Fundación Repsol- (CleanTech Forum 2013)


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Presentación dentro del CleanTech Forum 2013, celebrada del 16 al 19 de abril en Bilbao. Fundación Repsol es la expresión de la vocación de responsabilidad social de Repsol y de su voluntario compromiso con la mejora sostenible de la sociedad, especialmente donde la compañía desarrolla sus actividades. Sus actuaciones y proyectos se articulan en torno a la Energía Social y se constituye como el nexo de unión entre las necesidades de la ciudadanía y la voluntad social de la compañía.

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Fundación Repsol- (CleanTech Forum 2013)

  1. 1. Supportingentrepreneurshipand fosteringenergy efficiency
  2. 2. The Entrepreneurs Fund. General framework 2The first private Spanish fund supporting entrepreneurial  projects in energy efficiency1.ObjectiveTo promote entrepreneurial projects in  the field of energy efficiency and to support  the best onesAddressed toEntrepreneurs who, based on their business project in the field of energy efficiency:Have constituted a company , or wish to constitute it  The Entrepreneurs Fund Fundación Repsol seeks to raise talent and promote the development of innovative businesses that improve sustainability in energy exploration, production and use
  3. 3. 3Repsol Group Innovation Strategy2.The Entreprenerus Fund of Fundación Repsol is inserted within the innovation strategy of the Repsol Group that seeks promoting the development of energy projects from the seed stage up to its conversion in business realities TECHNOLOGYVENTURESENERGY VENTURESParticipation for growth and consolidationTechnologic Development IncubationRTC FUNDACIÓN REPSOLENTREPRENEURS FUND NEW ENERGIESENERGY VENTURESVolumeofInvestmentTechnical maturity
  4. 4. 4How to participate3.Scope of the proposalsDevelopment of new processes, technologies, services, products and materials aimed at improving energy efficiency at any stage of the energy value chain: exploration, production, transformation, supply, distribution and utilizationDevelopment of innovative storage technologies and management of energy transport/distribution networks, resulting in lower energy consumptionapplication of information technologies and internet aimed at promoting energy‐saving and at improving energy efficiencySign up at our websiteGo to the Entrepreneurs Fund websiteMake sure your project complies with the required conditions for participationFill in and send online the application formImplementation of innovative energy efficiency actions with a relevant social impact
  5. 5. 5How is the Fund helping the Entrepreneurs4.Search for capital for the development phase after incubation Technical, legal and business assistance coordinated by a tutor Repsol GroupRepsol FoundationEconomic support6.000 to 12.000 €/month/projectExternal consultants Incubation processDuring a maximum of 24 months The Fund will select around 5 projects, among those received in annual public calls for participation, to enter in a business incubation process.
  6. 6. 6Previous Phases to the Incubation Process5.Pre‐selectionInitial Analysis Fulfillment of the call basis Application of pre‐evaluation criteria Innovation level and value Contribution to the development of energy efficiency Social benefits  Maturity of the project Evaluation Selection Review of the evaluations done by the experts Ranking of all  evaluated projects Selection of the best proposalsEvaluation Committee  Comparative analysis of the projects by a committee formed by expert members from academia,  energy industry, business schools and other representative institutions Selection of those with the best future projection Jury Final selection of the projects to be incubated, by a jury of independent experts479Projects ~ 25% ~ 30% ~ 50% ~5 ProjectsDeep evaluation of the preselected proposals  Done by expert evaluators from Repsol, other companies and institutions Ensuring transparency and confidentiality while treating the information
  7. 7. To selected projects, and by means of a tutorial process:• Business and legal training, according to needs• Support while in the technical development phases and for the business plan preparation.• Opportunities for validating technologies in the Repsol Group industrial facilities• Economical support, based on the achieved milestones, previously planned.• Presentation to investors.7What is the Fund providing to participants?To those projects selected:• “Feedback” about the maturity of the projects and room for improvement or developmentTo finalists:• Public presentation in the selected projects official award ceremony• Training for adding value, presenting and publicizing the projects• Institutional support for contacting potential investors6.
  8. 8. Assistance for identifying and orientating to potential customers and markets8Incubation Process: Scope and Targets Strenghtening and consolidation of the business organizationTechnical development and project industrial validation.7.Legal and business advice12345 Support in developing the Business PlanSeek and help the entrepreneurs to get venture capital6
  9. 9. (14%)(43%)Energy transport, distribution and storageEnergy productionIndustry9Selected projects8.Category layout and description of the 7 selected projects1) D&B TECH‐ High performing gas into liquid diffusers2) MICRO4ENER‐ Microsystems for on‐line detection ofmicrobial growth3) POWERTRACK‐ Continuously variable powertransmission system4) OSMOBLUE‐ Electricity generation from low temperature waste heat 5) SENDEKIA‐ Wave turbine for electricity generation6) VORTEX‐ piezoelectric wind turbine by vortex 7) FOCUS‐ Distributed temperature sensing for remote monitoring of energy distribution lines(43%)
  10. 10. 10CTRCTRMentors and TutorsMentors and TutorsEntrepreneursEntrepreneursAgents of the Incubation Process9.External SupportExternal SupportCollaboratorsCollaborators
  11. 11. 11Results10.To achieve for every single entrepreneur with a successful project to create added value for the business network  and  wealth generation.  To motivate those entrepreneurs who have not consolidated their projects to converting the acquired experience in a new opportunity to feed the system back, looking for new projects and challenges.
  12. 12. ThankYou
  13. 13. Category layoutTotal projects received in the Entrepreneurs Fund 2nd callEnergy transport, distribution and storageEnergy productionMobilityIndustryFinal energy use479 projects were received in the Entrepreneurs Fund 2nd call
  14. 14. Category layoutSemi‐finalist projects of the Entrepreneurs Fund 2nd call