Open Source and Cloud as a Laboratory for Innovation


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Presented at InnoTech Oregon 2013. All rights reserved.

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Open Source and Cloud as a Laboratory for Innovation

  1. 1. Open Source andCloud as a Laboratoryfor InnovationA Case Study of Multnomah County’s EnterpriseApplications StrategyJoshua Mitchelljoshua.mitchell@multco.usIT Applications Manager, Enterprise and Web ApplicationsMultnomah County, Oregon
  2. 2. Taking the long view
  3. 3. Open source and Googleand Amazon... oh my
  4. 4.
  5. 5. GoogleLower email delivery costs16 exchange servers decommissioned25 GB per mailbox (soon to be 100 GB)Search that worksCollaboration: Drive and GroupsAnytime anywhere accessActive Directory integrationGmailCalendarDriveDocs
  6. 6. Impact of Google AppsEmployees are more resilient to change.Ecosystem is growing—more add ons, more apps.People are collaborating on documents without thinkingabout it.Distributing costs to the departments is easier—everythingis a license per user.
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  8. 8. Amazon Web ServicesPay as you goScalability with EC2 machine imagesS3 (Simple Storage Service)RDS (Relational Database Service)Solutions ready to goResource:
  9. 9.
  10. 10. DrupalContent Management Framework - think Legos™Open sourceHeavily used open source project(,, State of Georgia, many more sitesin all sectors and in languages around the world)Huge library of contributed code (modules)Portland is a hub of Drupal activityEntire platform is on AWSLDAP (Active Directory) login
  11. 11. ~3 yearsSitesweb.multco.uscommons.multco.uscommons.multcolib.orgmultcolib.orgmultcopets.orgmultfood.orgAppsGIS Datasets TrackerBuilding Data Management CenterHardware and Applications List (HAL)ChartroomAdult Care Home Program AccountingMental Health and Addition ServicesDatasetPublic Sex Offender Registry( Planner for Library Programs andEventsLibrary Art Inventory (8 hours to develop)
  12. 12. Public website250 editors across the systemDynamic permissions that are managed at the “site” levelOne installation, one code base to maintainFlexible feature set available to every site maintainer
  13. 13. Public Website Uptime*Downtime includes patching and maintenance! (*Past year.)
  14. 14. Multco CommonsCommunity driven intranetBlogsCommentsEventsCollaborative editingCentralized processesDocument repositoriesWebformsSimple online formsEmail workflow optionsEasy to train staff
  15. 15. Library WebsiteOver 23,000 visit per dayLibrarians are rock stars (tattoos and all)Integrated site and catalog searchPlanning and publishing over 800 events per monthContent first; device secondResponsive designWorking on translation for five target languages: English,Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese
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