Facilitated Ideation Program - Innomantra
Facilitated Ideation Program - Innomantra
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Facilitated Ideation Program - Innomantra


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Facilitated Ideation Program (FIP)

As part of the Facilitated Ideation Program, the organization identifies an innovation challenge related to a product or business process. Innomantra assists the client in using the Functional Innovation Methodology to identify solutions for the challenge. Some of the challenges we have worked on in the past:

Identify product ideas for a phone tablet.

Reduce the cost of a catalytic convertor.

Identify patentable improvements in a data processing system.

Improve delivery times at a manufacturing company.

Increase procurement savings at an electrical manufacturer.

The engagement duration ranges from 4 weeks to 2 months depending on the complexity and scope of the challenge. Contact Innomantra for case-studies from your industry.

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