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Google's Panda Algorithm


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Presented at InnoTech Oregon 2013. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Google's Panda Algorithm

  1. 1. Google’s Panda AlgorithmMake that big bad bear chew bamboo foryou.Michael May 2013
  2. 2. What is Panda?• Not a bear.• Meet Navneet Panda, a Google Engineer
  3. 3. Seriously, why “Panda”?• Danny Sullivan called the algochange “Farmer”– Targeting content “farms”(eHow, article factories, etc.)• Sorry Danny, that’s BORING• Navneet Panda was a keyengineer on that team• He’s a machine learning guy
  4. 4. Panda is:• A new ranking factor– NOT a new algorithm on its own– NOT a manual penalty• Overall idea: use an estimation of “quality”of the content as a ranking factor• So…does it penalize or boost sites?
  5. 5. Dissection of the Panda• Human quality raters rate pages• Machine learning: what’s commonbetween pages that suck?– Or that rock?• Tweak the algo, and see if the newresults have better sites in the topspots– Feb 23 2011 Panda 1.0 - affected 12%of search results
  6. 6. 2+ Years of algo changes:it’s not all Panda• Over 500 little updates to the algo/year• Penguin (of course)• Reduction in impact of EMDs• Venice (“local universal” results)• # of results from the same domain• Emanuel Update: penalty for DMCA take-downs• Knowledge Graph• Parked domains• Search + Your World• Freshness update• Rel=next, rel=prev for pagination
  7. 7. Whatis “quality”?– Thin affiliates– Scraper sites– Sites with excessive ads• Especially above-the-fold– Made-For-Adsense– Thin price-comparison sites
  8. 8. Grrrr….make Panda angry•
  9. 9. Mmmm…make Panda happyQuality, measured by:• Low bounce rate• Dwell time on site• Original content (inc. images!)• LOTS of content• Rich content (maps, video, pics)• Trust signals• Expert/authority signals
  10. 10. Google Dance/Panda Dance• The Bear Dances Slowly• Each page gets a quality “score”• Calculations to come up with scores for allpages in the Google index takes WEEKS• Algo hasn’t changed much, but…• “Data refresh” comes every month or two•Last one was supposed to be March 18th•Panda is getting rolled into the main algo
  11. 11. Make that furball chew FOR you• Rich content• Consolidate similar pages• Consolidate paginated content• Maximize content above the fold• Use original imagesExamples:• Best time to visit Tahiti• Corvair at Keels• BMW M1 at Monterey
  12. 12. References• Navneet Panda’s resume:• SEOmoz chart of Google algo changes:• Matt Cutts video: “quality raters don’t affect the algo directly”:• Google’s public declaration of what makes quality in a page:• Google’s reverse image search:• Great reference on Panda from .NET Magazine:• Library of recent Panda update articles from SEL:•