Getting More Value Out of Your Data


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Getting More Value Out of Your Data

  1. 1. Getting More Value out of yourDataTammy SchuringChief Customer OfficerVoltage Security, Inc.For Internal Use Only.5/16/2013 1
  2. 2. Data in 2013 and Beyond*** Confidential andProprietary ***2• Up through 2012, compliance and breach risk have drivendata security– Defending reputation, mitigating breach risks.• Now, enterprise must maximize the return on data• Maximize return on data by– Liberating data across any channel without risk– Enabling cloud, big data, mobility to be fully embraced– Simplified regulatory compliance at the lowest cost of ownership
  3. 3. The shift to data security is here• Threats moving from the network to the host to the data– The next trend is to move from host to data– Consumerization of IT is the catalyst for this change– Focus is to identify “bubbles” of data and protect those assets –as opposed to building protection at device layer5/16/2013(C) 2013 Voltage Security, Inc. All Rights ReservedCONFIDENTIAL3Current and future securityinitiatives will focus more onprotecting enterprise datathan the underlying device ornetwork infrastructurePrediction in 2005Dan HitchcockSecurity Architect, Microsoft Information Security
  4. 4. Taming the data explosion• The explosion in data fuels growth and agility– But time to data value is gated by risk and compliance– Attacks to data are here to stay, and big data means a big target– The balance of data access and data security is critical5/16/2013(C) 2013 Voltage Security, Inc. All Rights ReservedCONFIDENTIAL4“90% of the data in the worldtoday has been created in thelast two years alone” - IBMCisco, IBM.Parabolic growth in data created and consumed010203040506070802000 2005 2010 2015Exabytespermonth
  5. 5. Customer Trends – Big Data• Big Data – from the lab to production use cases– Customer data analytics & modeling– Fraud detection in payments– Medical data analysis5
  6. 6. Customer Trends – Cloud• Cloud – from plans and trials to secure foundations– Private clouds with data-centric Security as a Service– Hybrid clouds with integrated enterprise data– FPE technology enabling “Data as a Service” strategies6
  7. 7. Customer Trends – Mobile• Adoption of email encryption on Mobile to:– Streamline customer processes via least cost email channels– Integrate the consumer into the business via smartphones– Cover the gaps left by BYOD security with data-centric security790% of smartphone owners access thesame email account on mobile anddesktop. ExactTarget– “The 2012 channelpreference survey” (2012)More email is read Mobile than on adesktop email client or via webmail. Statssay 42% of email is now opened on amobile device Litmus –”Email Analytics”(Jan 2013)
  8. 8. 5/16/2013(C) 2013 Voltage Security, Inc. All Rights ReservedCONFIDENTIAL8
  9. 9. 5/16/2013(C) 2013 Voltage Security, Inc. All Rights ReservedCONFIDENTIAL9
  10. 10. 4th Largest Retailer – Web Application protection ofPCI Data• PCI scope reduction for ecommerceenvironment– Projected $1MM/year savings• E2EE for every card purchase &tokenization for all stored cards– Nearly 100MM transactions annually• Selected Voltage SecureData Web &Secure Stateless Tokenization• Integrated into security private cloud– Global Security as a Service10
  11. 11. Top 5 US Retailer – PCI Compliance• PCI compliance and cost reduction– Loyalty data linked to cardholder data• HP NonStop Guardian, IBM z/OS– Mission-critical environments• Voltage SecureData Enterprise– Native encryption on legacy platforms– Format Preserving Encryption – nochange to z/OS applications– Maximum loyalty data use without risk
  12. 12. National Logistics Organization – POS E2EE• PCI scope reduction project– Opportunity for huge annual cost savings• 75k POS terminals across 35k locations– Mix of Ingenico & VeriFone devices• Evaluated P2PE solutions from VeriFone,RSA, and others• Selected Voltage & Ingenico asorganizational standard– Replacing all existing VeriFone devices12
  13. 13. Top Health Insurance Company – Trusted SecureEmail Communication• HITECH Compliance cost reduction• Secure communications to– >30m network members – healthcare, dental,pharmacy– >13m million group insurance members– >840,000 health-care professionals– >490,000 primary-care doctors and specialists– ~5000 hospitals• Standardized on Voltage SecureMailEnterprise & Mobile– Application & user driven encrypted email– Customers on desktop and smartphones• Replaced CISCO IronPort Encryptionwith usability, cost, support and scaleissues13
  14. 14. Top 10 Bank – Mobile Data Security• Secure, differentiated customerservice via mobile channels• Extends BYOD with end-to-endsecurity – emails and attachments• Voltage SecureMail Mobile– Enterprise standard for mobile email &attachment encryption– Inside the Bank, outside to partners andcustomers – including consumers– Adds to Voltage SecureMail Enterprisewith >2m users14
  15. 15. Top US Telco – Mobile Data Security• Transparent email encryption onsmartphones – internal and external• End-to-end security to and from– Android, iPhone, Blackberry– Desktops and applications.• Ease of use for executives critical• Voltage SecureMail Mobile– Mobile specific data policy control– Internal, partner, law enforcement,government secure collaboration– Adds to Voltage SecureMail Enterprise –the enterprise standard at the Telco
  16. 16. Global Credit Card Issuer• Extending Office365 EmailEncryption to smartphones– Blackberry critical, also iOS, Android– Tablets and smartphones– Support for corporate Blackberry andBYPD• Ease of use for executives critical– Integration into complex AD framework– Integrate to complex enterprise cloud• Voltage SecureMail Mobile– Executive communications– External smartphone user collaboration– Ability to compose key requirement for
  17. 17. International Health – Cloud Email Encryption• #1 National Healthcare Service in EU*• Standardized on IBE technology forprivacy compliant communications– Links hospitals and healthcare services• Seamless, federated EHR exchange – labs,hospitals, doctors, patients, partners• Ease of use for patients & doctors• Simplicity for IT operations• Mobile support for mobile health workers• Voltage SecureMail &VoltageSecureMail Cloud Services Cloud delivery –SaaS service Simple, easy to consume privacy compliance*
  18. 18. Summary• It is possible to get more value from your data• A data-centric approach to protecting sensitiveinformation will remove many obstacles to this goal• Innovations in cryptography and tokenization make thislevel of protection possible today5/16/2013(C) 2013 Voltage Security, Inc. All Rights ReservedCONFIDENTIAL18