3 dy Retreat Self and Team Leadership Training


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Workbook used in 3 day retreat on self management and team leadership.

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3 dy Retreat Self and Team Leadership Training

  1. 1. INNERWEALTH Chris Walker Personal Mastery at Work AN OPEN MIND CHRIS WALKER and explore with us the wonder of It’s a time to learn www.innerwealth.com personal mastery, and grow. If you come skills and to the river with a alive@chriswalker.com.au techniques to full cup there is no improve the quality way to catch some 61 2 93283198 of your life and water. So, we suggest work. you empty your mind Chris Walker [1]
  2. 2. ? WHY ARE WE HERE? [2]
  3. 3. HAPPIER - BETTER FASTER Spiritual Straight Talk NATURE’S UNIVERSAL LAWS We are nature. We are part of nature. We are the environment we create. The environment within and the environment without are one-in-the-same. Life’s pretty simple really. Once we didn’t have to learn all this. It was automatic: we worked the soil with our hands, so we understood life, really understood life. But now, with our digital worlds, our isolated offices, television and Good life, good work and good health it’s all very natural. We can over filled minds we struggle to differentiate between virtual reality and make it complicated, we can make it less than intended, but if our real reality and we pay a high price for it. mission is to have a good life and make sure others do too, then it’s not My aim is to bring this simple understanding of life to the whole so complex. world. I’ve seen how it changes people, families, companies and whole By simplifying things we cut to the chase. We solve issues, deal communities. However, it’s really up to you. with troubles and stay on track. And the great thing is, you do it fast. If you are ready, and have the commitment to help bring a new Why wouldn’t you want to get happier, better faster? Why not take reconnection to the nature of life, to help reverse the dependencies on the fast train? That’s what you get from the Laws of Nature. drugs and medicines to cure the ailments that are nothing more than In this program you’ll discover how to reverse our growing disharmony with nature, we can really make change. disconnection to nature which is creating increased social, relationship You can begin to make this change starting your work-life by finding and personal disharmony. You can learn what this new understanding of balance, harmony, evolution, vision and connections. The shift is the Laws of Nature can do to change all that. Fast... immediate, the benefits outstanding. Let’s begin. [3]
  4. 4. ? WHY ARE YOU HERE? [4]
  5. 5. Program Agenda MASTERY MASTERY Day 1. Qi to Life 1. Balance Day 1 2. Physical 3. Mental Body Qi2 life Day 2. Innerwealth 2 feet solid on 1. Personal Harmony the ground 2. Personal Change - Growth Day 3. VIP 1. Law of Attraction 2. Dreams for the Future Day 2 Life’s pretty simple really... Innerwealth Many years ago people were in tune with a great attitude nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening Mind within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness. As our culture evolves into this current era, we suffer the separation from having worked with the land, understanding natures rhythm and a dependency Day 3 on nature for her sustenance. As we modernise, we have moved away from that harmony. V.I.P. The outer world has risen and taken precedence in our life, we look for solutions Future Vision instead of awareness. We can all benefit from a Spirit more honest and deeper approach to life. If we can re-connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the evolution of humanity, we will be able to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer harmony. Everything you’ll ever need to learn about life, We are nature. We are A thousand years of love and business can be learned from nature... part of nature. We are learning distilled into the environment we three days of personal, create. The environment business and spiritual A thousand years of learning distilled within and the change/growth. into three days of personal, business environment without are and spiritual change/growth. one in the same. [5]
  6. 6. BALANCE Inner Peace - Stillness THE QI TO LIFE “Personal balance starts with PHYSICAL BALANCE two feet firmly planted on the earth” BUILDING RESILIENCE - FINDING BALANCE People are surprised to hear that life force comes from the earth. If we are out of balance, we block it or lose it. So, we begin with an understanding of personal energy, life force. If you come home from work with less The Qi to life - Finding your real centre. energy than you had when you went to work, Your centre is both a physical and a mental you’ve got a self-management problem (unless thing. Physically it sits just below the navel, you are a weight lifter by profession). belly button. This is the Hara and the power Many people are surprised to find that food source of the human condition. This is where and drink are only a small percentage of our your seat is, energetically. energy source. So, if you are in a meeting or doing help for If we block our energy we lose the juice someone and you lose connection to this that makes work enjoyable and sustainable. physical place in your body you become un- So, let’s explore the real human power, the centred and ungrounded. material earth beneath our feet and how to tap it, store it, use it and direct it. Stand with your feet hip width apart, feet facing forward, outer sides of the feet parallel to Building Energy each other. Unlock the knees and tuck the tail Tai Chi Storing Energy bone in, under the pelvis. This grounds you. In Tai Chi you are taught to Stopping the loss of Energy move and play with energy. Directing Energy - Manifestation Try a HA Breath..... in the mornings... Drawing in, pushing aside, directing life force. [6]
  8. 8. Life Force - vitality THE QI TO LIFE If you come home from work with less energy than you came to work with, something is wrong. If you think that food is the primary source of life force, something needs to change. If you know how to hold, build and stop the loss of nature’s Qi you are very blessed. THE QI TO LIFE Manage your energy - life force - build it, store it, save it and direct it. If we translate all the teachings about management and spirituality By far, the most critical of those three is the stopping the loss of into one single topic, it would have to be the management of energy, life energy. If we cannot stop the loss then building the energy levels and force. holding the energy levels are going to be very difficult. So, this is If we are able to focus our energy we have a very great why we are going to spend significant effort on this topic in achievement because we will get things done with a the program. minimum of fuss. Building Life force – Natural Vitality The Qi to life If we are unable to focus our energy, we will become There are many techniques we can use to build up our life tired and, as a result potentially cause ourselves illness, force. Those techniques are valuable because really, this emotion, cloudy thinking and more negative consequences. essence of who we are, our energy, goes into everything we So, in this program we plan to focus on three different issues do. If that energy isn’t clean, then we can accidently corrupt around energy. what we do with a good heart. YOUR LIFE FORCE - QI ENERGY BUILDING QI STOP LOSS QI STORAGE QI DIRECTING QI We are like human batteries, Natural Potential Living Life Leakage filled with energy, sometimes We can build As vitality Directing the We can stop short circuit but in a healthy enormous starts to energy into the leakage of person, a total power house. energy inside build there’s those things energy from our body. a temptation we really want our body and to blow it to create. transform our away. Focus. health. [8]
  9. 9. Breathe Deep Connect BUILDING QI Of all the issues of workplace ill-health, I Your life force comes from your think I can trace about 90% of them back to connection to things outside yourself. So, poor breathing practices. We sit badly so our connecting to nature, your God, the universe, lungs starve, hence, we lower our blood friends, family, lovers and your bigger self are oxygen content, hence we starve the brain, the most potent way to build Qi. and bingo, we get sick. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what it is, as Every now and then take a deep, long as it’s bigger than you, is outside your beautiful breath. I’ll show you how in this control, and for you, is the source of your life workshop. Most people don’t know how to force. breathe. Funny isn’t it! Breathing affects When we get stressed, worried, or ill we everything, our work, mind, love life, health, become self absorbed. This is essential mood, longevity and yet, most people don’t because it draws us down into the survival know how to breathe properly. mode of life. So, a person under self imposed Half a breath, is half a life. pressure or externally imposed pressure can easily become completely self-obsessed. That Breathe Deep Yogi Breath means the only source of life giving energy is Nadi Sodana from their small self. Tension Release Anti Depressant Connecting to the source of your life Re-Energising Breath force means acknowledging that you are a part of a pool of massive resource and that this resource is yours for the borrowing. You Relax can tap it. This is the abundant mind, Relaxation is not watching TV or standing expanding out from the tiny confines of the at the bar with a beer (or wine) in your hand head cavity or the heart cavity and out into the drawing back on a long cigarette. Although wider definition of Self. One that’s connected x these things are time out they are not la to all things, a part of something bigger. Re producing the recovery of vitality or building Qi. I’ll show you how to do that... Connect When you look at the world and people around you, what do you see? Mirrors or Connecting to paintings? a self bigger than you... The art of connectedness is really the art of youthfulness. [9]
  11. 11. Posture Physical Loss STOP LOSS QI Conserving energy begins with your Trembling, tapping, stopping, posture. If you are bent all out of shape, so, uncontrolled movements, fidgeting, nervous your idea of balance will be compensatory. movements, habitual actions (like bum or nose scratching) are really just ways we use to Nobel Prize winning work was done by release stored and vital energy. Hyperactivity Posture Candice Pert in her book Molecules of is the result of an overcharged battery without Emotion. Her work only served to consolidate a purpose. I’ll show you how to conserve this what yogi’s and nature masters have known energy. for millennia. The body and the mind are one. Nature’s Anti Depressant Nervous loss Know your mind, check your shoes. Shocks, constant alert, excessive Left side - Right side brain function stimulation, over exertion, excess tension, Front body - back body rigidity, defensiveness put the body on red Neck - The vitality of Youth alert. I’ll show you a technique for nervous Do you put your best foot forward? tension that is healthy. Never give 100%... Joy - Pain and Suffering Mental loss There’ a vast difference between pain Fun By far the most common cause of lost and suffering. Pain is something that comes vitality comes from the mind, mental loss. Low and goes, you know it will leave eventually. self-esteem, self-importance, self-indulgence, Suffering is something that you don’t know self-improvement, self-criticism. Add to this, when it will leave. So, it’s both painful and anxiety, judgement, criticism, anger, pain, debilitating because it feels like it may last emotionality, grief, uncertainty and you’ll start forever. Pain borrows energy. Suffering to get a picture of why people go home from a completely erodes it. Pain can be healthy in job in which they did very little all day, but feel that it can show us where we need to direct exhausted from it. I’ll share the skills of mind our attention for healing and care. Suffering is mastery so you can, if you choose, prevent not healthy because we don’t necessarily this waste. know where the cause is. Be the 90% person What you don’t appreciate, you lose... We are given a We are a gift and this is the energy of human battery, life. To blow it away seems a don’t waste the slap in the face to the energy. source that gave it to us. [11]
  13. 13. a singular topic. We can’t be a loving person Simple Mudra at home and an arse at work. There is no STORE QI You have no doubt witnessed the hand exclusivity here. We treat people and conflict movements of healers, priests, saints in with people and those we are responsible for history and holy people. with the same attitude at home or at work. To the majority their movements are Sometimes the way we treat people is Mudra spontaneous but to the educated eye, they are expressed or repressed. deliberate science called mudra (and other The key here is to see that we treat labels.). Mudra are hand, body and internal others as we treat ourselves. Although we organic positions that are believed to store, might have short term aberrations of attitude build and distribute energy. we are generally trapped in this. So, the greatest self-help program on Simple Bundha earth comes in the form of how we treat people. That’s attitude. What do you notice about people when There are four attitudes that are they lose their spirit for life, get tired, burned considered to be the finest in the land. They out or depressed? So, we can clearly say, that are: if we don’t do those things, we’ve got a good 1/ chance of not getting burned out, exhausted 2/ or depressed. In the science of yoga those 3/ things are called the Bundha, and they are 4/ designed to store more Qi. Sleep Attitude Sleep deprivation causes mood swings, Few things store more juice than depression, mistakes, emotional instability, happiness. Two people doing the same job Attitude tiredness, exhaustion, hunger, and addictions can come out of it totally different based on - so it’s important to get it right - we sleep their attitude. Anything done with resentment about 1/3 of our life ....zzzzzzzzzzzzz kills us. Whether it’s in relationship, work, The keys to great sleep are... cleaning the car, washing the cat, cutting your nails or changing the diaper. But attitude is not Sleep Sleep deprivation causes mood swings, depression, mistakes, emotion, tiredness, hunger, blood pressure problems, addictions and grumpiness. [13]
  15. 15. PEACE OF MIND DIRECTING QI The Other Shore Every outcome has a balance of good news and bad. I walked to the water’s edge A balanced mind is a peaceful mind. A and dove in. I wanted to find a new world, one scattered brain, chattering and fragmented Perspective with less pain. I swam and swam for thirty, forty can’t focus and therefore wastes huge years. I rested on Islands along the way but I amounts of Qi. It begins with an awareness that never stopped swimming on the journey to the can only be achieved with a helicopter other shore. perspective. You can’t manage anything you One day, out of the blue I saw it: that are in. other shore. I swam and swam and finally There are infinite possibilities to change exhausted I crawled up on that beautiful the world and for every change that’s sorted shoreline. I lay there transfixed at the beauty of out, another one evolves. So trying to fix things it, I couldn’t believe that, after all these years of is like coating the world with leather instead of exploration and search and fear and struggle, wearing shoes. This perspective requires three I’d found it. things: I lay there basking in the Sun. I rolled over onto my side to touch the sand and it was then 1. Imbalanced Perspectives that I noticed something weird. Perspective 2. Nervous Tension My old footprints were there. They lead 3. Righteousness into the water. I soon realised I was back, right where I’d Another alternative is to come to peace started thirty - forty years before. with the world, as it is. That’s a massive But everything felt different. What had change of heart. It requires three things: changed? The wars were still there. The pain was still there. The human drama, including my 1. Balanced Perspectives own were still there, but it was different. 2. Ability to see order in chaos Maybe the only thing that changed in all 3. Humility those years of swimming, was my perspective. Maybe this was all it needed - a change of One of these two brings with it a focused, heart a different perspective. productive, sustainable state: peace of mind. Perspective Peace of mind comes from your perspective. Peace cannot exist in a righteous mind You may see things in the world you would love to change, this is your purpose and vision. But there is a vast difference between purpose, vision and being right. [15]
  17. 17. CONTENTMENT DIRECTING QI There are four states of “life alert” we can place ourselves in. Black - Frozen Red - Fight - flight Now the importance of meditation is well Yellow - Attentive documented. The benefits are well Perspective Green - Na-na land documented. The only question is about the The crazy concept is to live in Red or Black process. Is sitting on your butt, with pain in and sit on a cushion in the morning or night for your knees staring at a statue of some sort, the Green... This burns huge amounts of Qi for sniffing smoky incense and lighting candles very little return. really necessary? What if there’s a short cut through all the Mind Control hullabaloo and reverence for meditation? What if there’s a way to meditate while you walk, talk, Whatever success means, the ultimate sleep, eat, fart and play? experience is to be in total contentment, to Meditation is actually the ability to put want absolutely nothing, to desire nothing, to your mind in a certain brain wave frequency. be totally content with yourself where there is 2-4 mz to be exact. In that state your mind is nothing lacking; there is no desire, no calm and receptors are open. That state of motivation to fix, or repair, or change. Then mind does not require a meditation stool, from this place all actions are taken voluntarily, smoke, flames, statues, crossed legs or even a inspired, not reactive. With contentment, head shave. whatever you touch, whatever you are doing or not doing -- even just existing -- is a peak Life Meditation experience. You are alive and that is enough. Then life can occur with inner harmony. You can meditate by learning stillness. Now this will seem to be contradicting the ideal Stillness means that your body is frozen like a Perspective that we must aspire to be the best we can or block of Antarctic ice before global warming. that we must continually evolve in order to give Your inner stuff is running rampant and you are and serve others but we are not talking about watching it. You are watching it and bit by bit, doing things here, we are talking about, being that inner stuff starts to go where you direct it. complete before we act. That means totally content, comfortable with who we are. Perspective I want nothing need nothing and therefore I have everything Peace of mind comes from a balanced perspective. [17]
  19. 19. LIFE MEDITATION Yellow Consciousness DIRECTING QI This is the perfect state of consciousness at work. It is neither unconscious nor deluded. In fact, it is ambivalent. You might be surprised Black Hole Consciousness that I use the word ambivalent to define a great There is a state of anxiety and fear that state of mind, but ambivalent is, without doubt renders a person inactive. It’s a state of the most powerful place you can sustain. Delta -Theta Wave Mind overwhelm, too much information, too much Here’s why. Anything you can’t see the balance state (Meditation, emotional drama and the mind goes to glug. in runs you. Now, if you see the balance in Intuition, Memory 1-7 There’s neither the instinct to run nor the something you can take it or leave it. Like a Hz) wisdom not to. This is the black hole and we new car or a new relationship. If you can say, I can call it unconscious,depression, bipolar, and can take it or leave it, this doesn’t sound in extremes, schizophrenia. When a person romantic or enthusiastic, but what it does mean enters the realms of the unconscious, they are is that you have the power. lost to action. Green Consciousness Red Consciousness There’s a truck rushing at on you. The Alpha Wave Red consciousness (Mini Me) is low business is going bust. Your health is going to consciousness. This is a state of mind very ruin. If you are in black consciousness you go (Relaxation, close to bipolar. The individual is high one down with the ship. If you are in red Visualisation, Creativity minute and withdrawn the next. Here people consciousness you have a panic attack and get 7-12 Hz) become quite deluded, believing in their own emotional, if you have yellow consciousness Beta Mind States infallibility and sometimes taking extreme risks. you sit and work out a solution. If you are in green consciousness you don’t give a damn. (Alertness, In less extreme Red Consciousness, the Green consciousness (Maxi Me) is like the Concentration, individual is highly emotional, prone to burst of captain of the Titanic, “full speed ahead, she’ll Cognition 12-40 Hz) temper, sadness, tears and joy - often in the be right, the universe will look after us. OOPS, same day. This consciousness is often the oh, goodness what’s that big white thing? consciousness of artists and highly excitable creative people. Gamma Wave (High alert, Clarity, Perception ! 40+ Hz) Not Medication - Meditation! Not enough tension? We will demonstrate the power of mental tension and nerve tension in creating a “healthy state” of productivity. We call this state “intensity.” You want something done, ask a busy person. [19]
  21. 21. INNER BALANCE Inner peace, mental resilience, personal magnetism all come from the art of stillness the essence of who we are. A closed “Give me a few hours by heart just creates trouble. myself, leave me alone, shut out all Following the laws of nature you will rid yourself of clutter, interruptions, and I can bring physically and mentally which brings myself down to my work. It is here a purity to your life. If anything or anyone starts to obstruct your that my true nature comes alive.” journey, by letting nature guide you, your work, you will automatically be bringing Chris Walker then you will be able to transform those the best to the world and your own life. In our complex world, we have the challenges back to inspiration, spontaneously. opportunity to simplify our understandings by Through this awareness, there is an The goal of life is living in relating everything to nature. The implied merging of stillness and agreement with nature. forest, the ocean, the sky, species, fluidity. Stillness is vital because rocks, plants, animals and insects unless the mind is still, it cannot Bringing these five laws of nature into your Stillness all have a voice. It requires find truth. Fluidity, because the life you can tap your inspiration any time. It’s comes through silence and wisdom to hear it. world itself is endlessly simply a matter of rising into that state by balance The Laws of Nature bring the changing around us, in busy ordering your mind, creating the right harmony of nature into everyday chance events. Yet your mind, at environment, distancing yourself from any life. Evidence of those laws can be the heart of all this restlessness, overriding emotion and then concentrating on found in music, in dance, in business as must remain still, motionless, holding the task at hand. It is automatic when we do well as relationships. The universal laws are harmony with nature. what we love to do, with people we love to be found in every walk of life. around. Nature’s law frees you to be inspired, Knowing those laws will create harmony in even when those perfect circumstances don’t “When one tugs at a your work, stimulate the environment you exist. It’s a great power. create, direct the exercises you do and help single thing in nature, he create the depth and silence to open your inner Connected or she finds it attached to ear to your own life inspiration. When you run your fingers over the solid A stressed, emotional individual cannot the rest of the world.” trunk of a tree, pick up a stone and notice its create healthy environments. If we become aged patterns, examine the fragility of a leaf, emotional and insecure we loose the foundation The laws of nature bring the silence that is and let water flow through your fingers you on which we live. Nature’s Law provides an necessary for inspiration into your life. We do allow yourself to let your real inspiration for life alternative: Stillness, harmony and beauty are not make the world a better place by running flow through you. You simply feel the wonder of our connection to our own inspiration. We around trying to fix things, this just adds to the it, and see how every object of nature can guide cannot do what we love if we continually loose problem. If you can learn to be still, immersed in you and help you manage and understand. 1st law of nature - learned from the outside – wisdom comes experience have been adopted as truth. from within. They are simply collections of data and Balance knowledge that can be unlearned. It is said in the East that the first thing to be To live and work inspired and in harmony Wisdom learned is to unlock what has already been with nature we must be willing to surrender Balanced mind • learned and then unlearn it. This unlearning to the awareness that one’s ideas and Balanced Body • is what is called real wisdom. Knowledge is opinions are just a collection of erroneous Balanced ideas • Balanced Lifestyle • facts that, through conditioning or [21]
  22. 22. INNER BALANCE the world. Honesty with yourself is essential, discrepancy in human judgement as a new every un-needed calorie, everything taken in disease. Every time someone lacks the will to that is not needed is a step closer to the grave. stop eating or thinking a certain way they design Why not be honest about it, most people’s a new drug to help those people lose weight. Only 5% of people die from old age, the health is suicide. Can you see the fallacy in this? rest die from ignorance, accidents and abuse. If you are carrying excess weight, stressed, No drug can give vitality, stamina, health Think through your health habits and eliminate worried, feeling emotionally disturbed and endurance. No drug can give self respect or anything that is making you more acidic. acknowledge that you are doing the wrong thing wholesomeness. No drug can build families or Be Honest – Are you Sick? by yourself. It’s a human choice to do bad businesses. Drugs can only counteract effect. Is everything you do a big effort? health. Some do it quick and some slow. Un And they have side effects. No drug has not side Have you started to lose your skin tone? healthy people are choosing body pleasure over effect. They all ultimately deny truth. Humans Are you forgetful and confused? life, they are doing suicide faster than most. For can heal, humans cause their reality. Has your hearing begun to deteriorate? every cubic inch of fat on the overweight Empowerment begins with this knowledge. Has your vision begun to dim? person, the body must have 700 miles of fine Haphazard living is the true reason why Do you wobble a little when you walk? tubes to nourish and sustain this excess fat – people feel dragged out, weak or worn or Do you get out of breath when you climb this puts a huge burden on the breathing prematurely old, full of aches and pains, headed stairs? apparatus and the normal function of the heart. for the human scrap heap. How limber is your lower back? The pulse and blood pressure are forced to raise We can change all this. Do your joints creak? to dangerous heights. We can choose to How well do you adjust to cold and heat? change. Are you slipping and not quite yourself any Getting out of your head more? Be a professional ‘rester’ We live most of our lives in our head and in this realm of seemingly infinite possibilities it It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel In our competitive business world we build becomes so easy to be deluded. up tremendous pressures, tensions and strains good Delusions un-ground us and take out and try to project a healthy image – it takes Sickness is Nature’s way of showing you energy from our being that could, if channelled, tremendous energy to project an image and that you are filled with toxin. Dead people do not be directed toward love, inspiration, friends, uphold this image. Rest is something few people catch colds. Today, take the time to drink two care, compassion and our wellness. know how to do. Being still is something few glasses of the most beautiful water, sip it slowly, The first step is to detect our delusion. We people enjoy. We must schedule into our day smile each time you sip, really enjoy two glasses must be open to observing where we are lost in time to rest. Begin to live as nature wants you of water, and give yourself the 20 seconds it our head. to live. Demand of yourself a higher standard of takes to celebrate it. If we are deluded it is like being mentally health and happiness. You cannot receive higher Healthy lifestyles dispel the wastes and and physically constipated. In this state we health unless your body gets its rest periods to toxins that kill many people. Make time to work, cannot absorb new nutrients and the old develop new vitality and energy. Regard your think, play, read, worship, help, love, dream, becomes toxic. body as a machine under your care and laugh, beautify, health, plan. The greatest enemy First, we must learn to get out of our head supervision and every machine must have rest of long life is lack of respect for the needs of in order to find inner balance and calm. Second periods or you will build up too much nervous good balanced lifestyle. we can learn to get back into our head and to friction and tension. Seek a life of peacefulness There is little doubt that people born with a think without delusion. and serenity as you grow older, away from the sound constitution can, without difficulty, live to pressures and stimulation. Put yourself in “all human problems (including violence) be 120. Ageing is a myth. Keep away from Nature’s hands and let her run your machine, come from our inability to sit quietly in a greasy food. Greasy food makes you sleep heal your ailments. Your rewards will be many in longer, have less energy, think slower and feel all room, alone.” Pascal renewed health, a calmness of spirit and a new rebound sluggish, plus your digestion will be Sit still awareness of the perfect natural beauties that slow and cause toxicity in the body. nature has bestowed upon us so generously. A great way to cultivate life force is by systematically teaching your body to obey you, Choose to live or Die? Vitality is a choice - balance begins in other words. Sit still. You can teach your Rewards are granted by nature alone. She body to sit in the posture that you prescribe to Physical weakness, flabbiness, are can give you long life and health. Food and it, and not move. Or, it can stand in a place choices. No excuses. They are short-term lifestyle must merge in a natural way to build the where you want it to, and not move. You can choices with long-term repercussions. We either foundation for your being. The healthy person train your body not to become restless, or choose to listen to our dumb habits or we never dies young; rarely by accident, for nature fatigued by what is asked of it, simply by choose to follow our will. The medical takes care of those who are on purpose. Totally learning not to fidget. profession is a looking to name every healthy people live as long as they are useful in [22]
  23. 23. INNER BALANCE Avoid over cooked food. Beyond Anger Eliminate Dairy other than skim milk The second method is one of my Minimise wheat and processed flour. favourites when I am under pressure. Drop Balanced mind - Balanced Breath your arms by your sides, open your hands, Feed yourself well and feel the anger drain out of the ends of We are air machines. Oxygen not only your fingers. The tingling in your fingers is the The body requires only 14 do 15 purifies our body but is also one of the great release of emotion and the opening in your elements, and when these are supplied the energisers of the human body. We are air chest is often the recycled energy, freed from needs of life are met; but if you send down pressure machines. We live at the bottom of the emotion that generated it. into the system a massive thing that the body an atmospheric ocean approximately 70 miles cannot use, then it will be stored as fat or deep. The air pressure is fourteen pounds per overload the system. An internal war Self-Discipline square inch. Between the exhalation and the develops. This takes vitality away from the inhalation of a breath, a vacuum is formed. As If we can’t control what goes in our other functions of the body. In other words if long as we continue to have this rhythmical mouth, if cannot stop smoking or drinking or you eat improper foods, or meals that are too intake and outgo of oxygen, we will live. We eating chocolate for a day or two, then the big, your blood will become toxic, you know that we can go without food for 30 days notion of following one’s inner guide is become vulnerable to disease, get irritable or more and still survive, but we can only go ridiculous. Mastering the fundamental and lose energy. Sometimes, the more you without air for a very few minutes, so air is one principles of life, the disciplines of good eat, the more tired you get. of the important energisers of the human eating, exercise and self control are the body. The more deeply you breathe pure air, foundation stones from which higher Good Decision making the better your chances are for extending your explorations of life are possible. years on this earth. Today, do a don’t do. Don’t do Of all the energy draining possibilities, Long-lived people have one common something that you always do. Park the car in emotion is the largest consumer of human denominator – they are deep breathers. The a different place, walk sideways, put the other power, life force and vitality. deeper and fewer breaths a person takes in leg into your pants first or stay silent all day or I am sure you have witnessed the one minute, the longer they live. Take long, leave the computer off, skip coffee. Do obvious drain on energy that comes from slow, deep breaths first thing in the morning something small but significant and become depression, worry, sadness, anxiety, grief. and during working hours take periods to aware of the mindless habits that might be There are others too; anger is the most practice long, full, deep breaths. running your life. hidden and yet, one of the largest consumers of personal vitality. Breathe through anger Let’s examine ways to prevent the loss of Intestinal Happiness life-force through accidental emotional When you are angry, find where it is in Intestinal poisoning due to bad diet is release. your body that you feel it most. Is it in your one of the most common diseases and Balanced mind - More Love - Less stomach below the navel, or the chest, fist, demagnetising influences in society. 99 righteousness jaw, or throat? These are areas of your body percent of people suffer from bad digestion. that have become contracted, and in this Foods that poison the intestine, aggravate the A loving person is never one-sided. Two state they cannot function. Literally, they are intestine-- poison the body and mind. You sides is love, one side is emotion. blocked energy centres. One method to can’t hold concentration or mind control with Righteousness comes from imbalanced change anger is to focus one by one on the a mind that is under the affect of toxic food. thinking, it will have significant swings of areas of blockage and begin to release them Do not over eat at any time. Two emotion from infatuation to resentment, one by one using the breath. If you can sense handfuls per meal is ideal elation to depression, attraction to repulsion, the energy within your anger, and if you can Beware of nightshades. Especially this is not love. concentrate on feeling that, then let it flow Eggplant, raw onion, mushroom, tomato. Loving living is neither excess or down the front of your body like a current, and Beware of excess sugar and sweets. It is deficiency. Neither overeating nor under then up your spine. not a food. eating. Never too much, never too little. The This is the life force re-directed, and Beware of excess coffee, tea, alcohol, result is balanced living. A balanced person instead of releasing and wasting that vital tobacco and the other stimulants. will be at ease because there is always force, you are re directing it. This is not to Beware of processed food. Especially awareness of love in their heart. No matter suggest that you should repress the anger or white flour and Salt. what the situation, this loving attitude will not hold it within. To turn anger inside means to Don’t eat animal organs. be lost. channel the energy and reclaim the energy Don’t put excess food in the fridge to eat that is being wasted, and use it to uplift you tomorrow. and others. Avoid excessively hot or cold food or drink. [23]
  24. 24. INNER BALANCE If the body starts to compensate for a one Then it’s wake up time. shouldered load, the compensations go all the What time, and what to do? way to the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, What to eat? kidneys, middle back, neck and shoulders. Exercise? This is the chiropractors dream. The one Take a smoko (without the smoke) shoulder, a shoulder bag...and now, add a nice 3 Then it’s about getting to work kg computer, a water bottle and some coins. Arrival time One of the hidden benefits of smoking is Self time the forced time out it gives people. You can see Step one each day Don’t bring it home those people just standing there, looking up to the sky celebrating the toxins that flood into If there is a trace of frustration, elation, their lungs and make them feel calm. depression, sadness, self adulation in your Well, no one is advocating the need for emotional being when you walk in the front door cigarettes, but we still need to take the five of your home, you’re polluting the people you minutes smoko every hour or so. love. And what’s more, they are goinng to react Stop. Take five minutes for yourself every to it and then two people at least, are messed hour and in that five minutes, just stand, stop, up. enjoy the view, chill out, rejuvenate your heart If you think you are better than anybody and soul. Then go back renewed. else, people are going to put you down. If you are down on yourself people want to put you up. The Power nap So, if you don’t want to screw up your home life because of your work life. Learn to let go of it. There are five different levels of brain wave I’ll give you a few ideas as to how to do it. activity. Some restful, some not. You can learn how to drop into the deepest of these levels, far First, note that you can’t do good things deeper rest than most sleep provides, at will. that have no bad news built in. This is the ego’s Power naps are a vital and important nightmare. It screams, “oh, how dare you spoil ingredient of lifestyles that demand high levels my upper.” but I promise, you won’t regret it if of interaction, emotional response, and personal you simply balance down your uppers by finding availability. what you could have done better. We have seen remarkable results from this On the other side, the ego loves to criticise skill in company cultures where the benefits are you. So, that very same ego that builds us up, understood. Power naps are not sleeps. They puts us down. Now we don’t have to wait till we last a maximum of 10 minutes. They are not a get home for all this. Simply take those things “gee I need to go lie down for the afternoon.” that are downers in your day and find the benefit. In other words how did those things Shoulder bags happening cause you to live more of your dreams. If you just take a second to do it, more often than not, you discover that your greatest Do you see those business people running downers are actually your greatest support on through air ports with their garment bag on one your path. That’s nature... shoulder, overcoat dragging under their arm and an overloaded brief case on the other. Before you start work Now, if you were a scientist building a structure to handle those forces, would you make it like a human body? Little vertebra all Self nourishing starts before you hit the one on top of the other and compressible front door of the office. sponges in between them carrying nerves and vital fuel to the rest of the body? It begins with how you went to bed the I doubt it... night before. The one shoulder bag is a cantilever on the Did you sleep well? spine that has disastrous effects on health, If not, what can we do about it? mind, body and amazingly, spirit. What affects a good night’s sleep? [24]
  26. 26. YOUR CHOICES Choose to live or die, to be healthy or not. Let’s see how we are so far... Your New Food Plan Your new thinking plan Your Coaching others plan Your New Exercise plan Your new wake up plan Thoughts are thoughts - ideas are ideas - Your New Decision making plan promises are promises but results are the only reality Your New Rest Plan Your New Energy Conservation plan Your new sleeping plan a global expert within 2 years (if you could If you don’t plan ahead Wisdom remember the content). Good Decisions you plan to fail • The pain of regret always outweighs the Long term thinking • pain of discipline. So, why not commit Habits today cause life tomorrow. There’s Health is a priority • Body first mind second • yourself to a way of being that is short-term thinking, medium-term and sustainable? long-term. Did you know that if you read a No one can do it for you book a week, stayed on one topic, you’d be [26]
  29. 29. INNER BALANCE Taking Responsibility If you can understand the nature of the human body, you have a guru in nature, a way of knowing yourself far deeper and more honest than the ego mind. Where does the body begin and the mind finish? Face it How do I know if I am out of balance? Read nature’s bible - your body. All illness, disease, pain, and mental disturbance comes from excess now make a doctor of the body, and a psychologist of the mind, two or deficiency. Too much or too little of something. In other words an separate professions. Understandably so, because they are highly refined imbalance. So, your body is one of the most powerful feedback technical areas. loops you have regarding the balance of your mind and body. Over specialisation leads to extinction and in the case of Disease is In dealing with physical illness, disease or pain first we health it is not the extinction of the practitioner that is at must address the effect. The whole science of health is to stake but the life and wellness of the patient. We must stay excess or heal the body first. When this is done, or at some stage open to the full diversity of health and healing otherwise deficiency - during that process, it can be wise to heal at a deeper level. we become dependent on the drugs and pharmaceuticals imbalance For thousands of years in human history the mind and which are being invented as fast as new diseases are being the body were not treated as separate. They were considered a named. All to repair our disconnection to the balance of nature. part of the same science of healing and health. A healthy mind creates I encourage you to keep a broad outlook on the value of both mind a healthy body they used to say... But, we’ve drifted from those times and and body in the process of wellness. BODY MIND SCIENCE ANKLES KNEES LUNGS MIGRAINE Core values Beliefs Emotion Inspiration Uncertainty or Stuck or Attachment to Intuition confusion in stubborn the past - arguing with direction attachment Asthma - can’t reality and we leads to causes knee let go the just don’t sprained or pains or last breath.. want to admit painful injury. it. ankles. [29]
  31. 31. 5 U’S Five Elements Although we like to think of ourselves as an integrated human being, under different circumstances we function quite differently. So one key is gaining mastery over all five “selves” not just one. [31]
  33. 33. BE IN YOUR ELEMENT Earth There is a part of us all that is earth. This part of our personality loves to get its hands dirty, is trustworthy, fun, reliable, faithful, and can manage the complexities of life. EARTH Earth energy is the foundation of all good management - ambivalence What would happen if you gave the following full time tasks to an surface. These might not be “nice” according to your self projection of earth energy environment? Nursing, Care giving, Human Resource who you are, but this is the art of emptiness. To just watch your thoughts management, Visionary, Creative design, Imagination, Sales, without expectation or judgement. It sounds boring to some Change leader, Therapy, Healing, Government. people, a waste of time to others, but please, tell those ego’s All great The power of Ambivalence - Grounded. it’s OK, you will return to your ego after you finish. Once you have learned to be “dead still” the second decisions discipline is to kill the power of the ego. “dead thinking” – In Helicopter Mindset - balanced mind happen from a state of dead stillness, and preferably only after you earth. You can’t manage anything that you are in. You can’t master that skill for 10 minutes, you start to withdraw yourself manage anything your can’t see the balance in. Sometimes we from your thoughts. You achieve this by just watching them. need to do a helicopter on our life. In other words, step out of Now, this is more challenging than it sounds because you must not things and look back, objectively. I wonder what you’d see? try. Therefore, you must let any thought that chooses to be in your head, EARTH CONSTITUTION BODY SPACES FOOD THOUGHTS MOTIVES Environments: Grounding: What Strength: Wood, leather, Red meat, deep Tell me what Security, book shelves, sea fish, you are going strength, history, night shades, to do. Then resources, strength, pumpkin, tell me how responsibility solid, quiet, potato, ice- and when. sustainability predictable, cream, long term. traditional. chocolate. [33]
  34. 34. WHAT DO YOU WANT? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [34]
  35. 35. THE DETAILS [35]
  36. 36. HARMONY Personal There are no half hearted success stories HARMONY AT WORK - PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT 100% People say put your heart into it; it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. We must be vigilant. When the heart goes out of something we sabotage it. There’s low emotion and there’s high When we explore the term heart in emotion, and your heart is the highest of them common language we find that 'heart' means all. the central or innermost part of something such We speak of the heart as if it were a as the ‘heart of the city’, it also means the spongy weak mushy place that opens at essential or vital part of something such as movies, dribbles that tear down your cheek at quot;what is the heart of the matter?quot; A person with the worst of moments, and makes us so a ‘lot of heart’ is someone with determination. vulnerable. But the heart is without doubt the To ‘lose heart’ means to be discouraged so we be true to yourself and others. It all begins with most powerful human centre that can exist. All see that the will of a person emanates from their gaining a true sense of your being. It’s a way to humanitarian power comes from the heart - all heart. We refer to the heart when we talk about think and feel that reflects your true nature, it is compassion, motivation, consideration and generosity or sincerity as well as consideration, natural, and, it creates an inner happiness. care. This is the experience we have in the understanding and helpfulness as when we say, As soon harmony is felt within the human presence of a powerful individual, a leader, quot;He has a big heart.quot; or quot;She is a dear heart.quot; heart it comes alive in the form of graciousness. performer or lover. An open heart is the greatest When a person is cruel or mean or when You feel it in a person who is: power any human can contain within their body someone shows no regard for others we say, 1. Centred and it is the human heart that can make or quot;His heart is closed or small or cold or that he 2. Balanced break harmony at work. has no heart at all.quot; To find your heart is to find 3. Relaxed your path, it’s also to hold a certain centre, and [36]