Briefing Innovation Year


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Briefing Innovation Year

  1. 1. 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Innovation Year in the Basque Country
  2. 2. 2008 Innovation Year in the Basque Country 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 ¿ What is Innovation year? “2008: innovation year in the Basque Country” is a dissemination and awareness-raising initiative promoted by the Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Council. It involves promoting activities designed to draw attention to innovation in the Basque Country in 2008, via a programme involving a group of players. Designed to stimulate the dialogue between innovation and society, the action facilitates innovation by ensuring society understands, accepts and acknowledges it. Our action plan: 2008 activities in 2008
  3. 3. 2008 Innovation Year in the Basque Country 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 What do we want to achieve? we want to 1) Mobilize Basque society, to ensure we have the backing needed for the process of social transformation. :: Create a high level of social stimulation. :: Make people see the need for a “change for the better” in all areas. 2) Advertise the innovation situation in the BC, to visualize our capabilities as the seed of a vital social transformation. :: Portray the state of R&D (+I) in BC and Europe of and individual and collective Basque best practices. 3) Promote innovation values, to educate people and favour their competitiveness in a changing social and economic context. :: Promote the creativity culture, cooperation and networking and entrepreneur learning.
  4. 4. Participants 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Who is involved? The Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Council declares 2008 Innovation Year in the Basque Country and names an initial working group to get it up and running. Innobasque acts as the technical secretariat of the working group and is responsible for following up the initiatives implemented. We are actively looking to encourage the participation of all players and for them to accept the task of promoting innovation and innovation-related values.
  5. 5. Initiative leaders 2008 jarduera 2008an Who’s leading the activities in 2008 initiative? Players in To begin with, the public and private players in the Basque Science, Technology & BSTIC Innovation Council. Other players Other players involved in the scientific, technological and innovative development involved of the BC will then join this initial group
  6. 6. 2008 jarduera 2008an Corporate image activities in 2008 What’s our image? The logo draws the eyes towards the vertices, highlighted by the play of colours. 2008 and Euskadi (BC) are the central features
  7. 7. Target Public 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Who are we talking to? To Basque society as a whole :: Business :: Professional and business associations :: Consultants and cutting-edge services :: Academic world (universities, training centres and business schools) :: Educational system :: Healthcare sector :: Transport and telecommunications :: Public institutions :: Students :: Researchers :: Families :: Children :: Etc.
  8. 8. Action 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Our action in 2008 Support levers :: Present the common image identifying Innovation Year to Basque society. :: Massive publicity campaign for the Innovation Manifesto, inviting businesses, all types of organizations and Basque people in general to join us. :: Integrate the activities and projects of a wide range of players in a single line of work, publicize and monitor them. :: Coordinate public and private initiative, encouraging the exchange of experiences between all organizing bodies. :: Offer specific activities, action and programmes, in cooperation with innovation-related bodies, the media and other mouthpiece organizations.
  9. 9. 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Action Our action in 2008 Some examples: :: Innovating with all senses: the aroma of innovation :: Website of the year :: Video competition :: School creativity workshop :: Stories of innovation :: Innovation on the move: cultural cycles :: Basque Innopolis 08 :: Concert for Innovation :: Sampling – tasting innovation :: Health innovation Forum :: Science, Technology & Innovation Week :: Quality Week :: BGC :: Latin American Businessmen’s Summit
  10. 10. Communication Plan 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Communication Plan Press office: Specific media-bound information. Advertising campaign lasting the whole year. Marketing campaign : merchandising, sponsorships… Canvassing sponsors and collaborators to involve private business in promoting and advertising innovation.
  11. 11. Cooperation agreement 2008 jarduera 2008an activities en 2008 How can you help? 1) By including innovation-related initiatives in the Action Plan for the year. 2) By applying the common image by which Basques will identify the Innovation Year in your organization’s advertising material: adverts, posters, publicity, merchandising, etc. 3) By subscribing to the Innovation Manifesto and telling the company’s, organization’s or player’s target groups about it. 4) By designing specific innovation-related activities, action and programmes.
  12. 12. 2008 jarduera 2008an activities in 2008 Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia (Vizcaya Technology Park) C/ Laida Bidea, 214 48170 Zamudio