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Chris Walker is a world leader in corporate coaching and personal growth. His self-leadership and team leadership program transforms organisations.

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Chris Walker1 Day Program Workbook3

  1. 1. INNERWEALTH Chris Walker The Magnificence of Work and  Life Inspired By Simplicity” “When one tugs at a single thing in  nature, he or she finds it a3ached to  the rest of the world.quot; John Muir found in every walk-of-life. In our create harmony in your work, stimulate THE MAGNIFICENCE OF complex world, we have the the environment you create, direct the WORK LIFE INSPIRED BY opportunity to simplify our exercises you do and help create the SIMPLICITY: understandings by relating depth and silence to open your inner The Laws of Nature bring the everything to nature. The forest, ear to your own life inspiration. harmony of nature into everyday life. the ocean, the sky, species, Thousands of years of Spiritual, Evidence of those laws can be rocks, plants, animals and business and life (common) sense all found in music, in dance, in insects all have a voice. It rolled into a one days seminar. business, as well as in requires silence and wisdom to Chris Walker relationships. The universal laws are hear it. Knowing those laws will [1]
  2. 2. SPIRITUALITY DISTILLED LIFE’S PRETTY SIMPLE er Re REALLY... Eth le as e Creat Air e The Spirit Human Fire Transform Many years ago people were in Of Nature Spirit tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and Water rb Abso human happiness were considered as Ear one. They observed that what t th lec Col happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness. As our culture evolves re Lo pi into this current era, we suffer the ve Ins separation from having worked with the land, understanding natures rhythm and nect Attra Con ction a dependency on nature for her sustenance. As we modernise, we have Human Life Turning Up Evolve moved away from that harmony. Nature s Harmo ines The outer world has risen and ny Happ Bal ss taken precedence in our life, we look for lne anc l e Sti solutions instead of awareness. We can all benefit from a more honest and deeper approach to life. If we can re- connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the evolution of humanity, we will be able to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer harmony. Everything you’ll ever need to learn Tree of Life about life, love and business can be learned from nature... the laws of nature We are nature. We are part of nature. We are the environment we create. The environment within and the environment without are one in the same. [2]
  3. 3. EA Step 1 RTH [3]
  4. 4. QI 2 Step 1 Find the LIFE [4]
  5. 5. BALANCE - EARTH - COLLECT - STILLNESS - QI TO LIFE BODY BALANCE - QI TO LIFE BODY BALANCE - QI TO LIFE BODY BALANCE - QI TO LIFE Connect to the earth, Tai Chi, Breathing Physical Losses, Environment losses, Bundha, Mudra, Breathing, Rest, Sleep, practices, Hara, Centredness. Mental Losses, Nervous losses. Pain. 90% person, Posture, Attitude. Building Qi Stop the loss of Qi Storing Qi Grounded Mindfulness Personal Magnetism MIND BALANCE MIND BALANCE MIND BALANCE Perspectives, Perspectives, Perspectives. If you aren’t happy with what you’ve got Life Meditation, 4 States of Mental Helicopter approach, Out of your Head. you’ll never be happy. Alertness, Being Alone. Directing Qi Directing Qi Directing Qi Peace of Mind Contentment Stillness BODY MIND RE BALANCING BODY MIND RE BALANCING BODY MIND RE BALANCING Emotional Connections - excess and Food, diet, illness, diseases, Environmental factors, negativity, dealing deficiency with other people. Body Mind - Posture Re balancing Long Life Lifestyles Be in Your Element [5]
  8. 8. WA Step 2 TER [8]
  9. 9. Places Offices Music Words Environments = There are no half 1. Centred Beauty hearted success 2. Balanced stories 3. Relaxed Beware of the Four Teams Substitutes for real Culture happiness... Diverse. Ordered. Safe Mood. Intensity. Vision. Not threatening. Clear rules Environment. Teamwork. of engagement. Goal Commitment. Social links orientated. Exclusive links Productive. Grateful The single most Reframe the world important ingredient see the balance - of personal happiness focus on the positive is a great job. Low emotion to Un-judge - look high emotion for mirrors Emotional Non Violent honesty - real Never react. Turn Up Happy integrity [9]
  10. 10. HARMONY - WATER - HAPPINESS - ABSORB - 100% HEART HIGH EMOTION AND LOW EMOTION COMPASSION HAPPY PEOPLE LIVE LONGER The essence of life is emotion, but there Two sides to compassion. Treat yourself The key to real happiness is a great days are productive and unproductive ones. as you want to be treated. work. 100% Heart Tough Love Feeling valued Commitment Kindness Happiness DEALING WITH PAIN BEWARE THE FOUR SUBSTITUTES DELAY REACTION It comes in one end and can go out the When happiness goes, four things are One huge and spiritual achievement is the other if you let it. used to replace it. They don’t work ability to delay response to an emotion. Hot Potato Addictions and Habits Wisdom Life Tomorrow Leadership CORPORATE CULTURE MOTIVATING PEOPLE - CHANGE DO YOUR HOMEWORK What affects people at work and at home The affect of food, diet, lifestyle, friends, The key is to turn up happy self practices environments, things, music, gifts. beliefs, and hopes on emotions for personal empowerment. Harmony of things Choose your moods Morning Ritual [10]
  11. 11. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE [11]
  12. 12. OPEN YOUR HEART Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity... The highest emotion... When we have finished exploring intellect Soul Deep and attending ceremonies, when we are As water flows through a exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, pipe so, our inspiration flows then we come to rest in our heart. In this place through our mind. your heart and my heart are one, we are What blocks it are interconnected, no need to compare, we are a Open your thoughts and those part of something bigger, where our individuality thoughts we call heart as nature is transient, the moment becomes important judgements. intended and we all relax in the knowledge that we have What we judge we no idea of what will happen next. This is a breed so, those judgements beautiful reality, the core of confidence, love, condemn it, they didn’t reach out for it or become blockages to our beauty and a healthy, life. avoid it. They just sat in silent observation of it. inspiration. Those blocks are 100% directed toward our two parents. If one spent their whole life doing nothing Be alone each day Migraine is the blockage of inspiration and other than opening their heart and developing this happens not because we are thinking about the qualities of the heart, it is no exaggeration our parents, but because we are seeing and Great composers, artists and inventor's to say that this effort alone would bring them to meeting someone who reflects them. have always had the capacity to be alone for the highest spiritual goal of human life. Because This is the time to let go of all that. Nothing extended periods of time. The greater their it is through the heart that one finds their truth happened that was not meant to happen. achievements, the more alone they were, lived, and within the heart that one finds their true It is time to open your heart and let the ate and slept in his workshop laboratory for nature. In this place –self and God are one. You juice flow in. weeks at a time. Interruptions would bring their have to know this totally. To separate God and Thankfulness is the process and I will, in mind back to the surface layers, so they would self is to think God is great and I am small. Then this program, show you how to achieve this, if immerse themselves in the inspiration of silence you are locked in to your own smallness, and you choose. for days at a time. It was through this isolation you cannot see the connection between what is that their subconscious mind could access that natural, the laws of nature, and you. Native Guidance great ocean of knowledge called the Akash. people knew this connection before religion came and separated them from nature. It is the The revelation is that every leaf of the tree human heart which can teach us to love without becomes a page of the sacred scripture, once condition. It is here that strength and conviction the individual has learned to read. Every insert emanate. Compassion and loving kindness live elects the mystery, the stars reveal the whole in the heart and it is here that one feels peace. It story. is through the heart that we can find the way to The great mystics knew this. If they treat our brothers and sisters, and ultimately, a wanted to understand something, they simply way to be true to ourselves observed it, they didn’t criticise it, they didn’t is to be as quiet as possible, and to think You should avoid answering in the moment Under Pressure about matters for a while before acting. of a reaction but make sure you do answer Even if somebody says I want to know right tomorrow. 12 hours is enough to cope with Overwhelm messes up both our head and away. When you are overwhelmed and any situation of overwhelm. our heart. When you feel overwhelmed try people demand answers you can say, Also during overwhelm try to avoid alcohol, to be in the moment, quiet and not talk too “Well, I don’t know right this second, but I’ll sugar, coffee, excess food, over emotional much. Fast response is not likely to result in tell you tomorrow.” expression and aggression on others. anything thoughtful, so the best thing to do [12]
  13. 13. RESPECTING OTHERS - UNLEARNING Gratitude Wanting to change, fix, make better can be motivated by many things, but the worst is ingratitude for what is. Sitting looking at your dinner plate, wishing it were different, causes illness no matter what the food. Some people spend a fortune on organic food and then fill their mind with complaints about global warming. Health and gratitude are the same topic. Maybe this is the real middle path. If there are two sides to everything, (the first law of nature) then surely we will be thankful for both sides (the positive and the negative) the consequence is neutral - an “Open Heart” which is an amazing state THE EGO MIND COLLAPSE THE EGO Ego Protecting us • You might ask why is change so difficult if I make Projecting us There are four thinks to dissolve, to • it sound so easy? The answer is only 3 letters but Promising us • collapse the ego and find authenticity: Promoting us • it controls the entire material and emotional world Separation between self and other • Procreating us • of the planet, EGO. You might consider that to be Separation between good and evil • Pontificating us • Separation between pleasure and pain • too generic, but this is it, EGO. Placating us • Separation between masculine/feminine • Prostituting us • [13]
  14. 14. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE [14]
  15. 15. Step 3 FIRE [15]
  16. 16. TURNING UP - FIT FOR WORK Strategy Culture Structure INNERWEALTH Evolve Raise the bar - Evolve or ..... • Strategy you change in a blink. Structure What are: just push a few chairs around. Culture LIFE’S PRETTY SIMPLE Tsunami has traditionally taken forever because Earth Quake people hang onto their ego. REALLY.... Flood • That’s nice. • But 2009 is coming, and, well, Bush fire??????? organisations, communities and families need to adapt faster. [16]
  17. 17. EVOLVE - TRANSFORM - FIRE - CHANGE - TURNING UP... TURNING UP - TURN IT ON TURNING UP - TURN IT AROUND TURNING UP AFTER A DOWN-TURN Skills to turn up, be present, anywhere Dealing with emotional disappointments, Recovery, healing, rebound, re-entering anytime, Be in the Moment. Zen. unexpected news, frustration. after a fall. Personal Presence Leadership - relationship Reinventing yourself Focus Resilience Dignity TURNING UP AFTER A TURN DOWN TURNING UP YOUR TOES TURNING UP - HIGHER RETURNS Dealing with heart break. Regaining lost Letting go the past, facing loss, dealing Wise investment strategy, Understanding trust, getting past victim mode. with impermanence. growth markets, predicting opportunities Heart and Soul Inspired - Vision Myth versus wisdom Self Tomorrow Wealth TURNING UP TO TURN EM ON TURNING UP - TURNING TRICKS TURNING UP DOWN THE TRACK Keys to Intimacy, romance and dealing Owning your incompetence, accepting Staying true to your dreams, visions and with everyday relationship dynamics the frustra, growing through barriers inspirations, Staying on track. Uppers and Downers Self Respect - Self Worth Priorities - Considerations Romance Incompetence Path [17]
  18. 18. Accept Incompetence Reject Complacency TURNING UP What is a thought? Ultimately the best What is higher consciousness? First, you answer to that question is, “a musical note.” need to understand that higher consciousness Thoughts come from our head. The is not the absence of lower consciousness. process of thinking is extremely complex but We can’t live without the lower consciousness, the process is not identical in every person’s otherwise we’d need to burn our hand every head. People not only think different thoughts, time to see if the stove is hot. they think them in different ways. The process Higher consciousness is the moving on and the outcome is different. And this is where from the lower consciousness as the only consciousness comes from. mechanism of response to the world. In every head, even while it’s sound So, higher consciousness is a forced asleep, there are pre-existing thoughts sitting divorce from the more natural way of thinking there. We call these memories, but there’s in a react - respond world. more. There’s beliefs, experiences, ideas and There’s a great quote by Danforth and it a whole bunch of other stuff called goes, “The person at the top of the mountain expectations, hopes and desires. If we burn did not fall there.” Higher consciousness is the our hand on the stove, that creates a memory, same. The person using higher consciousness and in future, we don’t have to put our hand thought did not fall into it. Higher on the stove to experience the pain that tells consciousness is a deliberate decision to us, “gee, that’s hot.” We know it, because we consider more than auto conditioned response believe it to be fact. to the world, our senses and the thoughts that So, everyone’s head is filled with this underpin our reactions to life. stuff. It’s filled with information that in a sense Putting it in a nutshell. Higher saves each person from repeating painful consciousness is the deliberate choice to NOT experiences and helps them to repeat good respond, validate or react to EMOTION. ones. So, if someone said, “stick your hand on What is an emotion? It’s a good without a that hot plate,” you’d probably use a finger tip bad, a right without a wrong, it’s a pleasure to test it first. Your head is conditioned to help without a pain, it’s an upper without a downer, you get nicer experiences and avoid the it’s a win without a loss, it’s an attraction painful ones. Now your 6 senses bring without a repulsion, it’s an acceptance without information to your head, you see, hear, feel, a rejection, it’s a rich without a poor, it’s a taste, smell the world around you and your peace without a war. Emotion comes from half head splits all that into good news or bad and the lower the consciousness the great is news. The bad news we avoid or reject, and that separation. Lower consciousness is the good news we attract or accept. This is emotion based on half information. Like in the the lower consciousness mind and everyone case of the stove burn. There was information, has it. pain, there was no pleasure, we reacted, and The important observation here is that hold that information as truth forever. Stove everyone has it. We all have a part of our brain hot - burn bad - stay away. This is emotion at dedicated to lower consciousness. This is the its most fundamental level. human ego and it is dedicated to getting more But what if we hold those same emotions good stuff and rejecting more bad stuff. It’s about people, places, things, words, ideas, quite emotional, it reacts to the environment thoughts and expectations and they are through the senses, it is based on a set of wrong? What if the REAL world out there and preconceived beliefs that have either been our emotional world are completely different? experienced or driven into the mind. Then if we hold onto lower consciousness we might be safe, but we’re in a sort of self imposed prison aren’t we? So higher consciousness means we are aware of two worlds. The inner and the outer. [18]
  20. 20. WHEN I'M STRESSED? I SAY TO MYSELF “EVOLVEYABASTARD” Turning-up skills 1. Change your mood 2. Change your mind 3. Physical presence 4. Listening skill 5. Eye contact 6. Active communication (not passive) [20]
  21. 21. There’s always a choice We can push back, we can ignore it, we can try to make others understand. And we can play humble. How do we handle conflict so that it goes away for good? Or at least that conflict goes away for good... TURN IT AROUND HANDLING CONFLICT Sometimes we don’t agree with others, or they don’t agree with us. Here’s a great way to deal with confrontations, challenges and goes on inside somebody, i.e in their subconscious mind, is projected difficult situations with others. Say thank you. back on them. So, if a person feels worthy they get treated worthy. Think of it like this. You own the script to the movie, the film Now, this is a bitter pill to swallow for some because they get and the projector, other people are the screen. some deep experiences that they can’t fathom the cause of. You run your script, make the film project it out through But we’re not here for half healing, or half truth or half the Non Violent your lens and bingo, there’s the movie, right there in front of story. So, we can start by saying, “nobody does to me more conflict you. than I do to myself.” resolution Wow, you say, that’s a bit intense. It means if someone doesn’t like you, they just reflect a part So, the partner who isn’t responsive is just the screen, of you that doesn’t like you. Now the question is: what are they aren’t really the problem? How can Chris Walker say that? you going to do about that? Over thousands of years we’ve discovered that everything that DEALING WITH CHALLENGE CATCH IT OWN IT ACCEPT IT FIX IT Stop No blame Witness Evolve Don’t bounce Blame just Translate the If there’s a it back, feel delays the point of focus downer on you, anything or inevitable and to yourself then maybe you react to often and search for can find out anything in escalates the the mirror. why you’d be the moment. issues. doing that to yourself. [21]
  23. 23. HELPING OTHERS TO TURN UP Never give advice you weren’t asked to give. If you coach for nothing, that’s what it’s worth knowledge. The best way to do this is to Warning Wisdom find out if they have walked where you are In a world filled with self help books, Breath Mirroring • about to walk. Nature • seminars and yoga teacher training Coaching means that the individual offering Big Picture • programs that take place over a weekend, Body First • support has walked down the bumpy path you are really wise to hold back trust until you are now on and that they have found a the individual who is selling advice can way, not to avoid the bumps, but to ride prove the depth and worth of their over them smoothly. [23]
  25. 25. WHAT DO YOU WANT? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [25]
  26. 26. Step 4 AIR [26]
  27. 27. Release I V P Receive Receive Receive Feel See Believe Commitment Heart Imagine Dream Action Ask Intent Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi [27]
  28. 28. CONNECT - INTUITION - AIR - CREATE - COMMUNICATE BELIEVE IN IT ASK FOR IT RECEIVE IT You feel things long before you see things. The first step in attracting what you want You won’t get it the way that you want it It takes silence to trust you intuition is to feel worthy of it. until you appreciate the way that you’ve Imagination Connecting got it Intuition Trust Abundance - Gratitude COMMIT TO IT FEEL IT DREAM IT There are no half hearted success stories Beyond the mind and fantasy there are Everything on earth begins with a dream, Heart and Soul feelings of real truth. The more vivid, the more it comes. Prioritise Emotion - absorption Qi - Tapping the source Reality Creating VISION TURNING UP - TURNING TRICKS TURNING UP DOWN THE TRACK Turn your dreams to words so others can Owning your incompetence, accepting Staying true to your dreams, visions and share and contribute. the frustra, growing through barriers inspirations, Staying on track. Translation Self Respect - Self Worth Priorities - Considerations Romance Incompetence Path [28]
  30. 30. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION The power of observation Observing the face Observing the mouth The dilation of the pupil reveals where a Interesting to note here that person’s mind is. even though there are thousands The position of the eye lid relative to the of verbal languages Look eye ball reveals amazing insight. throughout the world, the but not with If the lower lid covers the iris of the eye it majority of facial indicates the person is in opposition. expressions are universal. your eyes. Listen If the upper lid covers the iris of the eye, it The level mouth; but not with indicates that the mind is not thinking, and the indicates normal feelings your ears. person has lost presence. held in check and good If the upper lid covers of the top half of the reserves. Observation skills iris the mind is indifferent. Lightly closed mouth; also If the upper lid comes down as far as the means normal feelings held in check and good Listening to non-verbal communication - top edge only of the iris the mind is attentive. reserves. The tightly closed mouth; indicates a the third eye - intuition If the upper lid covers half the width of the range of feelings from a slight firmness to that When your eyes come to the front of your top arc of the iris, the mind is very attentive; this of strenuous determination. Partly open mouth: head they are in attention, when your eyes is a magnetic position. In the reverse as the mouth begins to open soften toward the back of your head, they are in If the upper lid touches the edge of the iris there is support and agreement. There are awareness. One is hard one is soft. One creates ring indicates that not only the mind is very many different degrees of openness so too tension the other releases it. attentive, but the feelings have been aroused. many different degrees of support. First try it in selected periods. For one This is a double victory. Gaping mouth; Transfixed. The lips raised hour just be attentive to your breathing. By and If the upper lid shows any thin line of white above the level indicate approval. The lips by you will be able to change your attention into above the iris it indicates that the mind and the lowered below the level indicates disapproval. awareness. Then do some simple things -- for feelings have gone into excess arousal and that example, walking; walk attentively with full the person is about to lose control of their awareness of walking and also of breathing. Observing Body Language emotional or physical being. This is not a When you have mastered awareness over normal condition, and should be avoided. You can know more about a person in 30 attention, this exercise helps to open the third If the upper lid shows a wider line of white seconds of good observation than a year of eye. Close your eyes then focused both of your above the iris it indicates that the person has psychological testing... eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows. become Transfixed with your power, in some Posture Focus just in the middle, with closed eyes, as if state of madness. Hopefully, they’ll get over it, Body Type you are looking with your two eyes. Give total but if not, they’re heading for the madhouse. Language attention to it. letter conveys the message. Words written pleasure, their displeasure, their joy and Writing with loving thoughts behind them will have their sorrow. A letter carries the vibration of Before writing any communication be a far greater effect than a thousand pages thought and feeling, as do all forms of conscious to become thankful. In this state of dry, well written literature. Have you ever communication. And it is this vibration the most accurate message will be “heard” a letter speaking? It is not simply which can again surface long after the conveyed. what is written on the paper, a letter brings words and content of the communication In the writing of a letter, the author may the one who wrote it to life. You can have lost their meaning. struggle with the true meaning, yet the decipher the mood the writer was in, their [30]
  34. 34. WHAT DO YOU WANT? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  35. 35. THE DETAILS
  36. 36. ETH Step 5 ER
  37. 37. INSPIRED Vision, Inspiration and Purpose Anais Nin: The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle... TAPPING THE HIGHEST ORDER - INSPIRATIONAL Everything in nature reaches for the Sun. The light. We too. Touching our Soul, and bringing this to life. Mastery after all is a lifestyle. be trusted to carry it out. The message is High Eagle: simple: commitment precedes vision. In life, many thoughts are born in the course of a moment, an hour, a day. Some are Certainty of the Future dreams, some visions. Often, we are unable to distinguish between them. To some, they are the There are many planes of existence and same; however, not all dreams are visions. the material one is on the surface. On this plane Much energy is lost in fanciful dreams that never we may choose to live out most of our life and bear fruit. But visions are messages from the so a great journey takes place here. However, Great Spirit, each for a different purpose in life. there is no security in the world of materials. Consequently, one person's vision may not be Human security cannot be achieved through that of another. To have a vision, one must be bondage or materiality. Often we become prepared to receive it, and when it comes, to trapped in the transient consciousness of the accept it. Thus when these inner urges become material realm, hoping that the formality, reality, only then can visions be fulfilled. The structure and authentication of such a realm can As above - So below spiritual side of life knows everyone's heart and appease us, make us feel secure. The higher you go in who to trust. How could a vision ever be given consciousness the deeper you go to someone to harbour if that person could not in life. [37]
  40. 40. WHAT DO YOU DREAM? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [40]
  41. 41. THE DETAILS [41]
  42. 42. What do you value? Why ...? How do you express it? [42]
  43. 43. What do you love to do? Reward Where is it not? [43]
  44. 44. [44]
  45. 45. HEALTHY HABITS More Habits EXPRESS YOUR SPIRIT - NATURE'S WAY 13. Self honesty 14. Stillness Many years ago people were in tune with 1. The art of ritual 15. Heal yourself nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness 2. The importance of writing 16. Find balance were considered as one. They observed that 3. The need for a timeline 17. Priorities what happened outside of us, was already 4. Positive feedback 18. Actions speak louder than words happening within. But now, with time and 5. Overcome obstacles - don’t give up 19. Generosity technology, we have lost touch with this 6. Grow your mindset 20. Link awareness. As our culture evolves into this 7. Environmental factors 21. 100% heart current era, we suffer the separation from 8. Eat to work 22. No blame - guidance instead having worked with the land, 9. Be in your element 23. Treat your world as you wish it to understanding natures 10. Consider your thoughts treat you rhythm and a 11. Kindness, 24. Remember, nature is dependency on nature 12. Patience everything for her sustenance. As we modernise, Takes 6 weeks to create Do it with Love we have moved a new habit... away from that Whatever you do with love, harmony. Now it’s you do with your best. If you can time to-reconnect. learn the art of doing what you are We can re-connect with doing with love, then you have the harmony of nature, learned one of the greatest skills on while remaining a part of the earth. evolution of humanity, we will be able The key is to link what you do to what you to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer in want to do... harmony.
  46. 46. Chris Walker BE M.B.A Get happier, better, faster Dedicated to building a better world Chris takes you on a journey of discovery. His mission is to help you explore and reconnect with nature, your inner nature, and the nature that surrounds you. The promise is more peace of mind, deeper vision of the future and more happiness: faster. Walker has spent the past 30 years distilling the essence of spiritual (common) sense, so what you get is spiritual straight talk, a short cut into the universal laws of nature and great ways to get happier, better, faster. No bull. UNIVERSAL LAWS OF NATURE BALANCE HARMONY EVOLVE CONNECT INSPIRE There’s two There’s a We evolve at Everything We are all sides to rhythm to the border is connected humble to a everything. life - of chaos and and power, laws Earth support and order, therefore of nature, Stillness challenge. support and there is an greater than Peace challenge. order in ourselves. This is every chaos. life.