Robotica de servicios - Urko Esnaola, Tecnalia


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Service robotics for society. 1 diciembre 2011, Innobasque

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Robotica de servicios - Urko Esnaola, Tecnalia

  2. 2. Service Roboticsfrom Research to the Market Improving Quality of Life
  3. 3. QUATTRO: From Research to the Market - A Complete Example Design and development of the world’s fastest robot: a 4-DOF parallel robot able to move a mobile platform at high speed and acceleration and positioning it with high rigidity and precision PRODUCT RESEARCH • Max acceleration (2kg): 15G • Max acceleration (2kg): 52G • Productivity rise. ADEPT cycle time: 0.28 seg • Cycle time: 0.21 seg
  4. 4. • Manipulation Robots Concepts design and prototyping• Profesional Service Robots Assist human beings, typically by performing a job that is dirty, dull, distant, dangerous or repetitive• Collaborative Robotics Robots working in direct cooperation with people or sharing the same work environment
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  6. 6. . 2 . . 23 + ( !$0! 2 14 ( 0 15 ! ! + 6 ! 0 1 Dual arm manipulator Human robot cooperation Swarms of robots Ex: manipulation and Ex: Simple programming for Ex: shared tasks, assembly of complex complex processes logistics for large parts (small sized,…) parts (factory, on- site)
  7. 7. !" # $ $%Providing assistance to the Human• Multipurpose mobile companion Mobile robot supporting active ageing @home Design of services to compensate cognitive and physical decline• Assistive manipulation Design of human-aware robotic arm control laws Physical assistance through object exchange Robotic arm co-control for improving safety and robustness• Natural interaction Body language and physical expression as an information source for control and interaction
  8. 8. Automated floor cleaning Automation and autonomous navigation of floor cleaning machines Client: Acciona Main Features Autonomous cleaning system: • Learning by demonstration of the path • Obstacle avoidance while close wall driving • Modular software architecture to robotize any commercial machine. Demonstrator
  9. 9. Portable robot Portable crawling robot for drilling different types of aircraft spars in the A340-500/600 and A380 Programs Client: Airbus España Sector: Aeronautics Demonstrator Main features • Combination of 2 robots: drilling robot with 3 axis and supporting AGV, linked by an antigravity arm. • The drilling robot is able to adapt to different families of jigs and it crawls autonomously along the jig. • The whole installation is mobile and portable Advantages • Increased productivity: fast return on investment • Flexible as regard to changes to plant layout • Lightweight and eco-efficient production system
  10. 10. AUTOMATION IN PRODUCTION: Robotics and Flexible Solutions Development of a robotic solution for fuselage orbital joint Based on a crawler type device complementary with a robotic crane mounted on a mobile platform, for 2 composite one shot barrels assembly • 57 partners •Tecnalia responsible of the full automation task, up to demonstrator and prototype validation • 15% time and 25% cost reduction objective comparing to actual process © AIRBUS – (MAAXIMUS project)
  11. 11. AUTOMATION IN PRODUCTION: Robotics and Flexible Solutions Development of multipurpose mobile platform working with humans • Cooperations beetween human operators and robots, sharing workspace • Maximize the potential of the people capabilities (knowledge, intelligence, flexibility) and robots advantages (strength, accuracy, repeatability and speed) • People Safety research © EADS IW France PISA project
  12. 12. AUTOMATION IN PRODUCTION: Robotics and Flexible Solutions Cooperation between machines and humans in a shared working environment using flexible assembly systems Main features • Cooperation between humans (operators) and industrial robots in a shared environment • Collaboration between operators and passive robots (Cobots) Advantage • Takes advantage of the capacities of both humans (flexibility) and robots (speed and precision) when carrying out assembly tasks.
  13. 13. Successful real world Human-robot collaboration From de Cognition of Human-Human Collaboration to the Cognition of Fluent Human-Robot Collaboration Main features •Whole exchange procedure analysis, considering arm behavior, and hand-based object grasping •Analysis of the quantitative and qualitative factors for successful Human-Human object exchange and application towards interaction with a robotic agent •Analysis of information provided by body language and physical expression • Interactive evaluation and validation onto robotic arm equipped with sensorized robotic hand for tactile sensing. •Tecnalia responsible for the cognitive robot control design and for the complete system integration Prensilia hand
  14. 14. From rigid industrial robot factories to flexible work environments withservice robots
  15. 15. Augmented realityOperator assistance through augmented realityMain features• HMD solutions (Head Mounted Display) which overlap images and virtual information on real image• assistance for complex tasks, guided• security controls and procedures monitoring• Training Tecnalia @ Manuvar EU Project © DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  16. 16. Service robots in domestic environments Integrated cognitive assistive & domotic companion for ability & security Sector: assistive robotics, ICT and Ageing Main features •Mobile robot companion working in collaboration with a smart home environment. •Support services provided to the elderly people and their care givers: activities management, reminders, cognitive stimulation and communication. •Tecnalia responsible of the design and implementation of the graphical user interface, and of the monitoring of night activity for abnormal behavior detection. MetraLabs, Tecnalia, Companionable
  17. 17. Service robots in domestic environments Multi purpose robot for ambient assisted living Customer: European Commission, 2010 - 2013 Sector: assistive robotics, ICT and Ageing Main features • AAL and leisure services provided through a mobile robotic platform •Analysis of the requirements to create a lifestyle robotic platform with increased user acceptance •Contribution to the needs analysis and scenarios creation for social connectedness, coaching and safety •Development of robotic enablers, such as person following and gesture-based interaction •Design and implementation of a collaborative game service to allow distant users to play a physical game through the robotic platform.
  18. 18. Robotic Surgery Stiffness controllable flexible and learn-able manipulator for surgical operations Customer: European Commission, 2012 - 2016 Sector: assistive robotics, Cognitive Robotics Main features •Design and development of a flexible manipulation device inspired from the octopus limb, enabling to reach operation sites not accessible with classical minimal invasive surgery techniques. • Design of soft robotic components able to adapt its physical morphology and control policies according to learned behaviors and operator commands. •Tecnalia responsible for the collaborative control of the robotic arm and for the development of artificial sensorized organs phantoms with controllable stiffness • Tecnalia involved within the system integration
  19. 19. ESKERRIK ASKO!Urko Esnaola