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About Innerwealth100%Spirit


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A comprehensive look at one of the world's leading corporate training institutions. Innerwealth brings leading self awareness to corporate environments. Straight talking Aussie style

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About Innerwealth100%Spirit

  1. 1. Thousands of years of spiritual (common) sense - distilled through 30 years of trial and error. INNERWEALTH use nature to change your life come and explore with me
  2. 2. INNERWEALTH Personal Harmony Staying Connected The Skills to Adapt Knowing the Future Perfect Stillness
  3. 3. OUR MISSION Our Mission is to make spirituality accessible, practical, Our Values functional and available to everyone. • Honest To distil the essence of spirituality and the Universal • Direct Laws of Nature and make it available for those who • Unconditional want it. • Ancient To bring real life spiritual consciousness to business, • Fast-track relationships and personal self management in practical, easy to apply ways. • Natural • Heart To put the power of self-examination and authentic life • contribution back in the hands of the people. No drugs • No Fluff To share the skills of living as individuals in harmony with nature and the world.
  4. 4. A MASTER IN NATURAL SPIRITUALITY THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF SPIRITUAL (COMMON) SENSE DISTILLED THROUGH 30 YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR Author 8 books, 20 E-books, 10,000 magazine/web articles. Speaker Presented keynotes, retreats and workshops in 25 countries. MBA - BE Graduated with Master of Business and Bachelor of Engineering (environment) Adventurer 47 journeys into the High Himalayas of Nepal. Yogi Over 35 years teaching, practicing and learning the skills of Body-Mind Mastery. Consultant Guided organisations, youth groups, communities and corporations through change. Chris Walker
  5. 5. SPIRITUAL PITBULL Clients get straight talk because a person who is going around in circles is heading for trouble - no matter how fast they run. Nature speaks truth. The Mi'kmaq Native Community of Canada gave Chris the nickname “Spiritual Pitbull” as a testimony to his determination to stick with them in the face of a lot of resistance. In Spiritual growth there are many ways to placate people and let them “off the hook” with rhetoric. Walker shares the Spirit of Nature with people. That means he simply shares Positive Personal Change using the Laws of Nature. This is not a fight against people or their beliefs. His mission is to help people evolve outside their ego in order to live and work in harmony with nature. The fight with nature cannot be won. Walker teaches harmony beyond self preservation. He just shares the Laws of Nature and lets people make up their own mind.
  6. 6. EVOLVE 3 POINTS OF FOCUS New Leadership Personal Mastery at Work - Fast. Personal Balance Life Mastery at Home - Distilled Causing Change Spiritual Mastery - The short cut.
  7. 7. DELIVERY Workshops, Retreats, Seminars Personal Coaching - Guidance Books Ebooks Audio Video
  8. 8. CORPORATE TRAINING Personal Harmony Work Life Balance New Leadership Nature can teach us everything we need to know Fast Culture about business, self management and leadership Personal Mastery Human Spirit Laws of Nature
  9. 9. PERSONAL COACHING Time to evolve.?When the stuff hits Business the fan, there’s a need for remedy, I can help. Before the stuff hits the fan there’s a Relationship need for proactive planning, I can help. Self When the stuff hit the fan for others in your work or personal life you need to be strong and supportive. I Balance can help. Before the stuff hits the fan in unpredictable ways, you can get the Mending wisdom and confidence to deal with it. I can help. Inner Self
  10. 10. RETREATS - NEPAL ON TOP OF THE WORLD If you are looking to learn about Inner Strength another spiritual culture. This can help. Mind Body If you are looking for life change and want time out. This can help. If you want to learn all about the Adaptation Universal Laws of Nature. I can help. If you want to do a vision quest on Heart to Heart top of a sacred peak. I can help. If you want to get to know yourself Sharing it with the World better. I can help. If you are looking to change your life. This trip can help. Healing Powers If you’ve become unhealthy, unfit or overweight. This trip can help.
  11. 11. BOOKS: BETTER SELF Over 30 years of exploration into the inner workings of the human condition, has led me, an Aussie from the outback to the most weird places on earth. From Yoga practices in India shoving my head where it was never meant to Ch1. Stillness in Everyday Life go, to dancing with a Shaman and having bones poked in my chest. I’ve meditated in the Himalayan monasteries with Tibetan monks and studied the mysteries with people I can’t see. Ch 2. Follow your Path After all that astonishing experience, I found the best, most powerful and useable process for inner strength and depth of life comes from nature itself. Now, I am not just talking about snifing glue or hugging a tree, I’m referring to a spirituality that exists within our DNA. It’s already there, all we need to Ch 3. Self Mastery do, is learn how to tap it. The realisation is that everybody is spiritual already and the more masks we wear, the more intellect with gather, the more likely we are to become separated from it. So, in this book, I want to teach you something vastly Ch 4. Breathing less Tension dierent. How to tap what you’ve already got, and the process begins, with LEARNING TO UNLEARN. Underneath the mad rush for what we want, there is another human; a Ch 5. Let go of the Past person who lacks nothing, a person who is tapped into the vast energies of life, a person who is beyond the trivia of emotional insecurity and reaction. That inner you surfaces and becomes your best friend, when you learn to sit down, shut up and experience the perfect stillness of nature. Ch 6. Viewpoint Stillness means, unlearn. To tap this inner you, your mind must go on sabbatical for a few moments, the ego must drop its guard, the ambitious drive for tomorrow must give way to the contentment of the now. In this stillness there’s an awesome awakening. Deep down within each and every 19 steps to Stillness person there is a core, so strong, so connected, so loving: it is pure, needless, in fact, inspired. Stillness is a real life inner peace, it is about living in the world, feeling still, inside yourself, even With Spirit when you’re out partying or going to work or doing your thing, having a sense of good stillness inside of you and so, that’s what stillness is about. Chris Walker
  12. 12. 9 BOOKS
  13. 13. EVOLVE TO SPIRIT Ch 1. Earth - Stillness The Spirit of Nature Ch 2. Water - Romance When we contemplate and learn to become one with nature, our hearts open to its music. We say, “I enjoyed nature”, but what is it in nature that we enjoy? Something in us has been touched by the rhythmic movement, the perfect harmony of nature - a harmony that can be lost in the artificial life. Ch 3. Air - Self Love This is the real temple, the true religion. If we are in tune with ourselves and the rhythms of nature, then one moment standing in the midst of nature with an open heart is like a life time of fulfilment. Ch 4. Fire - Healing A lack of harmony has disastrous eects on the world. All the troubles on our earth come from this dissymmetry. All the tragedy inside each individual and the multitudes. Harmony is best produced in one’s own life. We see that the world today Ch 5. Ether - Vision needs it more than ever. Perhaps there will come a time when nature’s law and its philosophy become the religion of humanity. The beat and pulse of the heart are harmonious. The inhalation and exhalation of our breath are the result of a continuous Ch 6. Laws of Nature rhythm and tempo. All life depends upon this musical pattern. The breath manifests as voice, word, and sound. This internal harmony, with its dependence on a perpetual cadence of notes, echoes the sound of a perfect song from the harmony found in the world around us. This is creation at work. I want to share with you ways to make the world a better place. You can choose to do this in your personal life, your relationship, your work life. It’s all based around the premise that we create an energetic environment around us that aects everyone from those we love to those we don’t. Your inner environment is associated with the way you think, feel, experience, desire and witness the world. You can change it. Your inner environment, your Innerwealth, causes your outer environment. The energy you project, the people you attract, the aect you have on others and the world comes from your inner environment. My interest is to help you create the best inner environment so you create the best outer environment you choose.
  14. 14. CORPORATE SPIRIT The Laws of Nature manage the Universe, so, they have a pretty good possibility of helping you manage your organisation and your own work life. Ch 1. FIT for Work This book takes the fastest, simplest and most profound Personal Growth Process on earth, and applies it to organisational leadership, management, self management and work life balance. Ch 2. Nature at Work We need it. We need a fresh approach to management. One that’s not based on the arts of war or reactive ideology but a proactive, socially responsible, personally inspiring way to work, that actually builds great family lives, Ch 3. New Leadership rather than challenge them. We begin the book talking about being FIT. This word is often applied to our state of personal health, but it is incredibly important for our organisations too. From one person business to whole nations, being FIT means that Ch 4. Fast Culture where we’re going, what we need to go there and the human capacity to do it, are all working hand in hand. All too often they are not and the consequences of that need no explanation. Ch 5. Self Management Harmony only comes when all the elements FIT together and work together. I think you’ll find that 90% of personal stress comes as a result of bad management - poor FIT. This book aims to bring nature to the boardroom just as my other books bought nature to the bedroom to help people live in Ch 6. Work - Life Balance harmony without compromising their intent. We’ve also included a Culture Audit that you can do yourself and then a great process for determining the GAP between where your organisation is today, and where it needs to be, in Human Resources terms, for the future. There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of Now, you’ll know where you are and where you need to be. The rest of the book shares how to get there, hand in hand with the most powerful tools of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a Personal Growth, all taken from the realms of Nature. philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. We are hoping this modern way of presenting I hope you love it as much as I have by spending the last 20 years of my life this ancient theme will resonate with you, irrespective of your cultural or preparing and researching for it. I hope it grabs you in your heart and religious background. inspires you. In Australia we say G’day, it means “Have a Great Day,” and this book is designed to help you do just that, no matter what your job.
  15. 15. SPIRIT IN LOVE Ch1. Know Yourself Ch2. Grow Together Ch3. Create the Future Ch4. Falling In Love Daily Ch5. Romantic Lifestyles
  16. 16. HARMONY IS SPIRIT Ch1. Connect to Life Ch2. Wise Thinking Ch3. Deep Reflections Ch4. Perfect Stillness Ch5. Absolute Certainty Ch6. Be in Your Element Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness. As our culture evolves into this current era, we suer the separation from having worked with the land, understanding natures rhythm and a dependency on nature for her sustenance. As we modernise, we have moved away from that harmony. The outer world has risen and taken precedence in our life, we look for solutions instead of awareness. We can all benefit from a more honest and deeper approach to life. If we can re connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the evolution of humanity, we will be able to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer harmony.
  17. 17. MENDING SPIRIT Ch1. Essential Love Ch2. Beyond Blame Ch3. Healing the Past Ch4. New Tomorrows Ch5. Forever
  18. 18. CHINA SPIRIT
  19. 19. ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT Corporate Change Leadership Better Management Helping Others Grow Personal Mastery VIP (vision, inspired, purpose) Innerwealth is an exceptional insight into working with heart and inspiration. By integrating personal development, business development, global change and life mastery into one philosophy, Chris Walker challenges the conventional way of managing our lives. Innerwealth offers a wealth of insights and advice to help us discover and harness out own spirituality and put this into practice in the way we work with others and the way we dream about our careers. This book is about business change through personal change. It is a rebuke at so much of what is being done at present in the name of good business, self help and cultural development. Chris Walker's aim has been to find a way of life which is REAL, non denominational, solves world problems instead of making them and is open and transparent. He achieves this using the universal laws of nature.
  20. 20. LISTEN TO IT - CD - MP3 more to come
  21. 21. VIDEO Currently 50 video’s on Youtube - 15 rated 5star. Currently free. Podcast video also.