How is your brand represented online?


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An overview of how brands can use digital media tools to position themselves online as part of a social media marketing campaign

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  • How is your brand represented online?

    1. 1. How is your brand represented online? Inner Ear Ltd.
    2. 2. Inner Ear Ltd. • • Digital media production and promotion since 2000 • Branded content creation • Social media marketing consultancy • Online product delivery to clients • Built established internet brand
    3. 3. Online Product Delivery • Create suite of branded content products • Position podcasts, web videos, tweets and blogs on appropriate platforms • Advise clients on best methods of communication • Ensure brand message is conveyed • Deliver content to our clients through our own branded portal
    4. 4. Radio Magnetic • • UK’s longest running internet radio station • Alternative, independent, underground music • Exclusive content: specialist shows live sessions, guest DJ mixes • Content sharing and brand message more important than website visitors • 100,000 listeners, growing social media presence
    5. 5. TrocaBrahma • • Branded content creation for Brahma Beer (InBev) • Podcast, blog, YouTube channel, Flickr gallery, MySpace profile • Featured by Channel 4 Radio, iTunes Podcast Directory, Windows Media Guide • Extended brand throughout all online points of presence
    6. 6. Brand Tags Online • Amb:IT:ion Scotland initiative from Scottish Arts Council • Devised and delivered by independent consultant Hannah Ruddman • Walled garden business social network, created in Ning • Branded presence includes Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Issuu • Prevalent use of the getambition tag unites brand
    7. 7. Recruitment and People • Extension of brand message through B2B and recruitment • Electronic Arts group on LinkedIN used for recruitment • Twitter list of EA people • Delicious tags for electronic arts jobs uk
    8. 8. Social Networks • Social and informal: Facebook ( • Business and formal: LinkedIN ( • Microblogging: Twitter ( • Build your own: ‣ Ning ( ‣ BuddyPress ( ‣ Socialgo (
    9. 9. Social Media Marketing Positioning digital media productions on a combination of appropriate social network platforms can form part of an integrated social media marketing strategy YouTube videos (movies) Flickr photo gallery Sounds: podcasts in Soundcloud are embedded on (pictures) is added to and shared Spotify playlists add website and fan page Facebook fan page audio to Facebook and the website y fl s b fb t Website blog posts (words) are added Facebook fan page incorporates Facebook activity automatically automatically to the Facebook fan page, words, pictures, sounds and movies Tweeted on brand’s Twitter audio, video and Twitter content is aggregated and conversations between consumers account and fed back to website
    10. 10. Platforms • All the world’s video: YouTube ( • Professional producers: Vimeo ( • Presentations: Slideshare ( • Online books: Issuu ( • Photographs: Flickr ( • Audio: Soundcloud (
    11. 11. Strategic use of Video produce place on tag with video YouTube keywords Promotional, documentary or Upload to YouTube for reliable hosting Describe with relevant keywords carefully entertainment content and easy embedding on any website chosen to show up in users’ searches add to embed on measure Facebook website Measure statistics from YouTube Share on Facebook fan page and Add YouTube video to and Facebook and analyse effect encourage community comment blog on brand’s website
    12. 12. Tools • Connecting services together: Ping ( • Branded merchandise: Spreadshirt ( • Selling your own music: BandCamp ( • Sharing website bookmarks: Delicious ( • Manage and measure RSS: Feedburner ( • Build your own blog (CMS website): Wordpress ( • Host your own podcast: Podbean (
    13. 13. Further Information • Digital media production, social media marketing, training and consultancy: • Reference resource for digital media production and social media marketing: • Get in touch with questions: