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Email Marketing & Social Media: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!


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Presented by Jason Hitch and Jim Falls at the 2011 InnoTech Oregon conference.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Email Marketing & Social Media: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

  1. 1. Email Marketing & Social Media: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! presented by Jim Hitch and Jason Falls Innotech Oregon 2011
  2. 2. People are running from this: Image: Miguel Angel Aparicio on
  3. 3. They want this: Image: Dr. Starbuck on Flickr
  4. 4. 97% of the U.S. has an email address. Social media just overtook email as the #1 online activity.
  5. 5. Email has the highest ROI of any channel! Its fallen by 25% over the last 4 years.
  6. 6. There are 133 million blogs! 1% of them have been updated in the last week.
  7. 7. Twitter adds 300,000 new users a day! Only 5% of Americans on Twitter follow even one brand.
  8. 8. Facebook has 500,000,000 users! One of them is my crazy Uncle Craig.
  9. 9. EMAIL SOCIAL Ubiquitous Influential Rich and detailed Short and accessible Segmentable Conversational Database-driven Community-driven Design & brand focused Quick to publish Measurable Transparent
  10. 10. Two Heads Are Better Than One
  11. 11. Use social to drive your email subscribers? Use email to drive your social engagement?
  12. 12. Retain customers.
  13. 13. Build a community.
  14. 14. Increase site traffic.
  15. 15. The beautiful blend.
  16. 16. 2 Thingswe all need to do better
  17. 17. Make your list people who want to be on it!
  18. 18. Create really compelling content!
  19. 19. 7 things to do, um, tomorrow
  20. 20. Check your replies.
  21. 21. Add social network links to your email.
  22. 22. Tweet a link to sign up for your emails.
  23. 23. Tweet or post your email newsletter content.
  24. 24. Add your email signup form to your blog.
  25. 25. Ask what you can do to make things better.
  26. 26. thanks! Begin the brilliantly insightful QA now. No calculus questions, please. Jim Hitch Jason Falls @jasonfalls @emmaemail