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  • RetailMeNot is the largest digital coupon site in the United StatesPaid search is a key marketing channel for driving traffic and revenue for us
  • By 2017, 25% of online sales from mobile commerce15% in 2013
  • Great news for paid search advertisers, reiterate importance of channelIntuitively we all know, and the stats support, Mobile is on a trajectory of continued growthMAXIMIZING MOBILE SEARCH WILL BECOME INCREASINGLY CRITICALMarch 2012 -April 2013300+ U.S.
  • -enhanced campaign bundle-provide opportunities & challenges-Platform changes, basic paid search principles still the same
  • Intent by device (in research mode, on the go) – where, whenCurrent state of mobile within paid search, export report create own deep diveClick through on landing pages…
  • Landing pages are keyEsp. since paying for traffic,Bigger buttons, larger text, simple navigation – goes a long wayThink about use cases for an offer – desktop: print, text, email; mobile: displays barcode for immediate use at checkout or drive users to mobile app
  • Address the motivation for user’s search – ad has to work hard, be relevantSpeak to Context – for xx search term, are users likely to be on the go? in-store offers versus online coupon codesDevice in messaging 18% improvement CTRLocations – Get Directions, links to Google mapsMobile-only sitelinks: Store Locator, Weekly Deals, Same Day Service
  • Parity with other app download channels
  • On the back end to track and optimize performance,ifnotmobileincludes desktop and tabletIfmobile - if your ad is clicked by a customer from a mobile device,whatever text you insert (what comes after the colon) and vice versa {ifnotmobile}
  • Few results appear above the fold13% decrease in CPC but growth in clicks from managing bid multiplier
  • A lot of opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of this early period of mobile search growth + enhanced campaigns
  • Mobile Search

    1. 1. MOBILE SEARCH Vivian Chang, Search Marketing Manager @vivian814
    2. 2. $2.4B facilitated 2012 global merchant sales newsletter and alert subscribers 2.6MM twitter followers 11.6MM+ 170K facebook fans 500K+ 7.1MM coupons 500MM+ 60K+ site visits in last 12 months retailers and brands 2 · CONFIDENTIAL As of June 30, 2013 app downloads
    3. 3. How many times a day does the average person check their phones? 40 times 3 · CONFIDENTIAL
    4. 4. › MOBILE IS CHANGING THE GAME 61% Smartphone owners performing searches daily 25% Online sales will be through mobile commerce by 2017 Sources: Forrester, 2013; RetailMeNot, Inc. and The Omnibus Company, 2013; Google, 2013 4 · CONFIDENTIAL
    5. 5. MOBILE PORTFOLIO More than 20% of total site traffic is mobile Mobile Web iPhone Android 5.6 MM 7.1 MM VISITS DOWNLOADS Source: RetailMeNot 2013 Data 5 · CONFIDENTIAL
    6. 6. 30% Search clicks from mobile by end of 2013 Source: Rimm-Kaufmann Group Q3 Digital Marketing report 6 · CONFIDENTIAL
    7. 7. 88% Clicks on mobile search ads incremental to organic Source: Google, July 2013 7 · CONFIDENTIAL
    9. 9. › STRATEGY Consideration Insights What are users looking for? Analytics: top keywords, landing pages from mobile What percent of impressions from mobile? AdWords: segment by device What is your competition doing? Ad preview: what sites are bidding, ad and landing pages used 9 · CONFIDENTIAL
    10. 10. T H R E A D B Y R E TA I L M E N O T › EXPERIENCE 40% Leave if site is not mobile friendly Source: Icebreaker Consulting 10 · CONFIDENTIAL
    11. 11. › MESSAGE 55% Conversions* triggered by mobile search occur within 1 hour  Tailor mobile-specific ad copy with Device Preference – Speak to context (in-store, mobile banking) – Call out device (Get coupons on your phone)  Utilize ad extensions 1. Location 2. Click to call 3. Mobile-only sitelinks 4. Drive mobile app downloads conversion* = store visit, purchase, call 11 · CONFIDENTIAL Source: Google/Nielsen Life 360, March 2013; RetailMeNot Data
    12. 12. › APP DOWNLOADS  iTunes/Google Play based on user device APP EXTENSION CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AD Appears as sitelink Newly released ad type 8% higher CTR than other sitelinks 12 · CONFIDENTIAL
    13. 13. › TRACK  Append ValueTrack URL parameters 1. ifmobile parameter – Returns value {ifmobile:[value]}, {ifnotmobile:[value]} – Can be used for device-specific landing pages  Keyword destination URL set to {} {} 2. Device {device} parameter – Inserts m [mobile], t [tablet], c [desktop/laptop] 13 · CONFIDENTIAL
    14. 14. › BID  Target position 1-2 above the fold  Adjust Mobile Bid Multiplier to align mobile cost per click with ROI/CPA targets  Test Google Conversion Optimizer to adjust by operating system, daypart, etc. 14 · CONFIDENTIAL
    15. 15. ›MOBILE IS THE NEW REALITY FOR PAID SEARCH 40 interactions Available each day 15 · CONFIDENTIAL