 in 4 enterprise customers on Office 365 Share Find Q&A Mobile Insights in Excel 1 Billion Office Users Analyze VisualizeDiscover Scalable | Manageable | Trusted Helpful Link: Features by Edition of Office Self Service BI 2 Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud
    3. 3. Empower Users with Self-service in Excel 3 Analyze Visualize Discover Search and combine public and internal data with Power Query Model & analyze 100’s of millions of rows lightning fast with Power Pivot Explore and visualize data in new ways with Power View and Power Map
    4. 4. Connect and Collaborate with Power BI for Office 365 4 Share queries & workbooks and refresh to on-premises data with BI Sites Find answers with search-based data visualization in Q&A Stay connected from virtually anywhere with HTML5 and the Power BI mobile app Share Find Q&A Mobile
    5. 5. Licensing and Availability Overview 5 Available CY Q1 2014 Priced per user per month billed annually Subscriptio n model Cloud based
    6. 6. How to Buy Power BI 6 Two options: Microsoft Volume Licensing Reach out to your Microsoft partner or representative for more information Microsoft Online Subscription Program Purchase on
    7. 7. Power BI Offers and Pricing 7 Power BI add-on for E3/E4 Subscribers Power BI standalone Power BI standalone + Office 365 ProPlus Pricing is Per User Per Month Billed Annually ($396/year) ($240/year) Pricing is Per User Per Month Billed Annually ($480/year) Pricing is Per User Per Month Billed Annually ($624/year) * 40% off promotion for Office 365 E3 or E4 customers. Offered through June 30 2014. Pricing Shown is US Commercial ERP through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program Choose the right option based on what you already own:
    8. 8. 8 Pricing Shown is US Commercial ERP through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program. Power BI add-on Promo for O365 E3/E4 Subscribers Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E4 Pricing is Per User Per Month Billed Annually ($396/year) ($240/year) Pricing is Per User Per Month Pricing is Per User Per Month Power BI Add-on Promotion Through June 30th 2014, new or existing O365 E3 or E4 customers will receive a 40% discount on the Power BI Add-on subscription price Customers will receive the promo price for the duration of their subscription agreement Combined Subscriptions Power BI for O365 E3 promo $20 Office 365 E3 $20 Total Subscription $40 OR+
    9. 9. Learn from the business! 9 Interview with Marc Reguera, Director of Finance at Microsoft Line of Business solutions with Power BI Finance Sales & Marketing Operations & Logistics HR Customer Stories
    10. 10. Demo Time! 10
    11. 11. For more information visit