InnoDen -Sky Dental "W" Model Unit


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Brief overview of our company and Sky Dental\'s W model chair unit.

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  • InnoDen is a portal to Sky Dental Chairs, linking Sky Dental Chairs to representatives and dentist providing them with the newest and most efficient technology available in the Dental Supply Industry. Our Founder Dr. Y. K. Park has been practicing in many successful dental offices and has seen the value of presenting to patients the right image with quality products. He has developed InnoDen to offer dentist the highest quality products that reflect superior services. We are changing the way dentists and patients view traditional dental offices and raising the bar on current standards. InnoDen will provide representatives with a pricing structure that will make marketing easy and provide the retail markets with a quality product that is affordable. 
  • Sky Dental’s founder has been a leader in the dental chair manufacturing industry for 27 years, currently producing 3,000 chairs annually and distributing in 30 countries. Sky Dental specializes in modern designs with a wide variety of color options that shy away from the conventional hospital feel. Changing the image of a traditional practice esthetically as well as technologically creating a dynamic experience for dentist and patients. All products are made with the most innovative engineering that is comfortable to use and greatly reduce energy consumption making them an eco-friendly company.
  • Innovation is the key to
  • InnoDen -Sky Dental "W" Model Unit

    1. 1. Marketing and Distributed by<br />Innovation to avoid extinction<br />
    2. 2. <ul><li>Founded by Dr. Y. K. - Dentist with many years of running successful practices .
    3. 3. Operating with Samsungs National Infrastructure with 2 Distribution Centers (Long Beach, CA and Garfield, NJ).
    4. 4. Offering Dealers first class Marketing and Technical Support.
    5. 5. Pricing structure that is favorable to the Dealers, giving them the ability to offer a high end unit at a mid level cost.
    6. 6. Distributing Sky Dental Chairs Nationwide, linking Sky Dental Chairs to Dealers and Dentist nationwide. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Manufacturing Dental Units 27 years
    7. 7. Currently producing 3,000 chairs annually
    8. 8. Distributing in 30 countries.
    9. 9. Changing the image of a traditional practice
    10. 10. Modern designs with a wide variety of color options
    11. 11. Technologically creating a dynamic experience for dentist and patients which is easy to use and service.
    12. 12. Bringing first in class standards and technology (Glass Touch Panel, LED Light)
    13. 13. Offering a Manufacturer 2 year warranty on all parts.</li></li></ul><li>Innovation: To Avoid Extinction<br />
    14. 14. 2010-06-24<br />All rights reserved by InnoDen & Sky Dental.<br />5<br />Comfort<br />in an ergonomic design<br />Visiting the dentist can be an uneasy experience for any patient. Ease the patients fear by choosing W’s advanced safety technology. Experience the design with a comfortable and supportive headrest, ergonomic backrest and automatic safety switch. <br />
    15. 15. 2010-06-24<br />All rights reserved by InnoDen & Sky Dental.<br />6<br />HEAD REST<br />The ergonomic headrest surrounds the neck with smooth comfort and convenient to use with only one button.<br />BACK REST<br />Slim backrest is designed to provide the ultimate in access and comfort for the dentist’s legs and knees.<br />ARMREST<br />Asimple yet functional armrest provides easy access without hindrance with support during treatment.<br />SAFETY SWITCH<br />An automatic safety switch mounted on the bottom of the chair stops the chair from descending, preventing the risk of injury to the operator or any entrapped equipment.<br />Multi-functional Foot Controller<br />Integrated multi functional foot control assists<br />With automatic chair positioning.<br />
    16. 16. 2010-06-24<br />All rights reserved by InnoDen & Sky Dental.<br />7<br />SPITTOON<br />The spittoon is made of glass for superior protection against chipping and staining and is easy to remove for cleaning.<br />ASSISTANT TABLE<br />The smooth pivot point allows the assistant table to swing around the back, allowing various access positions. The unit allows up to 4 instrument holders.<br />SUCTION FILTER<br />The suction filter is easily removed for cleaning and disinfection without needing to open the unit.<br />Clean space & easy to operate<br />With many patients visiting your clinic everyday, hygiene is of the upmost importance. The unit features a glass spittoon and suction filter which are detachable an easy to clean. W’s hygienic unit ensures the dentist can work in a relaxed and healthy environment. <br />
    17. 17. 2010-06-24<br />All rights reserved by InnoDen & Sky Dental.<br />8<br />Advanced digital display<br />The touch control panel is located in the center of the table making it easy to see at all angles. The control is convenient to use with several user modes including a timer and built in memory.<br />INSTRUMENT HOLDER AND HANDPIECE TUBING<br />When selecting an instrument, other instruments are automatically turned off. The handpiece tubing are easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.<br />FILM VIEWER<br />The film viewer can be installed and removed effortlessly without a power cable.<br />TOUCH CONTROL PANEL<br />A visual display unit on the keyboard shows the instrument in use and all selected functions. The maximum and minimum light intensity can be selected by the push of a button. Both light intensity modes are displayed on the LCD monitor. The built in micro computer allows three auto positions for three users respectively. The preferred chair position can be adjusted by a manual push button.<br />OPTIONS<br />LCD Monitor<br />PIEZO SCALER<br />Distilled Water Tank<br />Yoshida Handpiece<br />Dental Light<br />
    18. 18. 2010-06-24<br />All rights reserved by InnoDen & Sky Dental.<br />9<br />Standard Accessories<br />Saliva Ejector<br />Suction and Suction Filter<br />3 way syringe<br />Doctor and assistant stools<br />Dental light<br />Glass touch panel<br />Fully function foot controller<br />Option<br />High speed handpiece<br />Fiber optic handpiece<br />Low speed handpiece<br />Scaler<br />Dental film viewer<br />Panorama film viewer<br />Doctor stool<br />Water Warmer<br />Distilled water tank<br />Curing light<br />LCD monitor<br />Composition<br />Motor type: Hydraulic Motor<br />Chair Height: 2.6’ Max<br /> 1.48’ Min<br />Chair Length: 6’<br />Light: 15,000 ~ 25,000 Lux<br />
    19. 19. Change the way the we view Dental.<br />