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ERA-NETs 2013 Decorative Indoor Paint for Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving


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Jornada presentación ERA-NETs 2013 - 20/11/2012

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ERA-NETs 2013 Decorative Indoor Paint for Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving

  1. 1. Coatings Research Institute Decorative Indoor Paint for Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving Bilbao Nov. 2012 ERA-NET REGIONAL EVENT 1 Name of the speaker
  2. 2. Project idea description• Condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environmentAnti-condensation Wall isolationIt has been long recognized that the sensation offeeling hot or cold is not just dependent on airtemperature alone 2 Name of the speaker, title of the project idea
  3. 3. Project idea description• Operative temperature To is defined as an uniform temperature of a radiantly black enclosure in which an occupant would exchange the same amount of heat by radiation plus convection as in the actual non-uniform environment [1]Building heating systems 50% convection 50% radiation About 50% of energy from a building heating system is radiated in the thermal infra-red region (2.5 to 50 microns range). Conventional decorative paints absorb IR Radiations leading to loss of heat energy1.ASHRAE Terminology, ASHRAE Handbook CD, 1999-2002 YOUR NAME 3
  4. 4. Project idea description• In design, operative temperature can be defined as the average of the mean radiant and ambient air temperature: T0 = (Tair + Twall)/2 YOUR NAME 4
  5. 5. Main goals– Increase thermal inertia of wall and roof by using paint with low thermal conductivity • Hollow glass bead and/or ceramic – Thermal conductivity 0,2 - 0,06 Wm-1K-1 – Low density 0,7 - 0,25 g/cm³ – Size average Ø 12 - 50µm– Combine with switchable IR – Absorber component– Multifunctionnality of these paints: • Biosourced, water based • Anti-humidity, Anti-mould, Anti-condensation • Electromagnetic isolation YOUR NAME 5
  6. 6. Expertise/Partners• Existing Expertise/ Partners already involved • CoRI: Paint formulation and characterization (rheology, thermal properties, electromagnetic isolation, …) • CSTC: Measurement and simulation for thermal properties of building • UCL – Unité MEMA: Numerical simulation (Digimat) YOUR NAME 6
  7. 7. Additonal Expertises Sought• research centers• Industrials – Suppliers of glass beads or ceramics beads – Supplier of paint interested with commercilisation of the results 7
  8. 8. Contact detailsCarine LefèvreGeneral ManagerAvenue Pierre Holoffe, 21BE-1342 LimeletteBelgium• Phone +32(0)2/653.09.86• Mobile +32(0)475/384-923• E-mail 8
  9. 9. Electrochemical measurementsapplied to metal based biomaterials Bilbao Nov. 2012 ERA-NET REGIONAL EVENT 9 Pierre Fiasse NCP Wallonie
  10. 10. Project idea description – Idea To study the corrosion of metal based biomedical materials (implants for bone reconstruction,…) using electrochemical techniques (local, global) – Main goals • Biomaterials used as biodegradable medical devices: control the corrosion rate • Biomaterials used for protecting medical devices against corrosion (coatings): understanding the corrosion resistance through the study of electrochemical properties • Need to carry out : electrochemical measurements, mechanical properties measurements, in vivo degradation and biocompatibility tests. – Existing Expertise/ Partners already involved • Expertise in electrochemical measurements to study the protection of metals and alloys against corrosion. 10Pierre Fiasse NCP Wallonie , Electrochemical measurements applied to metal based biomaterials
  11. 11. Additonal Expertises Sought• research centers – Medical Research center – Research Center in the field of biomaterials• Industrials – Medical devices manufacturer 11 Pierre Fiasse NCP Wallonie , Electrochemical measurements applied to metal based biomaterials
  12. 12. Contact detailsMaterial Science department of the University of Mons – Belgium (Head of department Prof. M. Olivier):Dr Ir Cathérine Vandermiers: Center for Materials Engineering (Coordinator Prof. M. Olivier)Dr Marc Poorteman: 12 Pierre Fiasse NCP Wallonie, Electrochemical measurements applied to biomaterials
  13. 13. Belsim Enhancing Data Reconciliationwith Intelligent Decision Support techniques Bilbao Nov. 2012 ERA-NET REGIONAL EVENT 13
  14. 14. Project idea description– Idea • Provide integrated solution for “Intelligent Decision Support”– Main goals • Integrate Belsim’s VALI software with data intelligence layer (e.g. Alarm systems, simulation scenarios, process optimization, data analysis, etc.) to guide the user to intelligent business decision based on reliable data provided by VALI– Existing Expertise/ Partners already involved • Belsim is the leading provider of Data Reconciliation solutions with its in-house software VALI for improved data quality (measurement errors are removed through rigorous thermodynamic modelling of processes)– Target industry sectors • Oil & gas downstream (refineries) and upstream (onshore/offshore oil & gas production) • Power & utilities 14Name of the speaker, title of the project idea
  15. 15. Additonal Expertises Sought• research centers – R&D on fields of activity that can be coupled with existing Data Reconciliation software VALI• Industrials – Companies from targeted industry sectors willing to participate in such pilot projects as provider of test cases and/or sponsor 15 Name of the speaker, title of the project idea
  16. 16. Contact details Robert CHARES, PhD Responsible for Research, BELSIM +32 4 259 8882 Belsim website: 16Name of the speaker, title of the project idea
  17. 17. SIRRIS – ADD department Additive Manufacturing Thierry Dormal (biomedical applications)
  18. 18. SIRRIS – ADD (1990 – 2011) • 15 engineers and technicians • 15 AM machinesIn-house additive technologies • Stereolithography (normal & hi-res) • Paste polymerisation for ceramics and metals (2 Optoform) • 3D Printing of plaster and metal powder (Z-Corp + 2 Prometal) • Laser sintering of polymeric powder (PA,…): P360 – P390 • Objet Connex 500: bi-material • Laser Melting (MTT) SLM 250 HL • EBM Arcam A2 (Titanium & CoCr) • Laser Cladding (Irepa Laser EasyCLAD) • 3D Printing of wax (Thermojet) • Makerbot Replicator •3D scanning & metrology (GOM, Metris, Wenzel) 18
  19. 19. Research projects • 60 % • EU, Belgian, regional projects • Dissemination of results Industrial projects • 40 % • Direct dedicated research • Technology transfer & trainings • Services • Focus on aerospace and biomedical fields • +/- 500 projects / year20/12/2007 © sirris 2007 | | 19 |
  20. 20. •• •• 20 [Sirris ADD]
  21. 21. •• SIRRIS redesign (Compolight) 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. •••• • 23
  24. 24. SiC parts• Porous scaffolds in Hydroxyapatite & TCP• Testing on various scaffold 3D structures for bone integration• Spine and maxillofacial surgery• Macro-porosity ~= 500 µm• In vivo testing HA parts 24
  25. 25. SIRRIS ADD – Actual & Future developmentsLightWeight solutions Controlled Porosity Bio-Medical – 3D structures applications Quality, Functionally GradedRepeatability, materials and Standards porositySustainability Nano particles incorporation Composites SiC+ alu, Connex digital materials… Titanium, Inconel, aluminium 25