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Innomantra is India's leading innovation firm. Our name derives from the words Innovation, Management and Transformation and represents our commitment to help our clients transform their business through effective management of innovation. We define our area of interest as being from Ideas to IP. We provide consulting, solutions and services in the areas of Innovation Management, New Product Development and Intellectual Property Management. Our clients range from small and medium size enterprises to leading Indian companies and Fortune Global 500 firms. We are headquartered in Bangalore

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Intellectual Property Research & Services - Innomantra v 1.0

  2. 2. Patentability of the invention Technology Landscape Analysis(Prior art search) The purpose of technology landscapes study is toPatent filing is a tedious and expensive process and understand the technology trend, strength ofhence it is important to check patentability of invention on competitors, to learn latest technology advancement andthe scale of Novelty, Industrial utility and Non- analyze the patent activity related to technology ofobviousness before filing the patent application. We at interest. Based on technology landscape analysis,Innomantra Consulting assess the invention and appropriate IP strategy, complaint with business strategyproduce report on patentability based on which client is devised for the companies because a good IP strategycan decide whether to file a patent or work further on the is a critical part of business plan and growth at any stage.invention. Prior art search is also important to outline thescope of the claims while drafting the patent application Deliverableand devising plans for further research in a particular MS Word or PDF document listing the bibliographicarea. information, and relevant text from patent references and non-patent literature. The deliverable can be customizedDeliverable as per your requirements. PDF copies of the listed patent references and freely available copies of non-patentMS Word or PDF document listing the bibliographic literatureinformation, and relevant text from patent references andnon-patent literature. In the patentability search report Time required: 40- 60 hourswe also provide our opinion on patentability of the Typical delivery: Within 30 to 35 business days.invention. Validity SearchTime required: 12- 16 hours A validity/invalidity search seeks to uncover patents orTypical Delivery: Within 5 to 7 Business Days. other published prior art that may render a granted patent invalid. The search results consist of a search report, aFreedom-to-operate Analysis claims mapping chart, and citation of prior art. The results of the search are used to invalidate a patent involved inFreedom-to-operate analysis or FTO analysis is used to infringement litigation or to support due diligence anddetermine whether a particular action, such as testing or ascertain the validity of a patent.commercializing a product, can be done withoutinfringing valid intellectual property rights of others. The Deliverablesearch scope includes enforced patents, publishedpending patent applications, and expired patents (as MS Word or PDF document listing the bibliographicpotential clearing documents) followed by full review of information, and relevant text from patent references andclaims of the most relevant located patents(usually 20 non-patent literature. The document is supplemented byyears from the date of search). claim charts, mapping the most relevant references on to the claims of the patent. PDF copies of the listed patentDeliverable references and freely available copies of non-patent literature.MS Word or PDF document listing the bibliographicinformation, and relevant text from patent references andnon-patent literature. Relevant claims are also included Time required: 12-16 hoursin the document. PDF copies of relevant patents shall Typical delivery: Within 5 to 7 business days.also be provided for reference.Time required: 35-50 hours Claim Chart PreparationTypical delivery: Within 15 to 20 business days. A claim chart is a highly detailed document that offers an argument explaining precisely how a certain product of a particular organization arguably infringes upon a claim of the patent. Claim charts are prepared to determine and establish the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product/technology.
  3. 3. IP ProtectionDrafting, Filing, Prosecution (Response to prosecution of PCT National Phase Applications at theOffice Action) Of Patents at Indian Patent Indian Patent Office.Office As Well As PCT Registration of Copyright, Trademark andWith a team comprising of Patent Attorneys, RegisteredPatent Agents with strong technological background in Industrial Designsvarious fields, we provide competent quality services in At Innomantra Consulting, we offer trademark search andpatent drafting, filing and prosecution in various areas of analysis along with the opinion on the chances of gettingScience and Technology. We draft, file and prosecute the trademark registered. We also offer filing andpatents not only at Indian Patent Office but also prosecution of application for trademark registration withinternationally (PCT filing). Trademark Registry. Copyright protects the work belonging to the category ofPCT National Phase Filing In India literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, aIndia is a member of PCT and also a signatory to GATT cinematograph film, or a sound recording. We provide(General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). National services in the area of filing application for copyrightphase entry to India can be made through the PCT route, registration at Copyright Registry, New Delhi andif India is a Designated as a country by the applicant. We specialize in computer software, publication andassist Foreign Individuals/companies in filing and entertainment industry. TRANSFORMING IMAGINATION
  4. 4. IP Policy and ManagementIn order to have absolute clarity on IPR related issues IP Licensing Agreementssuch as ownership, rights and obligation of employees A license is a legal document that allows an individual orand organization, disclosure of invention, non-disclosure organization (the licensee) to use the intellectual propertyof confidential information, liabilities in case of of another individual or organization (the licensor) inmisappropriation of IP or resolution of IP related return for remuneration called as royalty. Drafting ordisputes, having IP policy in the organization becomes negotiating a patent license agreement is a complex taskessential. and requires certain expertise in order to avoid pitfalls or at least have their effects reduced. There should be win-We formulate IP policy for the companies after win situation for both licensor and licensee in a goodunderstanding the kind of business the organization has, licensing agreement. We provide services for negotiationforms of IP relevant to the organization and the other and drafting license agreements in different areas ofpolicies operating within the organization. We also assist technologyemployees to better understand and interpretagreements such as Non-Disclosure or Employment IP Audit and Strategy BuildingAgreements that they sign at the time of joining the Virtually all companies have some Intellectual Propertyorganization so that they understand their liabilities and but unfortunately due to lack of awareness, most of therights during course of employment and even after times they are unable to specifically identify it and as atermination and resignation. result fail to protect & exploit it. For assessment of such IP,IP Portfolio Management its always good idea to perform IP Audit to trace and protect the wealth of intangible assets a organisationWe assists companies in managing their IP Portfolio, possesses in the form of information, creative ideas andwhich includes scheduled follow ups with various patent know-how etc. IP audit also involves review of IPoffices, trademark or copyright registry for proceedings processes in the organization followed bysuch as reply to examination report, claim amendments, recommendations on how to improve the processes topayment of renewal fees for maintenance of a patent, safeguard and prevent misappropriation of sensitiveattending hearings, checking status of registration and forms of IP such as confidential information and trade-other office actions. secret.IP EducationIn-House Sensitization Program On IPR Organization is not using any third partys IP with orIntellectual property protection has become the key without knowledge.factor for economic growth and advancement in the high Innomantra Consulting provides basic and advancestechnology sector. Therefore it is important to training programs on IPR to corporate as well asunderstand basic principles of IPR along with academic institutes. The training programs offered areenforcement and infringement concepts as per national customized to the requirements and in line withlaw provisions to ensure that IP developed in the business strategy of the organization.organization is effectively protected and exploited. Contact Us Bangalore – Head Office Mysore - Registered Office Innomantra Consulting Private Limited Innomantra Consulting Private Limited Level 9, Raheja Towers 16/1, Faraday Labs, 2nd Main, 2nd Stage M.G. Road, Bangalore - 560 001, India Gokulam, Mysore- 570 002, India m : +91 9986900007 m: +91 9845272555 d: +91 8041647708 d: +91 8212414556