Adoption Tactics: 5 Reasons Your End Users Will Rant & Rave Over SharePoint 2013


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Adoption Tactics: 5 Reasons Your End Users Will Rant & Rave Over SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Adoption Tactics; Why Your End Users Will Rant & Rave Over SharePoint 2013 Gina Montgomery, P-TSP, MCTS, MCP
  2. 2. Gina Montgomery
  3. 3. Softmart Company Facts  Established: 1982; Status: Privately Held  Regional offices throughout the U.S.  Global partnerships in all world markets  Business Strategy – Focus on the customer “As a privately held company, Softmart manages to the expectations of our customers, not Wall Street. We believe the true measure of our success is customer satisfaction.”  SAM Certified  Analytics Advantage Program  Numerous Microsoft Awards
  4. 4. SAM Analytics Team Security Hardware Software Product Specialists Cloud Specialist eCommerce Integration Team Priority Customer Service Team License Service Team
  5. 5. If you build it, will they come?
  6. 6. Governance People Technology Process Policy
  7. 7. What to Consider: Description Site Management Can site owners change the “Look & Feel” of a Site? Are they controlled? Are they managed by the IA? Unused Sites What happens to unused sites? What rules can be set up to manage unused sites? Site Templates Are there site templates available? Who has access to them? How can they be used? Site Requests How do users request for a site? Is self-service an option? App Catalog/App Store Will your users/admins/owners have access to the app store? Will you provide your team with an internal app catalog? What apps should be allowed for download? Communities Management Who will oversee/monitor SharePoint Community Sites? What kind of gifted badges should be created? Should they be consistent across Community Sites? What categories will be allowed? Social Policy & Strategy To Newsfeed or not to Newsfeed. What about Yammer? What’s appropriate vs. not appropriate?
  8. 8. Yourendusers I know it exists and I actually know where it is. I know it exists but I don’t know where it is. I have no idea if it exists
  9. 9. 1. Improved User Experience • Ribbon Improvements, Script Editor Web Part, Source Editor, App Model, Themes 2. More Productivity Features • Project Site Template, List based applications, Apps! 3. The Social Layer • Newsfeed, Yammer integration, likes, hashtagging, following 4. New Ways to Collaborate • Community Site template, Gamification, Post to Yammer, OneNote Integration, OneDrive 5. Mysite Improvements • Newsfeed, Task Management/Aggregation, Blog, Search for Expertise
  10. 10. d e m o
  11. 11.