Measuring What Matters in Social Media


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  • According to recent research by Satmetrix (May 2012), less than half of companies worldwide are tracking and responding to customers feedback via social media. What are you measuring in social media and why? This session focuses on developing social media metrics that truly matter; ones based on objective, audience and platform. More importantly, this presentation addresses the creation of meaningful metrics based on relationships (aka ratios) which properly factor in growth and behavior change. Learn how to create a social media measurement dashboard by asking strategic questions, conducting research, testing and refining metrics and associated goals. Kent Lewis, President & Founder of Anvil Media, will help you effectively measure your social media marketing initiatives and resources, whether they be tools, in-house or agency talent.
  • The Social Media Metrics That Truly Matter
  • Measuring What Matters in Social Media

    1. 1. Measuring What Matters inSocial Media@KentjLewisPresident &
    2. 2. About Me
    3. 3. AgendaTrends in social media measurementWhat NOT to measureSocial measurement best practicesMetric options by platformExamplesResources
    4. 4. Trends in Social Metrics
    5. 5. Trends in Social Media
    6. 6. Trends in Social Media
    7. 7. What NOT to MeasureTotal Likes, Followers, Fans, etc.Velocity of updatesSentiment (via algorithm)Over-simplifying (Klout)Quantity over qualityCommentsGoogle +1sImpressionsDownloads
    8. 8. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs)Determine metrics & set goals for each platformDevelop content strategies to support goalsMonitor, measure and modify social activityRefine KPIs as neededTrends in Social MetricsSocial Mesurement Best Practices
    9. 9. Visibility in relevant search results (SERPs)Referring traffic to websiteQualitative feedback/sentiment (ratings, reviews)Quantitative feedback (NetPromoter Score)Qualified leads/sales (by source)Return-on-Investment (ROI)Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    10. 10. Critical Social Analytics1. Conversions2. Qualified Visitors/Fans/Prospects3. Engagement Metrics4. Overall Visibility and/or SentimentSocial Metrics Matrix
    11. 11. Facebook Metrics1. Likes (per Post)2. Comments (per Post)3. Shares (per Post)4. Check-ins (per week)Facebook Metrics
    12. 12. Twitter Metrics1. Retweets (per Post)2. Replies (per week)3. Favorites (per Post)4. Followers (per Post)Twitter Metrics
    13. 13. LinkedIn Metrics1. Followers (per week)2. Recommendations (per Service)3. Shares (per Post)4. Best Answers (per Question)LinkedIn Metrics
    14. 14. YouTube Metrics1. Likes (per View)2. Comments (per week)3. Shares (per Video)4. Subscribers (per week)YouTube Metrics
    15. 15. Google+ Metrics1. +1s (per week)2. Comments (per Post)3. Shares (per Post)4. Follows (per week)Google+ Metrics
    16. 16. Pinterest Metrics1. Likes (per Follower)2. Comments (per Pin)3. Follows (per week)4. Repins (per Board)Pinterest Metrics
    17. 17. Slideshare Metrics1. Favorites (per File)2. Comments (per File)3. Shares (per week)4. Followers (per week)SlideShare Metrics
    18. 18. iTunes Metrics1. Subscribers (per week)2. Shares (per Download)3. Ratings (per Show)4. Reviews (per Download)iTunes Podcast Metrics
    19. 19. Quora Metrics1. Followers (per week)2. Comments (per Board)3. Posts (per Question)4. Best Answer (per Question)Quora Metrics
    20. 20. Blog Metrics1. Subscribers (per week)2. Comments (per Post)3. Shares (per Post)4. Pingbacks (per Post)Blog Metrics
    21. 21. Measuring What Matters: ExampleMeaningful Metrics by Objective Audience Platform Test, test test.
    22. 22. Example: Anvil Twitter
    23. 23. Example: Anvil Facebook
    24. 24. Determine your key performance indicators (KPIs)Map them to each platform’s metrics & set goalsDevelop content strategies to support goalsMonitor, measure and modify as neededStay on top of the evolving social environmentKey Takeaways
    25. 25. The Social Media Metrics That Truly Matter 9 Dumbest Ways to Measure Social Media Media (Marketing) Evangelist Job Description Articles
    26. 26. Read articles & white papers in Anvil Resources sectionSign up for our monthly email newsletter & webinarsRead our blog or follow us on Twitter (@AnvilMedia)Ask questions about digital or integrated marketing@KentjLewisPresident & FounderAnvil Media, Inc.503-260-6700kent@anvilmediainc.comThank You