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Functional Innovation


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Functional Innovation

  1. 1. Functional Innovation I N N O VAT E F O R P R O F I T
  2. 2. The Functional Innovation Methodology Functional Innovation is an integrated innovation approach that involves using a set of 11 powerful conceptual heuristics for creative ideation and problem solving. Functional Innovation grew out of a research study conducted by Innomantra that involved analyzing several thousand highly innovative products, processes and business models. Product Exploration System Modeling Facts, Objectives, Functional and Attribute Problems and User Insights Analysis Process Implementation Ideation Evaluation, Functional Innovation Acceptance, Enhancement Toolkit & AlignmentBusiness Model
  3. 3. The Functional Innovation Methodology : BackgroundThe Functional Innovation (FI) methodology developed out a research study thatinvolved analyzing nearly 10,000 recent innovations in order to identify commonpatterns and develop useful heuristics. The study was influenced by two well knownproblem solving and analysis techniques. In the 1960s, Swiss Physicist Fritz Zwickydeveloped the method of ‘Morphological Analysis’ for complex problems. Around thesame time, Soviet Scientist Genrich Altshuller formulated a method for systematicproblem solving after reviewing more than 40,000 patent abstracts. FI is an integratedapproach to creative ideation and problem solving which incorporates aspects fromboth these techniques. It also includes elements derived from ‘Design Thinkingprocess introduced by Herbert Simon and the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ methodpioneered by Alex Osborn.
  4. 4. Functional Innovation Toolkit  Eliminate  Combine  Separate  Copy  Segment  Vary  Maximize  Invert  Adapt  Magnify  Import
  5. 5. for those ideas that are stuck &those that are stuck for ideas The Functional Innovation Program (FIP)
  6. 6. The Functional Innovation Program (FIP)The Functional Innovation Program (FIP) is a facilitated ideation programwhere Innomantra assists program participants in systematically applying theFunctional Innovation methodology to a specific innovation challenge. Theprogram is centred around a challenge, product, or problem that requiresinnovation. The focus of the FIP is on finding solutions to the identifiedinnovation challenge. Background Facilitated In-house Business Case Study Ideation Session DevelopmentThe FIP will begin with a two-week background study followed by an ideationsession where participants will apply the Functional Innovation Methodologyto the challenge. The organisation also has the option of engaging Innomantrabeyond the facilitation session to develop business cases for the ideas.
  7. 7. The Functional Innovation Program (FIP)Step 1: Background Study (14 days)The organization will provide Innomantra with details of the innovationchallenge including relevant technical information, the current situation andsymptoms.Step 2: Facilitated In-House Ideation Session (2 days)An innovation theme is formulated based on the background study and user(or customer) inputs. The theme will be modelled and analyzed by theparticipants. Relevant functional innovation tools will be introduced by thefacilitators, and the participants will work in groups on the innovationchallenge.Step 3: Business Case Development (14 days)Innomantra will work with the organisation to develop business cases forideas generated at the workshop which can be taken up for implementation.The business case will be developed considering key aspects like financialreturns, technical feasibility and strategic fit.
  8. 8. think outside your box & box your outside thinkThe Functional Innovation Workshop (FIW)
  9. 9. The Functional Innovation Workshop (FIW)The FIW is a customized skill development workshop that will enableparticipants to systematically generate ideas towards achieving innovationobjectives identified by the client organisation. Identification of Workshop Facilitated Innovation objectives customization WorkshopsInnomantra works with the client organisation to identify specific innovationobjectives. These objectives may relate to patenting, product development,process innovation, business model generation or marketing innovation.Innomantra will then develop a custom-made workshop for the organisationwhich will provide participants with the skills to systematically generate andimplement ideas that will achieve the identified innovation objectives.
  10. 10. Our client industries Aerospace Engineering Automotive Consumer GoodsSoftware & IT Energy & Power Semiconductor Manufacturing
  11. 11. Client Testimonials “One of the most effective frameworks I’ve got exposed to for Innovation Management.” A.B., SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS HEAD, FORTUNE GLOBAL 100 ELECTRONICS COMPANY “Most amazing program I’ve attended!” V.K., SENIOR MANAGER, FORTUNE 500 MOBILE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY“I am amazed that such a lot of right brain activity is channelized and triggered using the left brain!” N.N., MANAGING DIRECTOR, ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING SERVICES COMPANY