Social Media for Chamber Music


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Creative content communications company Inner Ear presented an introductory seminar on the use of soial media for chamber music groups as part of Enterprise Music Scotland's Chamber Music Matters conference.

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Social Media for Chamber Music

  1. 1. Social Media for Chamber MusicAn introduction to social engagement by Inner Ear
  2. 2. Social Media for Chamber Music This seminar explores practical use of social media to engage audiences Social networking: Facebook and Twitter Content platforms: YouTube and Soundcloud
  3. 3. Inner Ear Creative Content Communications CreateBranded content, previews, documentaries, streams Communicate Community management and engagement Consult Digital development, strategy and tactics Non executive board advice: SMIA, CDS, SMWG
  4. 4. Inner Ear Product Development Radio Magnetic Alternative music internet radio station Walking Heads Interactive audio walking tours New Projects Visual data mapping for music,crowdsourced audiobooks and other collaborations
  5. 5. Social Networking: FacebookPresence:● Page or profile ○ Profiles are for individuals ○ Pages are for brands and organisations ○ Using a profile for an organisation is against Facebooks terms of service● Timeline ○ Timeline enables you to tell your story ○ Engaging your audience through page updates
  6. 6. ● Fairly regular updating● Events underused● Customised Campaigns
  7. 7. Facebook pages tips:
  8. 8. Social Networking: FacebookContent:● Use content to attract people ○ Experiment with formats ○ Text, image, audio, video ○ Try out different types of post ○ Questions, polls, jokes, debates● Plan and publish ○ Draft a content publication schedule ○ Publish to networks and platforms according to your schedule
  9. 9. Social Networking: FacebookEngagement:● Tag users and pages in updates ○ Tagging people and pages notifies them and can engage them in what youre doing● Use Facebook as a page when commenting ○ Commenting on posts by other people and pages builds your brand recognition and can encourage more likes and visits your page
  10. 10. Facebook tagging of pages & people
  11. 11. Social Networking: TwitterListen and learn:● Search for relevant conversations ○ Use Twitters search function to find out what people are talking about in your field● Track use of #hashtags ○ Including popular #hashtags can increase reach ○ Use for anayltics ○ Combine branded, specific and generic tags
  12. 12. Social Networking: TwitterFind and follow:● Find and follow the right people ○ Identify influential Twitter users ○ Engage with them by joining in with conversations● Add key influencers to lists ○ Keep an eye on what they tweet about ○ Encourage them to listen to you
  13. 13. Social Networking: TwitterTweet:● Best practice way to tweet a link: Comment on "Title of a Blog Post" by @user on #branded, #specific and #generic topics
  14. 14. Content Platforms: YouTubePublish:● Create captivating content● Behind the scenes, previews, performance clips● Share on Facebook, tweet links and embed on your website or blog
  15. 15. Content Platforms: YouTubeDescribe:● Make the most of your metadata● Catchy title● Accurate description● Relevant tags
  16. 16. Content Platforms: YouTubeEngage:● Subscribe to other channels● Favourite and share videos● Comment on related content● Network and build relationships
  17. 17. Content Platforms: SoundcloudPublish:● Showcase your work● Live recordings, new pieces, demos, remixes● Share on Facebook, tweet links and add to your website or blog
  18. 18. Content Platforms: SoundcloudDescribe:● Ensure your metadata is complete● Link to free or paid for downloads● Encourage comments on your tracks
  19. 19. Content Platforms: SoundcloudEngage:● Follow other users● Favourite and share tracks● Comment on related content● Network and build relationships
  20. 20. Links and ReferencesBlog: http://innerear.posterous.comTumblr: http://innerearuk.tumblr.comTwitter:
  21. 21. Contact Inner Ear Ltd. @innerearuk /innerearuk Dougal @dougalperman Anny Deery @adeery