E-Discovery: The Path, The Perils, and a Plan for Success


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Presented for the OKHIMSS Medical Technology Forum at InnoTech Oklahoma on November 3rd. All rights reserved.

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E-Discovery: The Path, The Perils, and a Plan for Success

  1. 1. E-DiscoverThe Path, The Perils, and A Plan For Success Kevin D. Gordon Jonathan G. Rector
  2. 2. E-Discovery TopicsThe Path— Electronic Migration/ProliferationThe Perils— Prepared for E-Discovery?— E-Discovery ImpactA Plan For Success
  3. 3. Electronic Migration/Proliferation Electronic World 97% of Business Information Created Electronically
  4. 4. Electronic Migration/Proliferation Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/ Health Information Exchange (HIE) Benefits Funding Oklahoma Efforts Security Risks
  5. 5. Electronic Migration/Proliferation EMR/HIE - Benefits — Improved Quality of Care/Patient Outcomes — Cost Reductions
  6. 6. Electronic Migration/Proliferation EMR/HIE - Funding — CMS Demonstration Project — American Reinvestment and Recovery Act • $19B – $17B = CMS incentives – $2B = ONCHIT grants
  7. 7. Electronic Migration/Proliferation EMR/HIE – Oklahoma Efforts — HISPC • Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Act • Executive Order 2008-4 • Executive Order 2011-10
  8. 8. Electronic Migration/Proliferation OHIET — $10 million in federal funding to support exchange in Oklahoma — 63 O.S. 1-132 — Help support and facilitate information exchange
  9. 9. Electronic Migration/Proliferation OHIET Updates — Lab — Pharmacy — Voucher Program
  10. 10. Electronic Migration/Proliferation EMR/HIE – Security Risks — HIPAA — HITECH ACT — OIG Report
  11. 11. Electronic Migration/Proliferation The “Legal EMR” Subset of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) Relied Upon to Make Clinical Care Decisions Voicemail Email Pagers LegalESI EMR PDAs Records Digital Images
  12. 12. The Perils: Prepared for E-Discovery?Health care industry “grossly unprepared”for E-Discovery32% - no definition of “Legal EMR”25% - no policies for managing ESI from the“Legal EMR”
  13. 13. The Perils:Prepared for E-Discovery?“Top Ten E-mail Don’ts”E-Discovery RulesElectronic Migration/ProliferationPerils: Sanction, Exposure, Expense
  14. 14. “Top Ten E-mail Don’ts”10. “I could get into trouble for telling you this, but…”9. “Delete this e-mail immediately”8. “I really shouldn’t put this in writing.”7. “Don’t tell So-and-So.” Or, “Don’t send this to So-and-So.”6. “She/He/They will never find out.”5. “We’re going to do this differently than normal.”4. “I don’t think I am supposed to know this, but…”3. “I don’t want to discuss this in an e-mail. Please give me a call.”2. “Don’t ask. You don’t want to know.”1. “Is this actually legal?”
  15. 15. E-Discovery Rules2006, 2007— Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amended.
  16. 16. E-Discovery Rules These expansive e-discovery rules are no longer limited to federal court. The Oklahoma Legislature made changes to the discovery code to bring it more in line with the federal rules. Those changes took effect in 2010.
  17. 17. E-Discovery Rules ESI is “expansive and includes any type of information that is stored electronically.” “Intended to be broad enough to cover all types of computer- based information, and flexible enough to encompass future changes and developments.”
  18. 18. E-Discovery Rules“May obtain discovery … [of] anynon-privileged matter … relevantto … claim or defense.”“Reasonably calculated to lead tothe discovery of admissibleevidence.”“Limit … discovery … if … burdenor expense … outweighs its likelybenefit.”“Need not provide discovery of ESIfrom sources … not reasonablyaccessible because of undueburden or cost.”
  19. 19. The Perils: Prepared for E-Discovery?In 2010, less than half of all businesses – 46percent – had a formal information retention plan in place.
  20. 20. Electronic Migration/ProliferationTraditional ESI Sources Proliferating ESI Sources Office desktops Facebook, MySpace, Office laptops Twitter Business e-mail Instant Messaging Business voicemail Text Messages PDA’s, Cell phones Yahoo Mail!, Gmail Blogs Metadata
  21. 21. Most Requested E-Discovery?
  22. 22. Most Requested E-Discovery? It’s not just email you need to be concerned with…
  23. 23. E-Discovery Rules Compressed Time Deadlines Litigation Planner Meet & Confer/ Initial SchedulingSuit Filed Order Litigation Hold, Discovery Plan Disclosures Identification, Collection, Production, Preservation, Review, Analysis, Mapping, Inventory ~ 45 days Discovery
  24. 24. Sanction, Exposure, ExpenseAdverse InferenceDefault JudgmentMonetary FinesRe-produce Documents
  25. 25. Sanction, Exposure, Expense According to a 2010 study in the Duke Law Journal, out of 97 total cases in 2009, 63 resulted in sanctions.
  26. 26. Adverse InferenceAdverse instruction for failing toproduce “corrupted” or “lost”documents.9/14/2011- E.I. du Pont de Nemours v.Kolon Industries— Adverse jury instruction for spoliation leads to $919 million dollar verdict
  27. 27. Default Judgment2/16/2011 – Philips Elecs. N. Am.Corp. v. BC Tech— Default judgment, attorney fees and referral to U.S. Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution even though the e- discovery abuse was cured.
  28. 28. Monetary Fines7/18/2011 – Genger v. TR Investors, LLC— Court upholds $3.2 Million in sanctions for intentional deletion of unallocated free space7/7/2011 – PIC Grp., Inc. v. LandCoastInsulation, Inc.— Court orders Defendant to pay sanctions without possibility of indemnification
  29. 29. Re-produce DocumentsVendor failure resulted in party having tore-produce all emails and attachments atown expense. — PSEG v. Alberici, (N.D.N.Y. 2007).
  30. 30. A Plan for SuccessE-Discovery Readiness: ID, Inventory, Map Retention, Destruction, Hold Collect, Analyze and Review Produce Audit
  31. 31. A Plan for Success Litigation Planner (with E-Discovery Plan)Identification Analysis & Collection & ProductionPreservation Review Meet & Confer/ Initial Scheduling Suit Filed Discovery Plan Disclosures Order ~ 45 days Discovery
  32. 32. PRESENTED BY Kevin D. Gordon kevin.gordon@crowedunlevy.com 405-239-6619 Jonathan G. Rector jonathan.rector@crowedunlevy.com 405-235-7702The material presented in this forum is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you have a specific question regarding legal matters, please contact the attorney with whom you regularly work. Copyright © 2011 Crowe & Dunlevy, P.C.